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First Thing I am going to mention is Crystal Valley "Yes Its Still In WIP" But You probably remember a character I made back when Collin was originally a Proxy to Slenderman Right and Had A Unique Gift? Well Believe it Or Not I am Officially Bringing Back Travis Farrior and Plan To Rework His Origin entirely from scratch so it can blend perfectly within the world of Crystal Valley. I am Also Going to ReWork his Alter Ego known as Shadylon as well to where this will fit within Crystal Valley perfectively so any old works such as his CFC entry is considered old.

Second Thing: I AM COMING BACK INTO MMD Animation and for this Halloween I am gonna do a MMD Thriller Vid and The Characters That will be In it is going to be of my choosing "Hope for this to be made by halloween", and you may be asking yourselves how will this run on a crappy vista Laptop? Well I'll Find a Way and Yes Sadly all the models I had before were on the laptop "which had the hard drive that is still shot" so I have to re gather all MMD Stuff From Ground Up until I can get a new laptop or put windows 10 on the crappy vista laptop, either way I will find a way to work mmd with it

Anyways If anyone wants to make MMD Models For Me Go Ahead be sure to credit me for any of my characters you make ;)

Thats All The News I got For Now

So Let Me Know if your interested and one more thing Dont Expect me to go back to model making anytime soon unless its a last resort but anyways yeah let me know and hope your day is going great
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October 8, 2017


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