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LoZ: Shattered Peace chpt 8
Chapter 8: Moving On
  The sun shining overhead seemed too bright, too cheerful, for the dark days the kingdom had faced. Standing here before her uncle's grave, she played over and over in her mind that fateful battle that had changed everything. If Greil had survived, how different would things be…? Would all this madness have been averted with Aremas having an old friend as a voice of reason? Could Greil have prevented the decline into near-civil war in Hyrule?
  She wiped at her face as she felt the tears trickling down, taking a shuddering a breath. While Greil was her uncle, she had lived most of her life with him as her father… and now with the world descending in madness around her she just wanted to see his stern but loving gaze, feel his arms wrap around her in a comforting embrace. But those were things she'd never have again. Greil now slept within the earth, and they would never know how differently events could have turned out.
  Danielle didn't hear who ap
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Allen Quinn was the typical Irish guy… even if he lived several systems away from Earth and hadn't been to his homeworld since he was three. That didn't change the fact he had what he called his "Irish habits" of visiting the run-down pub almost every night and drinking down horrible beer that nearly melted his esophagus.
Habits I might need to be changing, he reminded himself as he stood outside the pub leaning against the dusty wall, pouring out the smelly beer onto the blue dust of Amaranthine's earth. Travers Tavern was a hole in the wall with a faded sign that had been painted a number of times because the changing owners never did figure out where the apostrophe was supposed to go and ultimately left it off. Actually, the pub wasn't even decent enough to warrant that term, and the drinks it served were pretty much on the same level. Only once had he ever drank something that people said remotely tasted like the real deal, and this fell far short, possibly even to toxi
:iconstormsworder:Stormsworder 1 8
Surgical Strike
The military jeep raced across the dunes of blue dust, the chilly winds of the surface of Amaranthine barely bothering its occupant. There was nothing in sight, at least not out where the mining teams lacked something to dig for. After all, that was all the Amaranthine colony was about: creating a profit for the corporations and the Confederation. It was a surprise terraforming even took place on the planet, but the big-wigs in government had quite a few plans.
First Lieutenant Lexine Steiner used one hand to shift her wraparound sunglasses back up onto her face, the other grasping the jeep's wheel with a fingerless black glove. She hadn't been on Amaranthine long for her assignment, but already she was wishing she could be somewhere less backwater… or at least paired up with one of her other squad members. The 59th Strategic Response Squadron was one of the Confederation of Alarios's Special Operations units, and she knew all too well of the rumors citizens said about them. Media
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ED: Of Light and Dark
Deep into that darkness peering
A Guardian of Light stood fearing
The demons hiding in the world of dark.
Abominations that struck fear in man's heart
Laid beyond the light, beyond the Veil,
Biding their time to make Earth a Hell.
Men did not know of their looming doom,
But she had read from the cursed book in the room
And knew what she was destined to do.
For it was her time to make sacrifices, too,
In order to stop the utter destruction of man.
She faced the avatar of dark with sword in hand.
:iconstormsworder:Stormsworder 7 30
LoZ: Shattered Peace chpt. 7
Chapter 7: Unlikely Allies
Relieved didn't even begin to describe how Danielle felt to finally be back in her room, having spent a few hours in the infirmary with Cale as their wounds were treated and the events explained to Rurik and Blaine. Fortunately, the injuries were minor, but the two siblings had to have them treated and then swathed in cloth bandages. Clad now in just her cotton undershirt and loose brown pants, her bare feet padded across the rug laid out on the floor. Scratching absentmindedly at the itchy bandages about her neck, she nearly collapsed face-down onto her bed and savored the feeling of the plush comforter. The sun was gradually setting in the distance, and as she stared out the window, the words Link had passed on from Rusl echoed in her mind.
Twilight… is when our world and the other one are closest together. It's been three years since Midna shattered the mirror. I wonder… how their world is faring? I imagine better than ours, without these cons
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GW: The Searing
    On that day, the world burned.
    The wrath of the gods the people had earned.
    Burned was the crops and fields of grain.
    Burned was the livestock; rivers became tar.
    Burned were homes near and far.
    And burned was the soul of a child;
    As she watched the destruction of her land
    The flames turned to blood on her hands.
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Home from New Orleans Comic Con! Also, I'm Alive

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 9, 2014, 9:21 PM

So, it's come to my attention that yet again, I got too busy to do much on deviantArt, though this time I sorta blame getting thrown into the first semester of a second degree and basically flailing in the water for a while right before and after MechaCon. And as to why my journals sorta went AWOL, I don't really know either. Huh.

