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I know the tag thing is important as well but first quick status update in regards to my laptop situation:

As Many of my followers know I dont have a owned laptop, its harddrive is shot and its unknown whether or not it can be fixed
so in short I am using a laptop that my dad's GF is letting me borrow it may not be fast and it may be old "by that I mean Windows Vista Old...." But at least i can get some stuff done on it such as art, and of course this tag since my mobile devices are a pain to work with when it comes to DA so I will be able to check messages through mobile devices but s for uploads and other projects they're currently on a hiatus...... until i can get a new laptop eventually

now with that stuff out of the way LETS MOVE ON TO THE TAG~!

I was Tagged By Both :iconflamme2: & :iconportaldoesminecraft: "So yes Flamme2 reason why i didnt get to it til now is cause of what i mentioned up above the tag thing i have listed below the status update ;3"

Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged 
-Write 13 things about yourself  (Yeah that'll be easy) 
~Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.~ (Oki doki)
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged (Ok.)
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this" (Ok.)
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone. (ok.)

Ok 13 Facts about Me "Sorry if facts dont make sense but i tried":

  • I am 22
  • Love Anime, Video Games, and Etc.
  • DIE Hard Final Fantasy Fan
  • I have mild to moderate autism "if anyone is aware of it yes i have autism"
  • Besides me playing all games, My Favorite Genres Include Fighting Games & RPGs also Karma Effect type of games and Horror Games "In Other Words I am A Gamer"
  • IRL at first I m shy but once you get to know me more I will be sociable ;)
  • May Not know much of the languages but i am part Irish, German, Dutch, Amish, and Cherokee
  • Love Kaiju Films
  • Have  a youtube channel "Same User Name as DA"
  • Work at a Pizza Place "Also planning on getting a second job to get more cash and try attempting Multiple Jobs"
  • I am Friendly to many and very protective towards friends even if I get picked on
  • I am the only child in my family
  • Love to talk with friends and play different games even if its the all time popular "CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY"

The questions I was asked:

"pretty much the questions i am answer are from Flamme2's tag and Portal's Tag so its gonna be alot but dont worry I'll answer them as labeled so here we go"

:iconflamme2:'s Tag Questions:

1. Why did you decide to come on DeviantART? I'm curious :) (Smile) 
I figured DeviantART would be the best place to show off my creativity and odd projects that may or my not happen
2. What do you like most in DeviantART? The art? The fictions? The pictures?
Everything Really.
3. Do you believe in a Cookie god? Cuz I do :D (Big Grin)
You see a Giant dorito with a black top hat. What will you do? 
Not Sure Actually ^^;
5. What's your favourite game character? Why?
Well if there is any character that is my favorite considering i have a lot of favorites, it have to be..... Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII Cause face it, He is a BADSS That Can turn into a demon "If you havent seen how awesome he is I reccomend Checking out All FF VII Entries ASAP O-O"
6. What's your favourite tv show character? Why?
Again like last question got so many favorites so it would have to be.... ITACHI UCHIHA of Naruto "yes I know its an anime character"
7. What's your favourite colour? 
Well 3 Favorite Colors Actually.... Blue, Green, & SILVER
8. I'm a genius now! Got three wishes?
Yes, Wish One: More Money for Gaming Accounts Wish 2: GET SONY TO Consider making models of the PS4 with MORE MEMORY FOR HQ Games..... Wish 3: Having all the Kaiju Films in  collection set ;w;
9. That last question was a lie. Hope you don't mind it? xD
Aw Man TBH I dont mind XD
10. What do you like to do all day?
11. What's your favorite meal?
12. So I said I don't believe in supernatural. What about you? 
Maybe O-O
13. Finally, What's your favourite movie?

GODZILLA Films "Yes I am including the terrible one as well considering i say it as it stands: For A Godzilla film 98 was bad but for its own kaiju movie its ok"

NOW For :iconportaldoesminecraft:'s Questions:

1. Hi! How are you?
Doing Great :)
2. If you could have any super power, would would it be?
3. If you could bring any character you've made to life, doesn't matter who or what they are, who would it be?
TBH I would bring all of them to life OUO
4. What is your biggest pet peve?
Not really sure
5. How did you find deviant art?
FanArt I Think TBH I cant quite remember
6. Who is your BESTIE?
Cherish Westfall
7. What is your favorite anime?
Oh Boy.... i have so many favorites of that but my honest all time favorite would be.... BLACK ROCK SHOOTER
8. If you don't like your name, what would you rather it be? If you do, what is your name?
I am gonna hit 2 birds with one stone on this and litterally say this: YES & NO, My Name is Matthew Christopher Cook and I would rather have it be the same thing except change the last name and middle name to Johnson & Henry tbh I have no clue
9. What kind of music do you like?
10. What is your guilty pleasure? 
Oh Uh????? O_O I have no clue
11. What is your life goal? or one life goal you have and wish to achieve?
I want to become a famous youtuber and entertain people and help people out
12. What is one embarrasing childhood moment that you have had? Yes, please share OwO 
Embarassing Childhood um I honestly have no idea tbh
13. If you could describe your life in one meme, what meme would that be?
In one Meme? "=-= forgive me if this meme sounds dead" WE ARE NUMBER ONE!

Now with the questions out of the way time to begin the tagz and questions by me:

  1. Favorite Genre of Entertainment?
  2. Favorite Anime Series?
  3. Favorite Game Type?
  4. What do you think of how Cartoons are now adays compared to how they were back when they were good? "Be Honest with this one"
  5. Favorite Horror Book Author?
  6. Any Dream Match Ups you would like to see happen? "Random Battle Animation Question of Course XD"
  7. Favorite CP?
  8. What is your Favorite Color? "IK I Was Asked this but i am definitely not a good question thinker lol"
  9. Favorite Animals?
  10. HAVE YA Heard of the Great Gaming Gods? "Some silly random one"
  11. Favorite Snack
  12. Do you love animals?
  13. Have you heard of the music genre known as RETROWAVE?

  1. :iconl0ra2:
  2. :icondareckless:
  3. :icongreypencilwolf:
  4. :iconobservingsilhouette:
  5. :icondarkangel6021:
  6. :iconmariomario8384:
  7. :iconmrrattlebones45678:
  8. :icondeath-breaker-dawn:
  9. :iconinvaderika:
  10. :icond0rky-prince:
  11. :iconfrozenstudios:
  12. :iconntsefan:
  13. :iconnoeyebunnyyy:
(I know there may be some people who have been tagged already but this tag is optional after all)

Flamme2 Featured By Owner May 20, 2017
Hey ^w^ thanks for doing it. Don't worry, i totally understand if you don't have time. I don't force anyone to do the entry x)
Stormtali Featured By Owner May 20, 2017  Professional General Artist
No problem and again sorry of I didn't get to it sooner due to the laptop issue but I am glad I did it none the less ;)
NoEyeBunnyyy Featured By Owner May 19, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Awww~ tag
Thanks you ^^
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