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Yes I am doing a Playthrough of Undertale

I'll be having episodes of Pacifist route "of course doing the first portion where i have to beat the neutral route" on the playlist but more will come just keep an eye out

Also When it Comes to The Genocide Route "Which I will need the Shadow Storm MMD Model made in time for that" I am going to livestream it as for when who knows whenever I beat the pacifist route of undertale

and for those wondering who Shadow Storm is he is like what Darkiplier & Antisepticeye is, a Dark Side of my Channel

you can find his design here:  Shadow Storm (An Anti/Dark variant of my YouTube) by Stormtali

Now another thing I wanted to talk about is whatever happened to the Collin Farrior LPs?

Well That series isnt dead, it will be back but it will be evolved into something much bigger, It will be now OC/Sona Lps

where not just Collin but some of my other OCs and Sonas do lps who knows maybe some of my buddies OCs/Sonas may come into play as well, More details will come soon

Well That's All I Got for now and if anyone is interested in making mmd models of any of my characters & sonas let me know be sure to credit ;)

Gonna Go Help Mom with Christmas Cookies I might post a picture of em on here
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Submitted on
December 12, 2016