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Well I am sorry to tell you this to you all but couple days ago i had to give my laptop to my step dad for him to fix so sadly there isnt going to be art from me as often but not to worry once fixed I'll be back headstrong ready to bring more new characters n such of my creation once i get it fixed, so for now I have no laptop which means no new creations and limited to console streams and reaction videos

So this is a journal update from the captain of the hedgefleet

I'll see you when the laptop gets fixed
  • Listening to: KMFDM
  • Reading: Creepypasta and comics
  • Watching: Shaun of the Dead
  • Playing: Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Mtn Dew ICE Cherry
And For All the Shantae Fans Out there I am Playing A Shantae Game titled Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

you can join the stream by going here:

and my discord server can be found there too ;3 along with a discord invite here as well

if you guys wanna join

Hedgefleet Discord server:
  • Playing: Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Mtn Dew ICE Cherry
And For All the Shantae Fans Out there I am Playing A Shantae Game titled Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

you can join the stream by going here:

and my discord server can be found there too ;3 along with a discord invite here as well

if you guys wanna join

Hedgefleet Discord server:
  • Playing: Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Mtn Dew ICE Cherry
Its Been A Long Time Since I posted A Journal on Here But I Figure its about Time I Do So....

So So Many of you might ask me What is Crystal Valley Well I Figure I Tell you A Short Summarization of the Project

Crystal Valley Concept Poster by MrRattleBones45678 and this Image on the Left is by the amazing :iconmrrattlebones45678: and its the first of Many Concept Posters & Arts That Will Be Coming

So onto the Summarization

Crystal Valley Tells the Tale of a Investigative Journalist known as Zack Godstone who goes to the Town That was said to be abandoned after an ancient being known As The Shadow Beast Layed Total Destruction and Chaos to the Town that was once a happy cheerful place Until A 18 year old goes under the Shadow Beast's Influence and Brought A Massecre to the Town. Now Many Years Later Zack Must Figure out why this town is Haunted and Not Only Survive the Trials of The Shadow Beast & The Reaper itself but will have some big allies assist him along the way to survive the Horrors of Crystal Valley and Escape with Evidence or Die Trying.

Now to Answer a Few Questions

1. NO Collin is No Longer a Proxy "Certain Reasons That'll make this way to Long to Explain"

2. How is Slenderman or even his Proxies "Mine Included Such as Both Bloodstone & Nightlock" involved with the world of Crystal Valley? Simple Answer Really: Nightlock is a Master of Technology and is Useful to Slenderman And Major Reason Slender didnt hunt Collin Down was Cause of Collin's Sanity Breaking from the influence of shadow essence and Nightlock Crafted Collin's Main Weapon of Choice/Tool That Brought The Utter Downfall to Crystal Valley: The Switchblade Scythe

3. "Probably Related to Question 2" Will Other Pasta Monsters eventually Cross Paths with Collin & The Shadow Beast? Yes.... but More is to be told in the future

4. Travis Farrior's Back? is Darkeyes also Involved in this? First The Travis Farrior Scenario? Yes Travis is Involved However unlike the Old Version He and Shadylon are one being and work with Collin's Other Cousin who is Skilled with Reaper abilites Like Collin to try and get survivors through The Horrors of Crystal Valley. Now For Darkeyes, Yes She is Still the GF of Collin However The Origin of Collin & his Rise to becoming the Servant to the Shadow Beast alters her status a bit differently and how she became what she is: During The Massecre The Shadow Beast Managed to Get A Hold of Her and Knock Her Unconscious and had her teleported to his lair for him to convert her to a Servant Just Like Collin...

5. How Did Crystal Valley Came to Be??

Well, Since The Major Changes within Proxy OCs and Slenderverse I figured it was best to not have Collin Involved in that Mess anymore and as for how the title came to be well The Name Happened to be in a game i was playing when I was being random with it "A Game Called GameDev Tycoon" Thats when The Spark Ignited and Caused me to Make Collin Farrior his own unique character and Thus Crystal Valley was born

6. When are we expecting the Prolouge or any Progress of the Story?

Whenever It Gets Finished? I Plan to Release the Story In Parts and I will have Friends of my Choosing to aid me in bringing it to life

Well That is Pretty Much the Big Project I been working on and I will unleash the Prolouge whenever it gets finished

Til Then I'll Catch You in the Next Journal
Remember When I Said My Character Sona Thing known as Stormtali wasnt related to sonic "Not the other sona variants of me, the very first one" Well.....


