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Autism Awareness Livestream Thumbnail by Stormtali Autism Awareness Livestream Thumbnail by Stormtali
Since April Is Autism Awareness Month and the 2nd is the day for that month, Here is a Thumbnail I made to commemorate a thing I tried doing for Autism Awareness but the stream was being so stubborn so instead I decided to show off the thumbnail but whenever I get a new laptop hopefully it goes better

Plus the 2 characters on there are from a game i was trying to stream many of you can probably guess the title by just Judging from it.... for those who dont know its Fire Emblem and yes I recently got hooked on the games since the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes and so I tried practicing my way through smash as fire emblem characters even though I main Cloud from my All Time Favorite RPG Series Final Fantasy
but hey doesnt hurt you try new characters you havent played before

but longstory short the stream kept glitching out so i ended the stream cause of it but who knows one day i'll try getting it to work but if there is anyone who knows what I need to get a good stream going let me know cause it would help me alot :)

Anyways Hope you guys like the Thumbnail I did and also yes I do have autism if those are wondering, Mild to Moderate..... but I know this: If I Can get through life with Autism, I believe everyone who has autism out there also can too ;)

Marth & Roy are from Fire Emblem by Nintendo
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April 18, 2017
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