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DMC OC: Stormimitsu
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Published: June 25, 2017
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A new oc thing i made after playing a unique game called Toukiden 2 "which i need to get the rest of the game since i just finished the free alliances version"

Stormimitsu is a Ninja-Samurai esq warrior who can use any weapon at his disposal to take down Demons, Oni, and any threat that messes with his clan "well not much of a clan due to one of the oni's teleporting him and his Adoptive Daughter Kimiko "that I will mention when I upload her" in the present time of 2017"
In a RP I did with my friends he is found and revived by my friend's ocs Travis ":iconmariomario8384:'s OC" & Shadow ":iconclaireredfield826:'s OC" and taken in and taught the ways of the modern world
While His Clan might be presumed dead due to what happened, He now aids Noah S. and his his fellow demon hunting friends which is basically Dante, Vergil, Nero, etc.

Here is Some things he is capable of:

He Can Channel The Elements around him

He Is Skilled in the Arts of Both Ninjutsu and the Ways of The Samurai and many Japan and Chinese Martial Arts

Ever since he awoke in the modern times He May have been taught how to use a gun by the Likes of Travis, and Dante

He Is More Skilled Towards His Blade the Sandādoragonto~ūsu or more commonly known as The Thunder Dragon's Tooth "Now Strap in your seats cause this blade's Origin is pretty insane"

For Those who dont know what this blade is or where it came from or what its capable of well here is its origin: The Thunder Dragon's Tooth Was Forged under the Temple of Raiden during a Great Calamity of the infamous Volcano of Japan aka MT. Fuji, The Blade being forged within the temple of the Japanese God of Thunder its capable of channeling lightning and displaying impressive feats.
When The Sword was given to Stormimitsu he had to use it to train under his Clan sake, and surprisingly he managed to master this blade within less than a week and Ended up in a special unit for his clan

and His Blade is even Capable of Pulling off one of the most insane feats No Normal man ever dared to live from..... Tanking A Tornado by Slamming his blade into the ground, then leaping into the center of it and slicing it into dust like it was nothing

and if you're thinking that his Blade can kill every oni You be Super Wrong

There is a certain type of onis that cannot be slain so easily One Particular species of Oni is Insanity Onis and any longer expousure in combat with these could severely injure him or possibly kill him "Recommend Looking at How my friend :iconmariomario8384:'s Onima works"

Also He Does Eventually Resurrect the Morimoto Clan and He & Kimiko became Masters of the Revived Clan

Anyways, Hope you like the design i gave him yes this took me a while to conjure up in terms of design but i somehow managed to pull this off within kisekae

Travis Reynolds & Noah Sparda is by :iconmariomario8384:

Shadow is by :iconclaireredfield826:

Dante, Vergil, Nero, and the others are from Devil May Cry series which is by Capcom

Stormimitsu is by yours truly ^w^

Background is by :iconzerochanges:
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