And Some Screen Caps of my new Character/Sona/Youtube Mascot/Sonic OC now Known as Stormtali The Hedgewolf "yes he is no longer Stormtali the Hedgehog which btw the group that says Stormtali-Fans is pretty much dead ever since I started rebooting ocs"

but what of his Brother Dark and what of wretches and kings?

well his origin changes as well and the tale of wretches and kings may eventually be apart of the whole sonic fiasco..... so expect the first step to appear once i finish working on it

So Yes Any Older Stormtali the Hedgehog and wretches and kings works are Now Classified as Outdated "and why i wont labeled them as outdate well I am lazy and want to focus on the new origins tings"

anyways that's all i got for now and be ready to see new and improved Stormtali :)
Welp Thanks to my good friend :iconclaireredfield826: for suggesting to take the battery out and having the laptop plugged in

I can say the MMD Project will be ready in time for Halloween owo

Still I will be getting a better laptop eventually
You remember the mmd video project i mentioned in the last journal

Well guess what THE LAPTOP Batteru decided to quit workin =_=

So i will have to release it whenever i can get to it

So it might be a belated halloween video

But hopefully when i get either a battery or maybe a better laptop ill come back ill be announcing why i havent been bringing much pc content lately via my phone

But on the bright side you ll get to see what i am for Halloween this week and i am sure you undertale fans will enjoy it ;)
Yep i am 23 and its gonna be fun
First Thing I am going to mention is Crystal Valley "Yes Its Still In WIP" But You probably remember a character I made back when Collin was originally a Proxy to Slenderman Right and Had A Unique Gift? Well Believe it Or Not I am Officially Bringing Back Travis Farrior and Plan To Rework His Origin entirely from scratch so it can blend perfectly within the world of Crystal Valley. I am Also Going to ReWork his Alter Ego known as Shadylon as well to where this will fit within Crystal Valley perfectively so any old works such as his CFC entry is considered old.

Second Thing: I AM COMING BACK INTO MMD Animation and for this Halloween I am gonna do a MMD Thriller Vid and The Characters That will be In it is going to be of my choosing "Hope for this to be made by halloween", and you may be asking yourselves how will this run on a crappy vista Laptop? Well I'll Find a Way and Yes Sadly all the models I had before were on the laptop "which had the hard drive that is still shot" so I have to re gather all MMD Stuff From Ground Up until I can get a new laptop or put windows 10 on the crappy vista laptop, either way I will find a way to work mmd with it

Anyways If anyone wants to make MMD Models For Me Go Ahead be sure to credit me for any of my characters you make ;)

Thats All The News I got For Now

So Let Me Know if your interested and one more thing Dont Expect me to go back to model making anytime soon unless its a last resort but anyways yeah let me know and hope your day is going great
My Dad's GF Was Lucky Enough to allow me to take her laptop with me back and forth

So That Means Art Projects and Such MIGHT Come Back t a bit faster rate who knows

Despite me not having a webcam for this thing I can still use my voice for it ;)

Anyways As for the old laptop i had before the one i am temporarily using: Unknown if it can be fixed 

But At Least I Can Communicate on it now ;w;

I know the tag thing is important as well but first quick status update in regards to my laptop situation:

As Many of my followers know I dont have a owned laptop, its harddrive is shot and its unknown whether or not it can be fixed
so in short I am using a laptop that my dad's GF is letting me borrow it may not be fast and it may be old "by that I mean Windows Vista Old...." But at least i can get some stuff done on it such as art, and of course this tag since my mobile devices are a pain to work with when it comes to DA so I will be able to check messages through mobile devices but s for uploads and other projects they're currently on a hiatus...... until i can get a new laptop eventually

now with that stuff out of the way LETS MOVE ON TO THE TAG~!

I was Tagged By Both :iconflamme2: & :iconportaldoesminecraft: "So yes Flamme2 reason why i didnt get to it til now is cause of what i mentioned up above the tag thing i have listed below the status update ;3"

Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged 
-Write 13 things about yourself  (Yeah that'll be easy) 
~Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.~ (Oki doki)
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged (Ok.)
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this" (Ok.)
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone. (ok.)

