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CP OC Red Ghost Maskless Rebooted Design by Stormtali CP OC Red Ghost Maskless Rebooted Design by Stormtali
Yep I Decided to bring back my Proxy Hunter OC into a New Design

ever since I begun rebooting my characters into something New

One thing for certain She no longer targets Collin Now due to Him having his own story that will feature some cameos of other cps which I will show those once the story is complete

As For Her Origin, Still Same except the fact her target isnt Collin, Her Eyes are like that due to her abusive father trapping her in the Dark Dimension, Now after her escape she manages to impress the head of the proxy hunters after her first proxy kill and litterally became like a family she never had. As for Her Father? Well She Got Her Revenge... and I mean she Brutally Killed Him and left Japan for Good after she told his dying corpse that she is no longer her father..... And Her Mom Wasnt Seen So She Probably left him to try and moarn the loss of her daughter so what she did was Burn The Old Place to the ground and Made Her Family the proxy hunters

Her weapon of choice is a mace ax like weapon "Have No Idea what its actual name is so forgive me on that"

Her Mask design is something like a shogun mask except its a bit more modernized and less samurai esq and something that resembles what most proxyhunters have

However since Kisekae "The Thing I usually make my characters in" Doesnt Have Much Masks That's Why I Made this one without her masks

anyways hope you like her rebooted design

Susan Harugashi aka Red Ghost is owned by Me

Update: I Updated the reference a bit hope you like it
DylanCArt Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018  Student General Artist
Nice art work you did.
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July 12, 2017
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