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Turin (Eruantien's Brother Concept) by Stormtali Turin (Eruantien's Brother Concept) by Stormtali
This is the First Concept of the Brother to my Elf Mage Eruantien I made within :iconrinmaru:'s game which can be found right here:…

His Name is Turin, and He is A Adventuring Warrior Elf who isnt just your average warrior, He is also the Richest Elf in the world considering He is also a Adventurer who looks for Lost Cities, Ancient Relics, and Fascinating treasure & Discoveries and encounters Danger with his Ally who is a Qunari by the Name of Zexyul "his design will be recreated eventually"

He Also Has A Pet Wolf Named Vincent

Also His Eyes are 2 different colors due to a rare event within the clan he and his brother were in before it was destroyed by a Rival Clan, If the elf children are born under a blue lunar eclipse, they will have a 2 tone eye color which was the case for Turin

More info on the whole clan and backstories and such will come at a later date

Note Most of the characters I made come from a game my friend got me hooked on ;3

During one of the crazed battle with demons he, his brother Eruantien, Angela "another character's design I gotta make", and Zexyul fought back a powerful force and with their teamwork in hand they formed a team

Anyways Hope you like this Concept I made More will come and I will mention how he became an adventurer warrior elf when I make the other family photo ;3

Again this Concept was made in :iconrinmaru:'s Game -->…

Eruantien, Turin, Angela, and Zexyul are by yours truly :3
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moooo! \(O3O)/
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