Ok 13 Facts about Me "Sorry if facts dont make sense but i tried":

  • I am 22
  • Love Anime, Video Games, and Etc.
  • DIE Hard Final Fantasy Fan
  • I have mild to moderate autism "if anyone is aware of it yes i have autism"
  • Besides me playing all games, My Favorite Genres Include Fighting Games & RPGs also Karma Effect type of games and Horror Games "In Other Words I am A Gamer"
  • IRL at first I m shy but once you get to know me more I will be sociable ;)
  • May Not know much of the languages but i am part Irish, German, Dutch, Amish, and Cherokee
  • Love Kaiju Films
  • Have  a youtube channel "Same User Name as DA"
  • Work at a Pizza Place "Also planning on getting a second job to get more cash and try attempting Multiple Jobs"
  • I am Friendly to many and very protective towards friends even if I get picked on
  • I am the only child in my family
  • Love to talk with friends and play different games even if its the all time popular "CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY"

The questions I was asked:

"pretty much the questions i am answer are from Flamme2's tag and Portal's Tag so its gonna be alot but dont worry I'll answer them as labeled so here we go"

:iconflamme2:'s Tag Questions:

1. Why did you decide to come on DeviantART? I'm curious :) (Smile) 
I figured DeviantART would be the best place to show off my creativity and odd projects that may or my not happen
2. What do you like most in DeviantART? The art? The fictions? The pictures?
Everything Really.
3. Do you believe in a Cookie god? Cuz I do :D (Big Grin)
You see a Giant dorito with a black top hat. What will you do? 
Not Sure Actually ^^;
5. What's your favourite game character? Why?
Well if there is any character that is my favorite considering i have a lot of favorites, it have to be..... Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII Cause face it, He is a BADSS That Can turn into a demon "If you havent seen how awesome he is I reccomend Checking out All FF VII Entries ASAP O-O"
6. What's your favourite tv show character? Why?
Again like last question got so many favorites so it would have to be.... ITACHI UCHIHA of Naruto "yes I know its an anime character"
7. What's your favourite colour? 
Well 3 Favorite Colors Actually.... Blue, Green, & SILVER
8. I'm a genius now! Got three wishes?
Yes, Wish One: More Money for Gaming Accounts Wish 2: GET SONY TO Consider making models of the PS4 with MORE MEMORY FOR HQ Games..... Wish 3: Having all the Kaiju Films in  collection set ;w;
9. That last question was a lie. Hope you don't mind it? xD
Aw Man TBH I dont mind XD
10. What do you like to do all day?
11. What's your favorite meal?
12. So I said I don't believe in supernatural. What about you? 
Maybe O-O
13. Finally, What's your favourite movie?

GODZILLA Films "Yes I am including the terrible one as well considering i say it as it stands: For A Godzilla film 98 was bad but for its own kaiju movie its ok"

NOW For :iconportaldoesminecraft:'s Questions:

1. Hi! How are you?
Doing Great :)
2. If you could have any super power, would would it be?
3. If you could bring any character you've made to life, doesn't matter who or what they are, who would it be?
TBH I would bring all of them to life OUO
4. What is your biggest pet peve?
Not really sure
5. How did you find deviant art?
FanArt I Think TBH I cant quite remember
6. Who is your BESTIE?
Cherish Westfall
7. What is your favorite anime?
Oh Boy.... i have so many favorites of that but my honest all time favorite would be.... BLACK ROCK SHOOTER
8. If you don't like your name, what would you rather it be? If you do, what is your name?
I am gonna hit 2 birds with one stone on this and litterally say this: YES & NO, My Name is Matthew Christopher Cook and I would rather have it be the same thing except change the last name and middle name to Johnson & Henry tbh I have no clue
9. What kind of music do you like?
10. What is your guilty pleasure? 
Oh Uh????? O_O I have no clue
11. What is your life goal? or one life goal you have and wish to achieve?
I want to become a famous youtuber and entertain people and help people out
12. What is one embarrasing childhood moment that you have had? Yes, please share OwO 
Embarassing Childhood um I honestly have no idea tbh
13. If you could describe your life in one meme, what meme would that be?
In one Meme? "=-= forgive me if this meme sounds dead" WE ARE NUMBER ONE!

