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Blurb/Summary ---
A young Time Traveler awakes in the middle of inter-dimensional turmoil, starting with Equestria. With his loved ones lost, his home in ruins, and most of the population in hiding, he has to find new allies and fight back against a powerful being from another dimension, who is bent on destroying the entire multiverse.

In-Depth Information ---
Broken Down is primarily a Doctor Who-type comic with a My Little Pony style platform, with references to other things such as the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, as well as Firefly and its movie Serenity by Joss Whedon. 
There is some comedy, but the two main genres are Drama and Sci-fi, with some Romance sprinkled in on the side. If you don't like seeing a lot of characters crying and yelling at each other, then the comic might not be for you. 
This has dark themes, with references to depression, PTSD and suicide, though the comic isn't riddled with it, so don't freak out.
Please be aware,  and this is a warning, that there is gore. Most of it is simple, with just blood noses and bloodshot eyes, not much to be worried about...but there are a few instances in which things that would generally make a person vomit if they saw it in real life will pop up occasionally. My style's lack of detail should dampen the effect, but it still is something you need to know before you read this. That means, yes, there is some death. In what war or apocalypse story is there not? This isn't Metal-Kitty 's amazing and also very gorey/dark comic MLP Project in which almost every character dies five million times and keeps coming back to life, or Edowaado 's also amazing Doctor Whooves 
comic in which most of Equestria is converted to Cyberponies which are saved by the Doctor's regeneration energy. I'm not getting myself out of this stuff. Go read those comics too, by the way, they were two of my inspirations in making this.

Many events in Broken Down are based off of roleplays that took place on the retired My Little Pony Minecraft Server called '', but Broken Down is actually set after those roleplays.

Broken Down also uses the Strip-Comic format, meaning rather than having different size panels arranged on a page, a 'page' consists of 5-9 (occasionally 10) panels starting up and going straight down. I like to stick to 5-9 as my limits so there's not too little and not too much.
Earlier pages (1-150 i think? with some exceptions) have backgrounds made by others with given credit. Exception pages and any set after are drawn entirely by me.

I try my best to post on Sunday Evenings (my Time Zone is AEST/GMT +10), but may completely forget that week/post a few days late.

Here are the characters from Left to Right that are on the cover (there are more than these, these are just the mane characters which play a huge part of the storyline):
Stuffy & Sol : :iconraikouartist:
Enderwings : :iconenderwingsthepony:
Chicken Run : Chickay-San
Novajack, Fluro, Light, Friction, dragons : Me
Fallen Sanity : TheDayMySanityFell
Eyes : Various

MLP = :iconhasbroplz: / :iconfyre-flye:

There MAY be competitions so you can have your OC featured in a page as a background character, though I can't be too sure.

If you're someone who was just browsing but are now interested by my 'MAYS' and CAPS LOCK LETTAS and also the comic, well please consider watching me so you can see the full comic. If you aren't THAT interested but like the cover, at least give me a favourite and/or llama so I'm convinced to keep going with this work. 

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Thanks moment when I realized that you play on Brohoof too!

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sorry i just love ur comics
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