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Published: June 26, 2017
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I have brought back a old ask thing back from the dead that once was a ask collin thing but i have brought it back and rebooted it into a full fledged oc ask and all answers will be not only answered but also the ocs will have their answers made within kisekae which is what this image was made in ;)

Also this has inspiration from :iconmariomario8384:'s Ask Amaya

More OCs will come in the future once i regain the codes for their designs
So for now here are the ocs you can ask questions to from left to right

Stormimitsu "Ninja-Samurai esq warrior/ demon & oni hunter"

Emerel "Gemsona/Gem OC"

Lee-Chan "MMA OC"


Eruantien "Elf OC"

Hope you got some questions for them and all the ocs for the ask series and ones that will come later like Collin and such are owned by yours truly ^w^

Inky: this ought to be fun *bows tipping his hat*

Eruantien: wow wonder what questions we'll get

Stormimitsu: *bows to all*

Lee-Chan: eh gives me a break from training to answer some questions ;)

Emerel: Lets Get This Show on the Road


Alongside those 5 Now Collin, Bloodstone, and Nightlock are available for ASKS ;D

Note be wary not every character I made may make it in the image But will still be up for asks once i can obtain their previous code or rework the codes again

so dont worry if more show up listed and arent on the image you'll understand

so with that out of the way here is what you need to know about the 3 standing next to eruantien:

Collin Farrior "A servent to the dark and powerful entity known as the shadow beast which also was the soul cause of the downfall of the town known as crystal valley"

Nightlock "Slenderman's cyber proxy whose real name is Matthew Knight and He also is the mentor to slenderman's other proxy, Bloodstone"

Bloodstone "Slenderman's Proxy with a mouth and Gentleman attitude, he is the apprentice to nightlock and can also SHATTER and Break the 4th Wall and his real name is Casey Wilson (be wary he is a bit inspired by the merc with the mouth aka deadpool)"

Newest Update: though these ocs may not be in the image but are planned for asks whenever i get to them, here is the newest 4 to be in asks and their references can be found in my gallery:

Zack Godstone "the the investigative reporter who went into Crystal Valley to uncover the truth and survived it's wrath and was eventually told in a interrogation with a top secret project by the government that Crystal Valley isn't the only place with monsters"
Darkeyes "lover and tag partner of Collin, she does whatever she can to being victims to their demise or plays tricks with them before Collin gets to the prey"
Jason Farrior "Cousin of Collin and the one who possesses a much deadly form of Collins reaper Esq abilities and the one who battled him and somehow managed to beat him and escape"
Shadow Beast "the dark entity who rules the shadow dominion, like salgo he commands massive armies and minions, and he was the one who granted Collin a bit of his power"

More will be added soon for now ask away and I will get to the answers whenever possible
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suiyaoirui07Hobbyist Artist
To Lee-Chan and Stormimitsu:

Do you both had in common like hobby or something? 
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Oh and I will just ask one thing to Inky: You are from BATIM? So...between you,  and Bendy, who's the cutest? :3
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To Bloodstone: A Gentleman? Nice to meet you. Hope Slendy isn't too rough with you?
and for Collin Farrior: What's it like to serve the "shadow beast"?
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GubblenubHobbyist Digital Artist
I had a question for Eruantian: does anyone ever try and squeeze your cheeks because of how cute you are?
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