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2018 Summary of Art by StormClawPonyRises 2018 Summary of Art :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 0 0 The Recruit Pg 127 - [Contest Entry] by StormClawPonyRises The Recruit Pg 127 - [Contest Entry] :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 9 2 [FT] Santa Allury Icon for aaaar by StormClawPonyRises [FT] Santa Allury Icon for aaaar :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 7 0 Broken Down Page 148: 'Life Like Button' by StormClawPonyRises Broken Down Page 148: 'Life Like Button' :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 2 0 Broken Down Page 147: 'Goodbye, Farewell' by StormClawPonyRises Broken Down Page 147: 'Goodbye, Farewell' :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 6 0 Broken Down Page 146: 'No Intent Hypocracy' by StormClawPonyRises Broken Down Page 146: 'No Intent Hypocracy' :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 2 0 Broken Down Page 145: 'Selection Bias' by StormClawPonyRises Broken Down Page 145: 'Selection Bias' :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 2 0 [FT] Mixed Kids | Adopts Batch Threeee by StormClawPonyRises [FT] Mixed Kids | Adopts Batch Threeee :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 7 26 [FT] Weapon COM: Quest's Sword by StormClawPonyRises [FT] Weapon COM: Quest's Sword :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 6 2 [FT] HARVEST - Psycho by StormClawPonyRises [FT] HARVEST - Psycho :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 1 0 [FT] HARVEST - Poltergeist by StormClawPonyRises [FT] HARVEST - Poltergeist :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 3 0 [FT] HARVEST - Ouija Board by StormClawPonyRises [FT] HARVEST - Ouija Board :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 1 0 [FT] HARVEST - Claustrophobia by StormClawPonyRises [FT] HARVEST - Claustrophobia :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 2 5 [FT] Harvest Adopts | Batch Twooo by StormClawPonyRises [FT] Harvest Adopts | Batch Twooo :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 9 20 [FT] Elektras Armory by StormClawPonyRises [FT] Elektras Armory :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 5 15 [FT] HARVEST - Costumes by StormClawPonyRises [FT] HARVEST - Costumes :iconstormclawponyrises:StormClawPonyRises 4 1


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Need points for Core Membership and to get cool new programs for music, art and programming for My and many of my friends' game! Plus, if you donate, you get featured on my deviantID. Cool huh?

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Team Sun 2017 Stamp / Badge by artyfight TEAM TEA 2018 by artyfight Artfight:…
My Comic: stormclawponyrises.deviantart.…
DeviantID PIC: stormclawponyrises.deviantart.…
Commission Info: stormclawponyrises.deviantart.…
Broken Down Asks: stormclawponyrises.deviantart.…

I love Pokemon, My Little Pony and countless other things, like Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Firefly (I'm clearly a Sci-Fi nerd), Warrior Cats, How I Met Your Mother, etc.

I am open to art trades, are usually available to commission and I give gifts but only to mutual friends or people I admire.
Feel free to tag me for Memes or Raffles or whatever. I might not do them, but if you need to tag someone, I don't mind!

Please excuse me if I take a while to reply/give short replies/give vague messages, I'm not very confident socially and sometimes don't know how to speak to people, even online! I try my best though, and I'm usually quite friendly. I don't want to appear hostile.
Keep in mind however if you happen to favourite all the art of Light that I have because of some form of pregnancy or vore fetish I'm gonna block you. I'll check your favourites. If your profile is clean and you don't favourite everything to do with that stuff you see then its cool bro but if you have a ton of that stuff I'm going to feel pretty uncomfortable and block you. I don't want people reading my comic/favouriting my art simply because of Light having a round belly. It's gross and unfair.

Bestie: :iconenderwingsthepony:
Bestie/Brother: :iconthedaymysanityfell:
Mah BF: :iconchickay-san: ;)

Comic Writer and Arting Friends:
:iconburrferns: :iconaaaarachnids: :icondakotadoodles: :iconjoey-yo: :iconstardust-valley: :iconimnotgivingup: and many many more

People who have donated to me (not including dahub):
:icongentian-s: :iconpendingstorm: :iconchickay-san: :icondj-blaz3: :iconpinkponycarcass: :iconembered-leavves: :iconbepbepimashep:

Muse Albums Stamp by MyFebronia Daft Punk Stamp by derping-on-a-dream Stamp: TSFH Fan by Nawamane Celldweller tour 2 by dazza1008 Queen Classic Rock Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman Mumford and Sons Stamp by RandomTons Stamp: Pendulum by Araktugage

DW: Time Vortex Stamp by randomkiwibirds Firefly Stamp by ravekitten HTTYD: Toothless Shaking Head Stamp by randomkiwibirds

Feline Language Level: Expert by TipsyDigital Yet Another Llama Stamp by Feralem If you are using or reposting my works.. by YourOwnArt Meat Lover Stamp by wangqr Ravenclaw Stamp by Mel-Rosey Straight for LGBT Stamp by lightpurge

My MLP:FIM game code if you wanna add me is f48834.

If you love Pokemon, MLP, Undertale, References, Comics and/or Doctor Who, this is the place for you! I'm writing a MLPxDoctor Who comic with references to many other shows, movies and games, my friend and I are making a game, and I'm currently working on my first ever animation! Feel free to look around!

