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DoomShadow (Naruto OC) by Stormtali DoomShadow (Naruto OC) by Stormtali
The Physical Embodiment of Chaotic Destruction, The Being Known as DoomShadow, His Real Name is uncertain but Many Know this: He was the one behind the destruction of the Ripa Clan and making Stali Ripa and Shade Ripa the 2 sole survivors of their clan

And Was trapped in a cave for many years until the 4th Great Ninja War when Someone destroyed the enterance causing Stali, Shade and Emi to fight the monster to prevent him from reaching Naruto & Madara during the climax of the 4th great ninja war

He is very powerful in the Dark Jutsus and Uses any weapon at his disposal Including the Most Infamous form of the Sharingan, THE TAINTED, THE BLOODSTAINED, BLACK SHARINGAN *THUNDER CRACKLES*

The BlackSharingan is Practically a powerful destructive force of nature, the user who goes under its genjutsu effects is either bound to end up in a coma or even worse, DEAD

But Thankfully Stali & His Team Managed to Take Him Down and Destroy this Monsterous Threat Utterly

Stali May have had injuries to his chest but his wife Emi managed to Patch up his wounds with the Medical Jutsu

Anyways That's the taste of a bit of the tale YES I may write a fan story based around the events of the 4th Great Ninja War and tell the tale where Stali and His Team prevents one dark apocalyptic occurance and the origins of the Ripa Clan and etc.

Hope you enjoy

DoomShadow is by Yours truly

Background is by :iconnitopfam:
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June 6, 2017
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