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You all may be wondering why I haven't been on deviantart in a while since the last few submissions

Well unfortunately my laptop died on me right when I was about to record bendy and the ink machine and a reaction video to a ironhorsecinema fan film Trailer to that same game. So Uploads and any other projects are on hold for the moment

As for the laptop itself my dad is looking into it so far we can only tell that the hard drive isn't being detected and it might be shot sooooo.... we have no idea whether or not it can be fixed or it being worth fixing especially since I had that laptop since the end of high school years, but to make a long story short projects and such are on hold

Sorry for not being active as I usually am on here but hopefully you guys understand what the situation is on my absence to deviantart but if I can I'll try keeping an eye on my da through my phone and keep my channel going from time to time since all projects and such are on hold atm

Nevertheless I hope you guys understand the situation on my end atm

Hope you guys are having a great day
portalmaster298 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh damn

I feel your pain

I remember when my computer randomly died like that, the hard drive was broken so I couldn't even get any files off of it ;-;
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