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I know I havent done a Undertale Video in a While and I still need to Plan my OC/Sona LPs Soon as well as finish up Sister Location if I can....

But the one thing I need to know if I do another episode is this due to the section before asgore and me close to finishing the neutral section of the game "BIG KEY REQUIREMENT TO ACCESS THE PACIFIST ENDING"

Anyways I Need to Know

Should I Do Both the Mettaton EX, Asgore & Omega Flowey Battles in one video "Meaning it might be a Hour Long or More so I Can prep myself for the Pacifist Route OR Should I Do Those as Seperate Parts?

To Help Decide what I need to do This is where those who follow my youtube channel & my deviantart get to decide with this poll "Yes its a website poll and not one on DA Core due to me not havin that yet e.e anyways here is the link for it"

Welp that's All I got for now so yep go and decide on what I need to do for the Next Episode of Undertale

Also if Anyone can do A Good MMD Model of my youtube dark/anti side let me know as well cause I will need it in time for me to do the Genocide Route "Which I said over and Over again within my videos and outside of them I'd Stream the genocide route of Undertale for Obvious reasons"
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January 6, 2017


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