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Death Battle Favorite & Least Favorite & Decent Episodes from Season 1 to Season 3


Death Battle Vs The World - Favorite

Vegeta Vs Mewtwo? aka Death Battle Vs SILVERMANIA - Favorite

Season 1:

Boba Fett Vs Samus Aran - Decent

Akuma Vs Shang Tsung - Favorite

Rouge Vs Wonder Woman - Decent

Goomba Vs Koopa - Favorite

Haggar Vs Zangeif - Favorite

Ninja Turtles: BATTLE ROYALE - Favorite

Zitz Vs Leonardo - Decent

Yoshi Vs Riptor - Favorite

Felicia Vs Taokaka - Favorite

Kratos Vs Spawn - Favorite

Bomberman Vs Dig-Dug - Decent

Vegeta Vs Shadow - Favorite

Mario Vs Sonic - Favorite

Justin Bieber Vs Rebecca Black - Favorite

Luke Skywalker Vs Harry Potter - Decent

Chun-Li Vs Mai Shiranui - Favorite

Starscream Vs Rainbow Dash - Favorite

Master Chief Vs Doomguy - Favorite

Eggman Vs Wiley - Favorite


Thor Vs Raiden "Mortal Kombat" - Favorite


Batman Vs Spider-Man - Favorite

Pikachu Vs Blanka - Decent

Goku Vs Superman - LEAST FAVORITE


Season 2

He-Man Vs Lion O - Favorite

Shao Kahn Vs M. Bison - Favorite

Ryu Hayabusa Vs Strider Hiryu - Decent

Ivy Vs Orchid - Favorite

Fox Vs Bucky - Favorite

Terminator Vs RoboCop - Favorite

Luigi Vs Tails - Favorite

Pokemon Battle Royale - Decent

Fulgore Vs Sektor - Favorite

Godzilla Vs Gamera - FAVORITE

Batman Vs Captain America - Decent

White Tigerzord Vs Gundam Epyon - Favorite

Ryu Vs Scorpion - Favorite

Deadpool Vs Deathstroke - Favorite

Kirby Vs Majin Buu - Favorite

Ragna Vs Sol BadGuy - Decent

Gaara Vs Toph - Decent

Boba Fett Vs Samus Aran REMASTERED - Favorite

Chuck Norris Vs Segata Sanshiro - Favorite

Guts Vs Nightmare - Decent

Iron Man Vs Lex Luthor - Favorite

Beast Vs Goliath - Favorite

Solid Snake Vs Sam Fisher - Favorite

Darth Vader Vs Doctor Doom - Decent

Goku Vs Superman 2 - LEAST FAVORITE

Donkey Kong Vs Knuckles - Decent

Wolverine Vs Raiden "METAL GEAR" - Favorite

Hercule Satan Vs Dan Hibiki - Favorite

Yang Vs Tifa - Favorite

MegaMan Vs AstroBoy - Decent?

Green Arrow Vs Hawkeye - Favorite

Pokemon Vs Digimon - LEAST FAVORITE


Season 3

Dante Vs Bayonetta - Favorite

Bowser Vs Ganon - Favorite

Ratchet & Clank Vs Jak & Daxtar - Decent

Flash Vs Quicksilver - Favorite

Joker Vs Sweet Tooth - Favorite

Mewtwo Vs Shadow - Favorite

Meta Vs Carolina - Favorite

Cammy Vs Sonya - Favorite

Tracer Vs Scout - Favorite

Ken Vs Terry - Favorite

Amy Rose Vs Ramona Flowers - Favorite

Hulk Vs Doomsday - Favorite

Zoro Vs Erza - Decent

Deadpool Vs Pinkie Pie - Favorite
yep I have reacted to Season 3 Finale of Death Battle and Yes This Did cause me to "MAYBE" Like Pinkie Pie a Tad Bit More "Obviously for the 4th wall madness XDDD"

Anyways Here is the React: 

and yes the image for the thumbnail art is by :iconnechutsu: be sure to check his work out for the original image

Anyways That is All I Got so enjoy this epic react .w.…

Yes I am doing a Playthrough of Undertale

I'll be having episodes of Pacifist route "of course doing the first portion where i have to beat the neutral route" on the playlist but more will come just keep an eye out

Also When it Comes to The Genocide Route "Which I will need the Shadow Storm MMD Model made in time for that" I am going to livestream it as for when who knows whenever I beat the pacifist route of undertale

and for those wondering who Shadow Storm is he is like what Darkiplier & Antisepticeye is, a Dark Side of my Channel

you can find his design here:  Shadow Storm (An Anti/Dark variant of my YouTube) by Stormtali

Now another thing I wanted to talk about is whatever happened to the Collin Farrior LPs?

