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Mason Drax (Martial Arts OC)
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Published: November 5, 2017
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Full Name: Mason Jericho Drax
Age: 23
Species: Human
Abilities: Master of many Martial Arts Types, Can use a Fire Aura "which is basically a type of Spiritual Ki", Some Special Moves  "inspired by Tekken 7's Rage Arts and Rage Drives"
Likes: MMA Fighting, All Sorts of Music, Fighting, and his Friends
Dislikes: Thugs, and people who hurt the defenseless "You'll see more in the short description"
Allies: Kerry, Kathryn, Lee-Chan, Desuka, His Father Jonathan Drax "Whereabouts are unknown after the tournament incident with the unknown force"
Enemies: Whoever Hurts Defenseless or his Friends
Short Description: Mason was Born on March 3rd 1994, Lived in Pittsburgh Most his Life until Age 12 his mother had a fatal accident, Thus Leaving with his Father to go live in New York to try and recover from his loss, Then around age 13 he begun to train himself with his father's permission he took him to Every Martial Arts Training Course and Studied hard. At age 15 he awoke a special Aura ability during one of the training sessions and eventually mastered the use of the Aura. At Age 19 he entered a tournament in new york to test his combat and fought his way through it til whom at the time he didnt realize who ran the tournament decided to crash the victorious moment and cause some major havoc destroying the entire arena, making his father disappear without a trace, he fought his way through the mysterious force's army and escaped new york while the city fell apart into flames with no belt in hand. He Eventually entered in a Town where that was unfamiliar to him that a mysterious force and right as , then one day as he walked the streets he noticed a girl getting attacked by thugs so he beats the fuck out of them. It was this moment he met Kerry, Lee-Chan, Kathryn, and Desuka and became friends and found a place where he felt would be perfect to start his second chance at being a good person and a mma fighter.

Ok So Here is how This Character came to be, I played so Much Tekken 7 "Yes this is one of the inspirations to this character" and WWE 2K17 "eventually it'll be 2k18" I decided to create a new MMA Character Based around many Fighting Styles in Martial Arts that fascinate me

He is Pretty Much a warrior who will do anything to get back at the ones who tricked him out of his championship belt and made his father disappear without a trace.

Anyways Hope you like and to help me organize this character a bit better I decided to base this character bio in the way that my friend :iconmariomario8384: did with his OC Kathryn who by the way also Made Kerry so ye ^w^
As For Desuka She is owned by (Agfantiltheend)
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