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Sonic OC: Stormtali The Hedgewolf
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Published: September 9, 2018
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Since I rebooted my Storm Character into a Sonic OC I figured I Share Him Now Anyways Enjoy

His Design was Made in Sonic Forces which is a Game by Sega

And Storm the Hedgewolf is Owned BY Yours Truly Now Here is His Bio "Which is constantly getting updated to be good looking"

Name: Stormtali the Hedgewolf

Nickname: Storm/Rookie

Age: 23

Species: Hedgewolf (mix of Hedgehog and Wolf)

Gender: Male

Personalities: Shy, calm, energetic, creative, and smart, and other personalities

Friends: Sonic and Friends, Chaos "when was in his dominion at one point and still communicates via telepathy outside chaos's area"

Family relatives: Dark The Hedgewolf (Brother)

Enemies: Eggman and his robots and whatever evil plans he has

Relationship Status: Married (A Friend's OC Named Asuka)

Dream Crushes: Blaze the Cat and any Female of any race "Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat, etc." (As long as its not going the 06 route cause Lets Be Honest That was a rather weird ship sonic had when he tried being with a human female ^^; "and yes I have played 06 its ok but its definitely not my favorite for certain reasons I'll explain later on possibly in a video on my channel like a q&a or whatever keep an eye out for when I do a Journal on that front anyways Moving On")

Orientation: Hero


A dark blue hedgewolf who has the fur of a wolf and the spikes of a hedgehog and has anime looking hairstyle and glasses


Stormtali was born from a hedgehog and a wolf within the area of green hill. Of course when eggman attacked, his hedgehog mother got injured in the process leaving the father to help raise him while his brother got lost within the crossfire resulting in his brother being separated from him. He eventually discovered the power of chaos emeralds when one landed right in front of him he touched one and it gave him a jolt that felt to him like something zapped him painfully. Around the time of Sonic Adventure 2 he begun to discover that he had gained speed and super strength and agility. Around sonic Unleashed, he discovered he can tap into both positive and negative energies of the chaos emeralds. During the time of sonic generations he met chaos in some strange dimension alongside tikal and befriended them during his time there and learned a way of talking to them outside that domain that chaos and tikal reside in. Around age 23 His first encounter with Infinite led him to helping the resistance and eventually finding his long lost brother dark of course the two have their paths in their battle against the eggman army and joined the resistance to fight eggman and his army. After the defeat of Infinite, eggman and His army, the two decided to stay with sonic and his friends and they moved in and opened up a shop with the name wretches and kings as for the kind of job offers that is a whole other story to tell.


Super Speed

Super Strength

Can Control Thunder & Lightning "color of the lightning changes based on what form he is in"

Normal form lightning is colored Bright Blue

Is Immune To Electrocution, Burns, and Poison

And is an excellent swimmer

Super Storm "Form when uses the positive energies of the chaos emeralds"

Lightning influenced by positive energy and is colored Turquoise

Shadow Storm "similar to super storm however with one big twist, instead of the positive energies, it utilizes the negative energies of the chaos emeralds and unlike the super form.... this form is insane, yet more aggressive, and destructive, however if he loses control there is people that help him calm down and revert to normal when at that phase"

He can even boost his lightning at full power and unleash Omega Mode which is basically a megaton nuke in terms of lightning however he walks away unscathed while having the downside to recharge the lightning "unlike the normal and super forms"

"Both Forms require 7 chaos emeralds and depends on how his mood is, Shadow Form can also require negativity and savage and rageful emotions to activate whenever these occur as well"

Lightning influenced by rage and hateful and negative energies and is colored red, black, and a very dark blue
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It sucks what they did to infinite
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