Now with the questions out of the way time to begin the tagz and questions by me:

  1. Favorite Genre of Entertainment?
  2. Favorite Anime Series?
  3. Favorite Game Type?
  4. What do you think of how Cartoons are now adays compared to how they were back when they were good? "Be Honest with this one"
  5. Favorite Horror Book Author?
  6. Any Dream Match Ups you would like to see happen? "Random Battle Animation Question of Course XD"
  7. Favorite CP?
  8. What is your Favorite Color? "IK I Was Asked this but i am definitely not a good question thinker lol"
  9. Favorite Animals?
  10. HAVE YA Heard of the Great Gaming Gods? "Some silly random one"
  11. Favorite Snack
  12. Do you love animals?
  13. Have you heard of the music genre known as RETROWAVE?

  1. :iconl0ra2:
  2. :icondareckless:
  3. :icongreypencilwolf:
  4. :iconobservingsilhouette:
  5. :icondarkangel6021:
  6. :iconmariomario8384:
  7. :iconmrrattlebones45678:
  8. :icondeath-breaker-dawn:
  9. :iconinvaderika:
  10. :icond0rky-prince:
  11. :iconfrozenstudios:
  12. :iconntsefan:
  13. :iconnoeyebunnyyy:
(I know there may be some people who have been tagged already but this tag is optional after all)

You all may be wondering why I haven't been on deviantart in a while since the last few submissions

Well unfortunately my laptop died on me right when I was about to record bendy and the ink machine and a reaction video to a ironhorsecinema fan film Trailer to that same game. So Uploads and any other projects are on hold for the moment

As for the laptop itself my dad is looking into it so far we can only tell that the hard drive isn't being detected and it might be shot sooooo.... we have no idea whether or not it can be fixed or it being worth fixing especially since I had that laptop since the end of high school years, but to make a long story short projects and such are on hold

Sorry for not being active as I usually am on here but hopefully you guys understand what the situation is on my absence to deviantart but if I can I'll try keeping an eye on my da through my phone and keep my channel going from time to time since all projects and such are on hold atm

Nevertheless I hope you guys understand the situation on my end atm

Hope you guys are having a great day
Yes For those unaware I have decided to do a series where my OCs Or Sonas Play Games

and Eruantien has kicked it off with his run through of the game Tattletail and he still has to do part 2

but in the mean time I will be listing out a few OCs/Sonas Available for the LPs

Collin Farrior


Count Storm


Also Note more OCs & Sonas will join eventually and also there may be guest OCs from my buddies so keep an eye out you'll never know what we'll do ;3

ANYWAYS thats all i got so if you want to give my elf self who i did the voice for some support on the game he's currently playing or any games to suggest him go over to the video right here: 
Alongside The Tings Mentioned in the titled I am gonna rework My Zalgoid OC's Origin in a whole new way much like Collin's Origin is being rebooted/reworked

And Yes There will be a reference to Crystal Valley within Chad's Origin

And So Much to figure out with this one one way or another these projects will get done whenever in mean time be sure to keep an eye out for another timeline ting towards Chad

That's All I Got For Now so Have a amazing day ;3
Hey Felt Like it has been forever since I been on here But people might be wondering why some of the CTF Works I Did are Labeled Oddly well DUE TO ME REWORKING MY OCS This Work is considered under a older work made before i began revamping ocs

So Be wary some old works may not be revamped due to either the oc's status is under the category i placed them under called OC Purgatory "For those who dont know what that is its a thing that serves like a sort of back burner type of thing that they'll be in Until I decide to rework their story and origin in their entirety" or they have newly worked storylines and origins that will be summarized in a new version of the entry

So If you noticed a Old Work it will be labeled like this: "(OLD)"

So Without further here is a list of CTF Entries That will be Reworked, Not Reworked, Left Unchanged, or new to the folder and a list of reasons to why they are listed the way they are:

Reworked Entries:

Collin Farrior - Due To Me Having to Rework his Entire Origin into an original story the work with him being a proxy doesnt make any much sense now due to it not having so much ties to slender except for one character who made his weapon "You'll see who that is when I mention him"
Chad Sanders - Since Collin isnt a Proxy for Slenderman, I will have to rework his entire origin to where he is still Zalgo's Servant but not the way it originally was before I began reworking/revamping my CP OCs and Such

Not Being Reworked Whatsoever:

