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For Joan-Mari
For Joan-Mari
Life a gentle mist
swirling the days of our lives
subjected to the winds
of folly and fate
In the mist all is touched
pervasive and personal
overlapping the mists
of the next and next
It goes unnoticed
at times and then others
it winds in, sharing
of itself to ourself
Then the mist clears
is gone without herald
the absence is noticed,greived
of, all and one
The mist leaves
in its wake a ray of sunshine
the lasting warmth, and name
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Weaver of Dreams-A Prelude to
Weaver of Dreams-A Prelude to dying
He's a weaver of dreams,
a seller of lies.
With his promises
he gives me life.
But with every breath
part of me dies.
His words,walk past my defenses,
dressed up like hope
His touch fools my willing senses,
Did he have a rope?
I listen to his words,
gratefully accept his touch.
Lulled into love, mired in passion
I didnt see the noose he fashioned.
Words of devotion,
make my heart sing.
"I love you" takes my breath away
Or was it some other thing?
I didnt see it coming, I wasnt prepared
I hang dying, still believing.
As he whispers "I love you"
"I always cared"
As I take my last breath,I hear
unbeleivable words in my own voice.
Saying I will always be here,
You see I have no choice...
Because I love you
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My Cadillac - The Beast
Somewhere in the distance,in the cold, gray dawn,
A whistle illicites a collective yawn.
Slowly, and with growing din,the machinery hums to life,
The men begin the same day they live,
for most the rest of their life.
Presses and ratchets,wrenches and hones,
The beast is assembled by thousands of drones.
From its humble conception to its first, fierce roar,
they measure its gap,check its bore.
Precision to the thousandths, blood, sweat and pain,
When the dust settles,the beast remains.
A thing of beauty,of power and might,
This awesome machine Is a wonderous sight.
They put in the key,turn it all the way back,
And it rumbles to life...
My new Cadillac.
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The Dark Forever-A Thank You
I launched some words into the universe
that lives at the end of "submit"
Like a question that is asked rhetorical
Answer expected? Not one bit.
But out of the dark forever
Came an answer, affirmation, in so many words
Out there in the dark forever
Someone heard.
Thanks for the honor of Daily Poem
You have no idea how thrilled I am.
As a new Deviant you have made me feel like I belong!
Thank you.
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Flesh of my Flesh
Flesh of my Flesh
Flesh of my flesh I have always loved you.
Before I knew you, you were my joy.
Before you drew your first breath
I had dreams of you now.
Good dreams, images, hopes.
In the days before anger, you knew me.
I mattered, you cared for me.
What happened, Flesh of my flesh?
Now like a severed limb, I can feel you
but you're not really there.
From my wisdom I sought to heal you,
but you rejected my ministrations.
Yet like a soldier in battle,
you return to me wounded, time after time.
Am I supposed to let you bleed?
I so wanted things to be different.
You are like me...dont you see?
You come to me broken,expecting what?
And as soon as you find a new pain,
you are off to be broken again.
I dont understand your motivation
I cry each time you are hurt.
How can I protect from you from you?
You bind my hands, then crave my touch,
And you run off to be hurt again.
I hope there will come a day,and soon,
that you will accept my experiences.
That you will allow the benefit of my life
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Things that make you go Mmm
Things that make you go Mmmm...
For all of us these things are different,
For some of us the same,
If you ever tell me what you like,
I promise not to use your name.
Clean, cool sheets after a shower
The feeling you get from a flower
A warm fleece robe in December
The first young kiss you remember
The feel of warm mud on your feet
Sitting in your first cars drivers seat
Hearing your mate say I love you
Finding the Father above you.
Watching the sunset to the west
Feeding your child at your breast
Watching your child graduate
That hot fudge sundea you ate.
These things all ellicit emotion
Some shallow, some as deep as the ocean
But the one that strikes me most often
That helps me relax, to soften
Is a thing that we do, nothing big,or new
Is spoon-sleeping, my back against you.
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Things that make you go Mmmm
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Jodi Bygland
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I want to thank you for voting Flesh of my Flesh the Daily Poem.! I am soo thrilled. I have never submitted any of my poems for anyone to see...they are locked in a book. I just found this sight when penciler sent me the link and I said what the heck. I am so very thankful to Faithwalker and whoever is in charge.


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supul-sinac Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2002
hehe... you said "whoever is in charge" in your journal :D (Big Grin) ... hehe... such a n00b :P (Razz) ...

-i dreamt and then i fell for/it aint easy when we go down for - the beauty of wynona-
supul-sinac Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2002
hehe... looks like you got a warm welcome already :D (Big Grin) ... and you've really got awful taste in photography...i mean really... look atcher favorites ;) (Wink) ... anyway... thanks for the comment on my english thing... it seems schoolwork doesnt get commented on at all around here, but i didnt think of that as schoolwork really... so im glad somebody decided to comment :D (Big Grin) ... thanks a bunchers... and be expecting some extra pageviews on that stuff you've been submitting :D (Big Grin) ...*runs off*

-i dreamt and then i fell for/it aint easy when we go down for - the beauty of wynona-
solstice Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2001   Writer
welcome to devart and wow! DP after only a few days membership! that's wicked, the poem really deserved it :) (Smile)
faithwalker Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2001  Student Photographer
Congratulations on the Daily Poem!


perception shapes existence. How you define your experience defines your reality.

dismarum Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2001
Hey =) (Smile) Wow...your style of writing is lovely. I really enjoy your work, and I look forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing your talent here.

Dismarum -
~You don't have to stay anywhere forever...~
l-chan Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2001
welcome to DA! It's amazing you've only been here for a few days and already you've been awarded a DP! Us who have been here for months have only dreamed of such an honor. Good luck in your future projects

-muse- Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2001
Hey, thanks for the comment.

"Ever wonder what you'd looke like in a mirror without the bias of your mind?"
All the time....

I'll take a look at your work when I get a chance.

Welcome to DA!!

be well

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