So yeah, New Orleans Comic-Con. I went this year (was Riza Hawkeye on Saturday) and had a pretty awesome time. It's a different feel from MechaCon, and I think I sorta liked the small setting of MechaCon more... but it was really awesome to actually run into people I had met at MechaCon and talked to a few times... and this time I actually got some of their names, including the guy who was a really awesome Maes Hughes. >>

The one downside to it (other than the lots of walking that sorta wore my poor mom out >>; ) was the Cosplay Competition. Why, you ask? Three words:

Heroes. Of. Cosplay.

They were filming the season finale of the second season there at NOCC... and they wanted to film two episodes, so the singles and group competitions were divided up. So, not only did the singles competition start late because the camera crew needed to record the stars' drama backstage, but judging took forever because they needed to film back there, then film the judges "deliberating" (which was basically paper shuffling and looking at each other and murmuring, much to all our annoyance).

So, they announce the singles winners... then announce a break before the group competition because YaYa Han and the judges needed to change outfits. Which was weird... and then it stretched into thirty minutes with a Wizard World employee resorting to asking the vastly dwindled crowd for jokes. After several bad blonde jokes and half an hour, they finally all came out again in their different costumes for the groups.

Groups went by super fast, except for the "stars" of the show, which were a Soul Calibur team who claimed their armor and stuff was made within a week, and a "Peter Pan's Labyrinth" team who had large elaborate props and stuff for it. It was kinda clear who were the professionals and who were the locals in the whole competition, which made things VERY one-sided.

When the group events had mostly finished off, some of the other local cosplayers came to sit in the row behind my Mom and I. A Silent Hill trio, Thor and Loki as Bunnies, and a four-man squad of Halo Marines (two males and two females). All of them looked exhausted, worn out... and beyond frustrated and annoyed. As they talked to us, we came to find out just how one-sided and rigged the whole entire competition was.

For four hours, the group cosplayers were told to stand in line, not even backstage, and were told nothing else. They were given one beignet to eat each, and apparently at about three and a half hours, the HoC "stars" showed up all freshly costumed up and clearly not having just stood in line like all of them did. The groups finally went backstage, only to be told they had to wait for half an hour for the costume change for the judges. Not only that, but the crew working the con helped carry in these massive props (a bed and tombstone-headboard sorta thing). At this point the groups realized how rigged it was, and a lot of their skits couldn't be done because of how loud the music was. So, a bunch decided to purposefully bomb their own skits and do some terribad dancing instead (which was sorta hilarious when you realized they had coordinated it, much to the judges' ire).

The Loki Bunny was nearly in tears as she told me that, in her four years of going to this con since it was started, she had never been treated with such disrespect as she was now. Her ride was supposed to pick her up at 9:15, but it was past 11:30 by the time the contest finished and the two had to find their way home. The Halo group all lived not too far from me and had to take a street car late at night to get to their vehicle. SO MANY people had cleared out of the theatre after the singles that the Wizard World people made us try to fill in the middle rows to make the illusion of a massive audience still watching. It was an all around mess, and a good cosplay competition was ruined by those vultures with Heroes of Cosplay.

As you can imagine, the HoC stars were the ones to win awards (including an "honorable mention" category being made just for the Soul Calibur group), and if I'm not mistaken, ALL HoC stars got something there. There was a clear, massive chasm between the local cosplayers and the professional ones from out of town with HoC.

I know I dedicated most of this journal to ranting about HoC, but their terrible practices simply NEED to be made known to everybody. Make your voices heard to SyFy that the portrayal of the cosplay community they do is completely wrong, and they ruin costume contests for everyone else when they show up. I plan on going to MechaCon again this year, and I'm proud of the owners of that con who outright told SyFy no when it came to filming HoC there. At least that competition is still untarnished by this blasted reality show.

For a blog post of one of the groups cosplaying there who can tell you about what happened in line, go read chevpala's post.

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