Travis Farrior, Dark Travis, & Devil Alex - Due to how collin's story is now and the fact that it has no ties to slenderman except for one character and he did only a thing "You'll see why within collin's new CTF Backstory summary when I make it" whatsoever hell it doesnt have ties to The Seer series for that matter "Due to the Old Shadelock series that was abandoned long ago", They Are in The OC Purgatory til I Can Figure Out ways to Bring them back again eventually

Unchanged Entries:

Noah Zalgo - His Entry was made with the help of my good friend :iconmariomario8384: back before I revamped my OCs so His Entry is Fine the Way it Is

Red by :iconcosbydaf: - His CTF Entry I made back before I revamped ocs and such and Plus being huge fan of his NES Godzilla CP Story I Made that Boss Entry to where it ties with both CTF & Has References towards the Original Story so His Entry is fine the way it is.

New Entries that are in the works/coming soon:

"Note More Will Be Added Whenever I plan it out so here is a few So Far"

Nightlock: Originally named after the slender tape known as thomas neely I have reworked his origin in its entirety to where he is a proxy and has an ENTIRELY NEW NAME which I based off my first name so his real Name is Matthew Knight and his origin will be told once his Entry is complete and such

Bloodstone: Since Collin isnt tied much to slenderman I decided to rework bloodstone to where he is still A Proxy with a Mouth/Gentleman Attitude and Removed some of the obsolete forms from back during the shadelock comic (that had korbyn jumpingeagle from :iconxmadame-macabrex:'s The Seer Comic as a guest and such) sadly the Shadelock comic was cancelled a while back "Due To Me not having enough time to write the comic's script and such" so now his origin is entirely new and I Made it to where he became Nightlock's Apprentice

Darkeyes: Like Collin, She Is Tied to Collin's new Origin and story where She Does Become A Partner towards Collin's Chaotic and Murderous Intentions "More will be revealed on how she became apart of collin's work"

Shadow Beast: Shadow Beast is a newcomer CP Monster I Made entirely for the Storyline of Collin's and he is a entity much like zalgo but not similar to him in terms of abilities and Shadow Beast Plays a big role in the beginning of Crystal Valley's Downfall and such Which More details will Come

Alright Now With That Madness out of the way I Have also a new OC Coming Soon to my DA So Keep an eye out for him ;3 I will even go far to where he has a bio made ;3

Welp That's All I Got For Now So Yep Let Me Know How your day's Been and such ;3
Since its gonna be a while for any MMD Take to pop up for Shadow Storm
Here is what My Plan of Action is since the laptop is on its last legs

I will use Kisekae and some random tings to animate the Teaser for the Genocide Route Stream so there's that

Hopefully this will be done hell I might upload it here as well whenever done ;D

Anyways That's the only ting i needed to get off the plate so yep 
Yes Indeed I am Finally Finished with The Pacifist Route of Undertale

Now I am still awaiting the Shadow Storm Model

Unless if I Pick Up Animation In Kisekae I Dunno Yet

But if Anyone is willing to conjure up a shadow storm model for me I'd be amazed cause I am thinking of doing some sort of teaser that ties into what I will bring the genocide run to be aka the run where i SHOW NO MERCY "As How KI Announcer Chris Sutherland says it"
Within this Route

So If Anyone can make a model of shadow storm which you can find his reference here:  Shadow Storm (An Anti/Dark variant of my YouTube) by Stormtali
I Know I Usually Dont Write Journals Like these but I am trying to find someone who can do a model of This Particular Variant of Me for a particular Livestream that I am gonna be doing soon once I finish A Certain Route in A Certain Game Aka The Pacifist Route in Undertale

and I need the Model by the time I get the pacifist route done

if Anyone Can Make a MMD Model of This Here:  Shadow Storm (An Anti/Dark variant of my YouTube) by Stormtali 

It be great since this model I need for a particular thing I am animating to kick off my Genocide Route Stream of Undertale

Please and Thanks Also Be Sure to Credit Me for the Original Design That I Shared in this Journal
I know I havent done a Undertale Video in a While and I still need to Plan my OC/Sona LPs Soon as well as finish up Sister Location if I can....

But the one thing I need to know if I do another episode is this due to the section before asgore and me close to finishing the neutral section of the game "BIG KEY REQUIREMENT TO ACCESS THE PACIFIST ENDING"

Anyways I Need to Know

Should I Do Both the Mettaton EX, Asgore & Omega Flowey Battles in one video "Meaning it might be a Hour Long or More so I Can prep myself for the Pacifist Route OR Should I Do Those as Seperate Parts?

