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Hello world!

I am still here! Much to my surprise :) Never did stop drawing just got pre-occupied and haven't upload a whole lot lately. But that is about to change.. in the next few days keep your eyes out for a whole slew of new images I have been working on. Everything fro strait pencil to brown charcoal...and everything in between :)

See you soon and I would love to hear your feedback!
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On the last day of 2010 we decided to have our huge family get together.. as it is with most people now a days it was the only time we could all get together for the holidays. As the door knocked we heard a masive yelping of constant pain from our big boy Schultz. Now in case you don't know, and most people here wouldn't he is a 5 and a half year old german rottie with a heart of gold :)

He is one of the most amazing dogs I have ever had. So now we are all freaking out cause we have no idea what is going on. His left leg was just hanging limp. So we figure he got it caught under the coach and tried to get up to quickly.

We have another rottie much smaller female, that this year tore out her knee. So we had to have that fixed to the tune of almost 5000 big ones. So we where praying he didn't do the same thing. We where kinda hoping he had broke it. Figuring it would be the easiest thing for him as well.

You know that saying be careful of what you wish for?? well it definatly applies here :( Oh he broke it alright.. more like shattered it. The bone had someone become degraded and the xrays look like a moth ate at it. Just the one bone.. emergency vet tells us that they can't set it becuase the bone is to weak. all the other bones look good though.. So what caused this we asked..their reply....

Bone Cancer.....well that floored us... I mean who wouldn't be...

So now as I type this my big guy is passed out on pain meds waiting to hear when a surgen can take his leg...

Oh did I forget to mention that they say it can spread to the lungs and that he would need chimo? Tell that to him.. he still wants to run around even with a bum leg.

Just had his chest xrays done and they came back clear.. so maybe the break wasn't a bad thing.. maybe and just maybe a christmas miricle, we caught it in time...
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Happy happy day! I am soo excited! I got one of those cool DA art bags for my birthday!

*does the happy dance*

How cool is that! No more worrying if it is raining out and I get caught in it and my drawings may get pooched!

This is one of my best Birthdays Ever!
Well I now have three of the four fairies of the moon drawn up in color and posted up... only one left and that is the fairy of the full moon :)

She will be all white like the fairy of the wanning quarter and on black paper..

Also currently on my to do list is the kingdom of hearts drawing for a friend. Figured I would change it to make it softer and to try and emphasize their relationship. Hope it looks like I had planed!

well as promised I have finished One Man's Trash...

My cat decided to be quite helpful with this project it was such hard work she just passed out on me...

There is something about finding a cat in an odd place totaly at peace with the world around them, that brings a smile to your lips...
I am currently working on a new drawing called One Mans Trash...

It should hopefuly be done soon... providing life does not get in the way... we all know how that happens :)

anyhow hope you all like it when it is done!
Today I decided to add the images I did for a few events.. Like the royal medival faire in waterloo and Day of the dead paintball in London!

Insparation comes from anywhere I guess :)

WOOT! hope you all like!
Ah finaly broke down and got a nice new scanner...Stormme V2 was my first scan using it...So nice... have to play with it some more and rescan in a few more images..

Posted a few characters from a comic I was debating a year ago called Keda..

See you tomorow!
As promised I put some more stuff up.. and I realized not only can I not spell, I need to get a better scanner... Also need to organize my images on my hard

Well I am off again... more tomorow!
Well today is my first day doing this.. at the insistance of my roommate/friend. Suprised on how quick people have made responses. Didn't expect that to happen while I was putting some stuff up.

Got 10 images up....will do more tomorow.. time for sleep!