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These are Offer to adopt, so go crazy! This is not first come first serve :0 The best offer gets it~
If you offer over 50 points you can get a free headshot of your char~ (if wanted)
If you offer over 100 points you can get a free fullbody of your char~ (if wanted)
If you offer over 250 points you can get a free detailed reference sheet of your char~ (if wanted)
Points > art > species > adopts > writing 
I do not accept actual currency.

#1 - Open - Orange Rings

#2 - Open - Green Rings

#3 - Open - Light Yellow Rings

when using these designs credit me please~
Base by: kittnboys
Odyssey | Loner/Rogue
Name History:
Gender: Female
Age: 12 moons
Breed: Siberian Mix

Clan: Loner/Rogue
Rank: Loner/Rogue
Mentor: None
Apprentice: None

Short appearance Description:
White fur that has Dark grey stripes going down her back, limbs, and tail. As well as Tabby Mimicking Face markings that are the same dark grey as her stripes. She has grey ears that ombre into brown and back into her main white color, her paw pads are also grey as well as her nose. Brown blends into some of her stripes and parts of her face, as well as next to her nose.

(Only two maxed out Skills Max, Warriors should have very limited to no herb knowledge)
45/100% - Hunting 
40/100% - Fighting
50/100% - Swimming 
100/100% - Speed
90/100% - Climbing
90/100% - Eyesight
100/100% - Hearing
40/100% - Herb Knowledge
90/100% - Intelligence
20/100% - Leadership

90% - Physical Health
80% Mental Health

Bullet; Green Adventurous
Bullet; Green Passionate
Bullet; Green Strategic
Bullet; White Stubborn
Bullet; White Sarcastic
Bullet; White Questioning
Bullet; Red Argumentative
Bullet; Red Dense
Bullet; Red Difficult

Short personality Description:
She can have a great time exploring and enjoys being new places and seeing new sights, as well as she is very passionate about the thinks she loves (including others) and isn't afraid to show it. Her strategic manner makes it easy for her to create plans but her own sense of questioning makes it difficult to pull through with said plans. She tends to be stubborn and enjoys winning an argument- mostly because she is also argumentative. Her sarcastic nature can be sometimes very comedic and lift people's spirits but at other times it can just  make her seem difficult and rude. Aligning with her difficulty is her dense way of thinking. She finds it difficult to find out what feelings she is, well, feeling and has a hard time reading between the lines.

Parents: Willow (Dead, NPC) and Thornclaw (, NPC)
Littermates: Unknown and Open for brothers and sisters
Other kin: Unknown and Open for cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.

Sexual orientation: Straight
Single/Taken: Single

Turn ons:
tick Someone who will go on adventures with her
tick Someone Loyal
tick Someone willing to have a family
Turn offs:
x Someone who hates kits
x Extreme Greed
x Someone who lacks motivation

Bullet; White  - Unsure/Stranger
Bullet; White Bullet; White  - Don't know well
Bullet; White Bullet; White Bullet; White   - Kind of a Friend
Bullet; Orange - Wants to be closer to
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange - Likes
Bullet; Yellow - Acquaintance
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow - Friend
Sea Green Bullet - F2U!  - Good Friend
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Sea Green Bullet - F2U!  - Close Friend
Dark blue bullet  - Best Friend

Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U  - Respect
Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U  - Idol
Star! - High-Ranked
Black Square Bullet  - Mentor
 Paw  - Apprentice
Paw Print (Black) - F2U!  - Former Apprentice

Bullet; Pink - Romantic Interest
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink - Crush
lilac heart bow  - Major Crush
lilac heart bow lilac heart bow   - Would Die For
Heart   - Love (Romantic)
Rose   - Mate

Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U!   - Parent
Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U!  - Sibling

 Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U! Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U!  - Offspring  
Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U!  - Kin
 Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U!   - Platonic love

Bullet; Red - Dislike/Angered by
Bullet; Red Bullet; Red    - Hate
Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red    - Wants Dead
Bullet; Black - Jealous of
Bullet; Black Bullet; Black     - Scared of
Pixel: Broken Heart     - Former Love
Black Rose   - Deceased
Cloud - question mark - F2U - Presumed Dead






Willow - Black RoseGlittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2UBullet; YellowBullet; YellowCloud - question mark - F2UFlower Bullet (Red) - F2U!
- Thornclaw - Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U!Bullet; WhiteCloud - question mark - F2UBullet; Red

(Please no less then 3 Sentences/ A paragraph)
- Kit-
As a kit Odyssey started off life with a bang, her mother had been chased out of the home she knew just before she gave birth and her father was fighting off the cats who were trying to kill her mother. With the little knowledge her mother and father knew they did the best they could, Thornclaw had seen queens before (when he was a clanner) and knew that they bit onto sticks when they gave birth. So he gave her a stick and it probably helped a lot, but, Her mother never said. After her father had sustained many injuries, killed a cat, and chased off many more, it seemed they were at least somewhat safe in the unknown territory they had fled to. It was just swaying plains and a large, red, rotting building. Which they later learned was called a barn.
The barn sustained them for nearly her entire kithood-- there was easily enough mice and rodents of that nature that scurried in the barn to feed the three of them, even through the leaf-bare. Not long after her birth and their shelter in the barn, it was so cold that she witnessed her first snow. Her father, Thornclaw, had gone off on a walk or hunting or something while her mother watched over her. It was truly a joyous day and the small family feasted on a few mice that her father had caught and then they slept. In the morning the snow was still there but most of it had melted and frosty puddles littered the fields. As Odyssey grew older and her love of adventure grew stronger she found herself wandering farther and farther from the barn, to her mother's dismay and her fathers anger. She would constantly be scolded by him because her frail mother could never yell at her only child. Odyssey didn't mind this and tried her best to stay near the barn but she couldn't help herself, she had the call of adventure in her mind all the time. Each time she came home from her adventures she found her mother more and more depressed and her father always seemed to be bickering with her about something, but again, she didn't let this get to her.

