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DMC OC: Tagiya Yamamoto (Stormimitsu's Brother)

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Published: March 16, 2019
© 2019 Stormtali
Time I Introduce you to Tagiya Yamamoto.... The Brother of Stormimitsu

Now you might be wondering why does his eyes look the way they do?

Well Time for a backstory of How Tagiya became the Crimson Demon and eventually wound up in the present day like his brother and adoptive nice Kimiko

Long Ago in Feudal Japan The Morimoto Clan is a well known group of warriors in many martial arts and swordsman skills legends tell of a dark artifact which one of the old grandmasters was in possession of... it was called the scroll of the Crimson Demon, The Scroll ws said to grnt the power power like no other however some of the morimotos fered it was corrupted of evil, This Grandmaster ignored the warnings and was in possession with this artifact. He protected it with his life, till one day he begun to hear dark and hellish voices whispering from it. those voices altered the grandmaster's mind, slowly driving them to madness. weeks passed as the grandmaster was yelling at everyone who came into the vault saying they had no reason to be there or that scroll is harmless. the grandmaster that very night took a hold of that scroll and was transformed into the Crimson Demon. the clan and the elders had no choice but to seal the now possessed grandmaster into a new scroll. and that day fourth...they promised to never have that scroll see the light of day again

Until many years later under a new grandmaster 2 brothers that were under his command....  One named Mashu Yamamoto and Tagiya. One would become The Gretest Warrior for the Morimoto Clan while the other became jealous of his brother

Then One Night He Disobeyed the Orders of entering the forbidden chamber of dark artifacts and grabbed the scroll that Sealed the Demon away and thus learned the arts of the crimson demon however as he begun perfecting the arts like the grandmaster that suffered this fate he started hearing voices of that old grandmaster who is now the crimson demon, Thus this Demon Begun to Possess Tagiya his poor soul ws blinded by jealousy over his brother thus he was banished from the clan until that same day he was banished.... the Dragon Oni Struck the village and teleported Him His Brother and Kimiko into the present day....

Tagiya's Mortality was no more.... He was then found by a succubus named Jilyla and thus with the power of the crimson demon the present day would not realize the full power that Tagiya would unleash

Armed with 2 Crimson Blades and powers to manipulate Fire He would be the most dangerous being the world would have to endure

The Outfit you see is given to him by Jilyla whose design I will have up later

Hope You Like what you see

Tagiya, Stormimitsu, and Kimiko and Jilyla are owned by me
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what site or game you used to make him
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StormtaliProfessional General Artist
I made him in kisekae i always keep forgetting to add that thankfully now that I'll have a proper laptop i can finally make characters again ill announce more details on my situation soon