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Chad Sanders Timeline
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Published: March 12, 2017
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I did another Timeline ting inspired by the timelines of Kerry & Amaya by the amazing :iconmariomario8384:

I went a bit different with his though so there is no zalgoid form in the timeline cause It will be easier to seperate it from his normal appearance outside the zalgoid form

Anyways here is the ages and be aware some may have some key factors to how Chad Became Zalgo's Most Powerful Asset

Age 7: Innocent Boy

Age 10: Became curious about everthing which of course this led to finding out his family's dark secret after sneaking up into the attic and discovered a strange black and red orb that emitted a powerful darkness and evil power, and sure enough curiousity got the better of him and he snuck it into his room and didnt realize that this would lead to his ultimate turn towards being zalgo's powerful asset

Age 12: Chad then began seeing hallucinations of the Lord of Corruption himself Zalgo "This Explains who the one standing behind the age 12 chad is"

Age 15: Chad arrives home to his house completely covered with Corruption and then when he sees the cause, His Parents were killed by a Zalgoid Assassin and thus this was more than enough to piss chad off and thus Chad Crushes the Zalgoid orb subcumbing to its power and litterally beating the shit out of the zalgoid assassin, thus it impressed Zalgo So Much He Offered Him a Path: KILL HIM AND YOU CAN BECOME MY LOYAL ASSET, Thus He Brutally Killed the Zalgoid Assassin and thus Chad's Normal Life changed forever and no he skin only looks grey due to the corruption awakening within him for the first time so he has 3 appearances "Those wont be shown in this except for this one"

Age 19: During the 4 years of being under zalgo's Guidance he became powerful and stronger than before "Note despite that he isnt invincible but very difficult to kill you'll see why in the CTF Entry of his later on"

Age 21: After Mastering the newly founded power of Corruption Zalgo himself granted Chad his new attire and the title Herald of Zalgo

Welp There ya go a little taste of what the new rebooted/reworked Chad will be like ;3

More will come alongside other tings so enjoy

Chad Sanders is owned by yours truly

The Timeline ting is based off of Amaya & Kerry's Timelines which those two are owned by :iconmariomario8384: and those were used as inspiration tools ;3

Zalgo is from Creepypasta

Also Yes This Made in Kisekae and I even made Zalgo "May Not be the best looking one but i did what i could and didnt go to complex since there is so many versions of him i decided to go simple and do the one where he is in a business suit"

and yes in his origin that is also in the works he is told the tale of the downfall of Crystal Valley so there is references of That Project in Chad's story
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