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Naruto - Boruto OC Reworking: Stali, Shade + Emi
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Published: May 20, 2017
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Ok I had this under works for a while so here it is

The Redesigns of my Naruto OCs

Which Are Stali Ripa, Shade Ripa, & Emi Kimiko

Ones on the left are the Boruto Variants the ones on the Right are the Naruto/Naruto Shippuden Variants

Now in terms of Boruto Stali & Emi Are Married and Have two kids who are twins a boy & a girl

As For Shade he and his wife who is not known yet has one kid whose gender will be figured out

Anyways Hope you like the designs i chose for them and I will begin on working on the newly born Ripa Clan Family

Also for those unaware Ripa is Reaper in Japanese

and Interesting facts: Stali & Shade Ripa are the last 2 remaining Survivors of the Ripa Clan after their entire land was destroyed by a dark threat code named by the clan leader before his death as DoomShadow who possesses a much deadlier version of the Sharingan
The Black Sharingan
And Stali, Shade & Emi were the ones who were able to defeat this threat many years later and keep it away from Naruto and Madara's conflict during the 4th great ninja war after it escaped the pits of unknown within the hidden rain village

Stali Ripa's Main Choice of weapon is his 2 sycthes bound by chain on his wrists and also possessed sharingans after he recieved them from a ally as they were dying during the onslaught of the hidden shadow village which is where the ripa clan once resided

Shade uses a Katana and Typical Ninja gear and is a Master of both Dark Jutsus and Can activate a Hidden Sage Mode that can have him manipulate other jutsu elements

Emi Kimiko is a Master of Medicial Jutsu and usually uses the standard ninja gear in battle

well these are some facts about them and more will come when bios can be made eventually also yes DoomShadow's Design will come eventually

And yes I made this in Kisekae

Background is by :iconnitopfam:
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