- Apprentice-
Soon her mother realized how much she had grown, she was no longer the small kit mewling for milk that she once was- no- she was nearly the size of herself. Her mother had talked to her father about something numerous times through her kit hood on the lines of teaching her skills or something like that and now she finally knew what she meant. Her father would take her about once or twice a day out into the fields to teach her how to catch mice and how to fight, and she was always grateful for his teachings but he was such a difficult teacher and it always seemed like he was better than her. They had been training for a long time and Odyssey knew she had the skills to go hunting on her own, so she asked her mother and father politely if she could go. "Odyssey what are you thinking? You can't go anywhere but here!" her mother would say, in between her crying that her daughter would leave. "Don't ever dare upset your mother like that again! And don't think of going out into the fields far without me!" her father would scream, hissing and clawing at the ground.
Odyssey was left confused and wondering why she wasn't allowed to go hunting by herself, she was nearly a grown cat! In fact if she tried she could probably defeat her father, and this was the start of a new rebellious mindset within Odyssey.
One day very early in the morning she snuck out against her parent's word and she went far out into the territory. She reached the forest by the time the sun had held itself high in the sky, and the whole trip she would look back on the farm that grew smaller and smaller as she went. She thought of it as a turning point in her life- what had made her suddenly leave the parents which had given her so much and let her live a good life? Why did she feel the need to go against what they both said, even though they were probably in the right? Odyssey constantly asked herself these questions as she trekked, entering the forest. When she got in the forest there were many new smells all trying to fight for your attention, it wasn't the same as the open fields that were her previous home. She went through that forest all day and made it to the other side of the forest into a pleasant meadow. The meadow held many new smells, and suddenly she saw rustling in the underbrush. Quickly she followed her father's teachings and ducked down, pressing her stomach against the cold ground. A cat younger than herself burst out of the bush and immediately she went into fight mode, clawing and scratching at the feline who seemed so small beneath her claws.
The cat who was now pressed against the ground herself reminded Odyssey of herself against her father, and she let them go. They scurried and tripped away from her and back where they came from, odyssey never saw them again. And now with this new knowledge of other cats living in these territories, she began to question even more the thoughts of her parents. Had they been trying to keep her away from everyone? And why? She began to feel angst towards them and anger as to why they would do something so terrible as that to her, she just didn't understand it.
She put her survival before her emotions and took shelter in a small den formed under a tree most likely by a fox or a badger, but they were long gone. This is her new home.

- Warrior-
She lived in that den for a while and often felt homesick, and when she went out to hunt thought she smelled her father and mother's sent, but she couldn't tell if it was her imagination. She imagined herself going home one day, grown, ready to take them on. Ready to prove them wrong and tell them that she survived and that there was no reason to hold her back, but with trying to get enough food for herself and constantly patrolling her small territory, she didn't have the time. In fact the hunting seemed a lot more difficult and often she went multiple days without food.. where did it go? There was so much food at the barn, if only it was the same for here then she would be able to visit them and keep a stock of food for when she went back. She held onto this plan for a while and it took her a moon to get enough food for the journey and for when she came back, so, when she had her supplies, she set off. It took her a day to get through the forest and another day to get in sight of the barn. By the time she went through the fields she found that she was lost, but it seemed that the fields and everything was all there. She did some exploring and found the same place that her and her father had trained, those big paw prints and slash marks had to be her fathers.... but what about the numerous other sized ones? Those had not been hers nor her mother's! 
Finally she found where the barn had been, but vines now crept up the sides of it and made it harder to see from a distance. Odyssey sighed with relief and looked inside, there was nothing there but a putrid smell was emitted from the whole area. Finally she found the cause, the remains of a feline with a white and grey pelt... the feline dead there looked frail and even though they were dead and expressionless it seemed they emitted sorrow. It seemed familiar, no! It couldn't be! It had to be.... her mother. Everything about it seemed so much like her... Odyssey soon was thrown into a depression because of this. But she had to find her father, how long had she been dead? Only he- if he were not dead himself- would know! But she spent the whole day looking for him all around the territory and in every nook and cranny in the barn, but his scent nor was himself present anywhere. The only lead there was had been the strange paw prints place circling the barn as well as around the area she used to train.
She became even more confused, but it was to late to go back so she spent the night in the barn, but first she held a silent vigil for her mother. She gathered some flowers that smelled pretty nice in the fields and covered her body in them, before she took her body out of the barn and made a nest beneath the stars, so she could be released from the world. She then somehow went to sleep, exhausted from her own sleep. She checked on her mother and went back to her den, not stopping or sleeping the whole time. She didn't eat either, she left the food next to her mother as if she would need it as a spirit.
It seemed like a very quick trip going back now, and she felt no need to go back again. The path she used to go back to her den was constantly getting patrolled by growing groups of cats, young and old. Occasionally she thought she saw the same cat from that first encounter when she first found her home, and that only reminded her of life in the barn. It was tough getting back into the swing of things, but slowly she started eating again and starting patrolling semi-regularly. She got better at hiding when she scented or saw a patrol and soon it seemed like nothing was wrong. But she goes every day wondering if something like that will happen again, and where her father really was. She has grown stronger and yet so weak from this experience, but she looks forward to the future.
Application sheet © Sneakysniper11 
Description Layout © Sneakysniper11 
Design © StormofRiverclan 
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