Well That series isnt dead, it will be back but it will be evolved into something much bigger, It will be now OC/Sona Lps

where not just Collin but some of my other OCs and Sonas do lps who knows maybe some of my buddies OCs/Sonas may come into play as well, More details will come soon

Well That's All I Got for now and if anyone is interested in making mmd models of any of my characters & sonas let me know be sure to credit ;)

Gonna Go Help Mom with Christmas Cookies I might post a picture of em on here
I Do Have A Youtube Channel so If you are interested in Subscribing to my channel its right here…

I Play Games, Do MMD Videos "Whenever One Becomes available however I might do my own animations within it eventually if anyone is interested in making models for any of my characters I will allow it just be sure to Credit me", etc

I'll eventually do Unboxing Videos when i start collecting figures of Godzilla stuff and such ;)

So Be sure to check out my youtube if you're interested
Well you might not have seen my laptop's screen's condition but if you havent seen the vlog and watch my lps and what not I do what i can to answer stuff about it & even mentions few things as well regarding the possibility of Dissidia 012's Feral Chaos being in KH III

So Want to Know More I Recommend checking out the vlog here which i also did forget to mention it may or may not affect uploads on DA as well so one way to find out as well:


Anyways That is all i got for now until this dillema can be resolved keep an eye out on updates
A Quick Reminder regarding the proxy i had for :iconproxyhigh:

Since I Been Busy "with the slow process of rebooting OCs" I have decided to replace the proxy I placed within the Proxy High with Nightlock

So any old work that had the proxy who i had before rebooting of ocs
will be removed so expect to see a whole new thing with Nightlock and you'll be surprised what a bit of his origin is and how it may have one small reference within my Crystal Valley work

Also those who commented on the old one keep an eye out for the new reference soon

:iconenetakane518: :icon256natliz: :iconyaoiworld25: :iconjklmnd: :iconummuvonnadia:

So Keep eyes out for this proxy high look and feel free to do much more artwork with him

SO That's all i have for now so hope your day is fantastic ;D
The Work of Crystal Valley Has begun its development my plan is to try and bring this to life as i do what usually do even on my youtube

And if Folk are interested in bringing this story into comic form as well since i do plan on trying to bring it to life in game form as well

And For those still wondering what of Bloodstone & Nightlock well they'll be mentioned within the story especially the segment where the journalist known as Zack Godstone who goes to Crystal Valley to find the truth while outrunning the Psychopathic Reaper Collin Farrior & His Partner/GF Darkeyes in the process

More will Come First working on the Prologue Origin where the events that lead up to the Main Portion of Crystal Valley where it involves Collin Discovering The Shadow Essence and the events that occur after it

And I will bring upon Nightlock's Proxy High Sheet once i figure out how to impliment it within the program my friend :iconmariomario8384: uses as well

welp that's all i got for now stay tuned…

And Agfantiltheend…

Come Join The Awesome ;3…

Come Join me in a crazed wild adventure of Horror and thrills XDD
Here is a thing I checked out


for those looking for points check them out

I know i did the stream before so feel free to join me ;)
I Have a Friend ":iconultrakirbyfan100:" who plans to put some Model imports in smash 4, and Since I Was showing Him the sonas "Still have to get em all uploaded" I figured I would see if anyone who is good at making models can make some MMD Versions of my sonas go right ahead be sure to keep an eye on this folder set if any new sonas appear:…

and if you want i will also grant access to the sona relatives for the models as well if you wish to make models of those:…

but Be Sure to keep an eye on both folders ;) and hopefully I can see if there is a way to model import stuff into smash 4

and whatever things i need for it to work
Since mic didnt work during the stream last night i will be sure to redo it whenever i can ;)
I have plans for another one as well and if you want to keep up to date with me & my random life Here is my Twitter:
For those who love horror Come Check out my livestream on Youtube and some odd randomness especially with one of my dogs LOL :3


I have Decided to Rework My DA The Best I can with the way life is, It may be slow and Take Time but Hopefully it will get done

Also the first thing you will notice is I have brought back and REWORKED THE THEME LIST

And There isnt much there yet but soon it will get updated on certain time basis whenever possible so keep an eye out ;)

And Finally I am pleased to announce Collin Farrior's New Story of his own the new CP Story Titled: Crystal Valley

as far as what the premise goes well here is a little tease:

When a Random news reporter gets sent to a so called town he is gonna realize not everything is happy and fun when he finds a mysterious psychopathic reaper stalking the place, will he uncover the truth behind this ghost town that no man has dared escape from or will he end up like the rest of those who died in Crystal Valley.

More Details will be revealed soon

That's All I Got for now ;D