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Leverage - A Tender Moment Colored

By Stormspike
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Wanna guess what are they're listening to? How about this =)

Sooo this is of course based on a sketch by the wonderful Iji! Original, Iji's Main Tumblr

First time I saw this it didn't stick out to me that much, but when I was looking around for new source sketches I recognized the hidden tenderness in that scene and instantly knew what I had to do.
So I spent maybe 8 hours or so on it (more than twice the normal time) and damn I enjoyed every minute of it. Damn it, Iji, stop playing guitar with my heart strings like that.
Still, no regrets. Would do it again, but currently there aren't so many zootopia sketches from Iji that I can use. Fingers crossed for later.

Here's a small Making Of
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Sweet... Loving fox.
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Improper securing and storage of a firearm!

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OMG! I LOVE THIS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Heart 3D Heart free avatar :heart: rvmp Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] Tusken Raider Icon Han Solo Salute Han Solo Wink Icon 
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Sometimes Nick lives for the day where he can kick back relax and listen to music
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That picture radiates a sense of calmness :)
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Ein sehr schönes und liebenswertes Werk.
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It's is cool drawing 
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This picture you've done of Nick and Judy together looks very nice and sweet for sure. :D
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Nick, you lucky bastard!
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Love these moments between them! :)
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beautiful !
amazing work :)
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This is so cute! I'm actually coloring this as well to sell as a print so I know some of the pain with some of the nooks and cranneys. Sorry my sketches are generally so rough, though. :P I'll try to clean them up a little more. Thank you for crediting and keep up the amazing work!
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Hey, didn't know you were on dA as well! And thank *you*, Iji!
Your sketching is pretty damn amazing in detail, and I wouldn't want it any other way! =) No cleanup needed. The only thing that I needed to work around are the straight lines used for Nick's darker fur,  but that was easy enough. I don't choose sketches for the lines after all, but for the emotions behind them.
So all in all I'd be thrilled to work on more of your pieces in the future.

Edit: so what does word-of-god say to what they're listening to? :D
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They have to be listening to this if you ask me.…
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Now this is a nice at-home kinda moment for them. Well done.
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Really sweet moment.  I saw the progression from the drawing to the final display, which was this one on Twitter.  This is amazing with all of the light coming in at an angle just enough to see their faces and what they are wearing.  It turned out beautifully. :iconinuclapplz: :iconinuloveplz:
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Tender and so romantic. Capital job on this, Stormspike. :D
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So wonderful picture. :aww:

Obviously they are listening this and Judy has just fallen asleep in the arms of the ending violins and flutes. ;) :…
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You made me imagine viking foxes and celtic bunny druids. Thank you! :)
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How wonderful images of the imagination wild and free... Priestess Hoppsian and warrior Wyld - Greatest untold story of forbidden, true love in their land over a thousand years ago. Such richness, many memorables, so solemn... wow.

* * *

'Your piercing purple...
Like a new life rising from the frozen ground
My beacon of hope in the dark winter night
Alas, it is forbidden... and we must not'

- - -

'Emeralds that emancipate my heart
On a face warming like untamed fire
They slowly burn me to dust
Since it is forbidden... and we must not'

* * *

Thank you so much for the inspiration. Tip Hat Emoticon 
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