To Help Decide what I need to do This is where those who follow my youtube channel & my deviantart get to decide with this poll "Yes its a website poll and not one on DA Core due to me not havin that yet e.e anyways here is the link for it"

Welp that's All I got for now so yep go and decide on what I need to do for the Next Episode of Undertale

Also if Anyone can do A Good MMD Model of my youtube dark/anti side let me know as well cause I will need it in time for me to do the Genocide Route "Which I said over and Over again within my videos and outside of them I'd Stream the genocide route of Undertale for Obvious reasons"
Death Battle Favorite & Least Favorite & Decent Episodes from Season 1 to Season 3


Death Battle Vs The World - Favorite

Vegeta Vs Mewtwo? aka Death Battle Vs SILVERMANIA - Favorite

Season 1:

Boba Fett Vs Samus Aran - Decent

Akuma Vs Shang Tsung - Favorite

Rouge Vs Wonder Woman - Decent

Goomba Vs Koopa - Favorite

Haggar Vs Zangeif - Favorite

Ninja Turtles: BATTLE ROYALE - Favorite

Zitz Vs Leonardo - Decent

Yoshi Vs Riptor - Favorite

Felicia Vs Taokaka - Favorite

Kratos Vs Spawn - Favorite

Bomberman Vs Dig-Dug - Decent

Vegeta Vs Shadow - Favorite

Mario Vs Sonic - Favorite

Justin Bieber Vs Rebecca Black - Favorite

Luke Skywalker Vs Harry Potter - Decent

Chun-Li Vs Mai Shiranui - Favorite

Starscream Vs Rainbow Dash - Favorite

Master Chief Vs Doomguy - Favorite

Eggman Vs Wiley - Favorite


Thor Vs Raiden "Mortal Kombat" - Favorite


Batman Vs Spider-Man - Favorite

Pikachu Vs Blanka - Decent

Goku Vs Superman - LEAST FAVORITE


Season 2

He-Man Vs Lion O - Favorite

Shao Kahn Vs M. Bison - Favorite

Ryu Hayabusa Vs Strider Hiryu - Decent

Ivy Vs Orchid - Favorite

Fox Vs Bucky - Favorite

Terminator Vs RoboCop - Favorite

Luigi Vs Tails - Favorite

Pokemon Battle Royale - Decent

Fulgore Vs Sektor - Favorite

Godzilla Vs Gamera - FAVORITE

Batman Vs Captain America - Decent

White Tigerzord Vs Gundam Epyon - Favorite

Ryu Vs Scorpion - Favorite

Deadpool Vs Deathstroke - Favorite

Kirby Vs Majin Buu - Favorite

Ragna Vs Sol BadGuy - Decent

Gaara Vs Toph - Decent

Boba Fett Vs Samus Aran REMASTERED - Favorite

Chuck Norris Vs Segata Sanshiro - Favorite

Guts Vs Nightmare - Decent

Iron Man Vs Lex Luthor - Favorite

Beast Vs Goliath - Favorite

Solid Snake Vs Sam Fisher - Favorite

Darth Vader Vs Doctor Doom - Decent

Goku Vs Superman 2 - LEAST FAVORITE

Donkey Kong Vs Knuckles - Decent

Wolverine Vs Raiden "METAL GEAR" - Favorite

Hercule Satan Vs Dan Hibiki - Favorite

Yang Vs Tifa - Favorite

MegaMan Vs AstroBoy - Decent?

Green Arrow Vs Hawkeye - Favorite

Pokemon Vs Digimon - LEAST FAVORITE


Season 3

Dante Vs Bayonetta - Favorite

Bowser Vs Ganon - Favorite

Ratchet & Clank Vs Jak & Daxtar - Decent

Flash Vs Quicksilver - Favorite

Joker Vs Sweet Tooth - Favorite

Mewtwo Vs Shadow - Favorite

Meta Vs Carolina - Favorite

Cammy Vs Sonya - Favorite

Tracer Vs Scout - Favorite

Ken Vs Terry - Favorite

Amy Rose Vs Ramona Flowers - Favorite

Hulk Vs Doomsday - Favorite

Zoro Vs Erza - Decent

Deadpool Vs Pinkie Pie - Favorite