My group: :iconbrokendown-mlpcomic:



2018 Summary of Art
My summary of art for 2018, the best for each month (in my opinion, not exactly in terms of statistics).

The pieces shown and why I picked them are as follows:

[Contest Entry] BTNC Page 63 Redraw
My most favourited deviation, with 25 favourites as of writing. I tried really hard and while I'm upset that I didn't win, the person who did really deserved it! I did some referencing and experimenting, and tried to make Scourge look cool but sorta scary at the same time.

Happy Valentines! - Rewrite The Stars
I tried my absolute best to make this perfect. Rewrite the Stars hit Chickay and I so goddamn hard and I really wanted to show that I truly care for him even though I'm not very good at physical loving. I got this critiqued by different people as I made it, followed multiple guides, did lots of experiments and different versions, and tweaked and tweaked it. I'm so proud of how it turned out...

[Entry] Mosskit's 2nd Life SCREENIE
I think this was the only thing I made in March? I liked it when I made it.


[FT] Hunting with Brushder-Rus
Tried out a new style, and drew a super cute new animal in the world of Faulty Task! Atyllin has a friend now.

Broken Down Page 1 REDO: 'It Begins...'
The time at the bottom says somethin like November 2015 but that was when I posted the old version! This new version was posted in May this year and just replaced the old to make it easier for me in terms of linking other pages. Like the other redo featured here, I'm super proud of this. I followed a guide on drawing blood and tears, and tried to make the background and Fluro's thought process real interesting.

[FT] Unity Festival - Fire Dancing Tournament
Everyone in Faulty Task went mad when I posted this. It took a really long time but turned out pretty good and I won the contest for that week of the festival.

[FT] Unity Festival Canopy Obstacle Course
Go Makarn! Go Makarn! This is the background for my desktop now, haha

Snookle Pookle
Eh? Lost the plain lineart version so you get the newer version above. Shame you can't see it that well, hehehehahhahahahahahHAHAHAHAHA

Broken Down Page 63 REDO: 'Holding On'
I WORKED SO HARD ON THIS!!! It was really difficult but also super fun. I did some experimentation with the background, tried to learn how to draw tears really well, picked a new style for how I want my comics to go and it looks great I am super happy!!


[FT] HARVEST - Costumes
A series of costumes for my Faulty Task characters, in celebration of Halloween! Not perfect, but I think it turned out well.

Broken Down Page 145: 'Selection Bias'
I don't think I was very active in November, so I picked one of the Broken Down pages I posted then. Which was also made before November. Hehe.

The Recruit Pg 127 - [Contest Entry]
One of my best I think! This took me ages, and did take quite a bit of experimentation. I know a lot of people are entering the contest so my chances of winning are slim but I tried my best anyway!

- - -

[FT] Santa Allury Icon for aaaar
I tried really hard on this. I haven't done many commissions, but this is definitely my best so far!

[FT] Elektras Armory
My second pick for October. I really like this, and I worked hard on it.

[FT] Darius Spirrus - Fullbody
I did a bunch of requests for Faulty Task members so I could have some examples. I think this profile fullbody was pretty good!

[FT] WK 5 Challenge VI New Haircut
July was a busy month, too many to choose from!

[FT] Unity Festival - Wind Race
Yep, really busy.

June was also pretty busy.


[FT] Atyllin Valentines Card
Atyllin desperately needs to be loved.

[FT] Tracks and Bones
This was hella difficult...

- - - 
Base: <da:thumb id="775001715">

All the pieces featured were made by me! The base was not. If you've done some art this year and haven't filled it out yet, why don't you? 
The Recruit Pg 127 - [Contest Entry]
Original: The Recruit- Pg 127

Next: The Recruit- Pg 128/129

Previous: The Recruit- Pg 126

First: .:CE:. The Recruit

- - -

My entry for the final contest for Arual's comic 'The Recruit'! I'm a big fan of the comic and as I'm a comic artist (though I do strip and panel comics, not pages) and I can draw cats at a fair level, I thought I'd give the contest a try.
Notes & Changes: 
- Rainstone's scar is meant to disappear for the next few pages but I decided to keep it and just make it barely visible.
- Stormbringer is clearly dead, but Rainstone's an idiot anyway. She's not good at this... He's glowing. HES GLOWING. Although I guess it's more to show readers what's going on. It's probably not as obvious to her.
- Icestar looks even creepier.
- I'm not good at backgrounds, sorry.
- Different speech and bubble style.
- I couldn't get just one type of shading to work so I put both cell and blur together.
- First few panels are slightly different angles to before, to show things off in a more fierce perspective suiting that of a battle.

Art is by me!
The Recruit is by :iconarualmeow:
This should only be used by us, so please don't steal or repost or whatever without asking. 
[FT] Santa Allury Icon for aaaar

A special personal commission for aaaarachnids the owner of Faulty Task! After I drew a similar icon for a mod on the server, she asked me to make one for her as well and even paid me for it so I did! And due to her considerably generous offer, I tried to do as well as possible.
She actually asked for a version with a background, which can be seen here : ) 

Made by me, for aaaar! Please don't use without permission! Only us two can use this.


Specific commissions currently aren't open to the public while I organise prices and examples, but you can give me offers I guess idk
don't tho im busy
[FT] Mixed Kids | Adopts Batch Threeee
For :iconfaultytask:
These are intended to be used in the Faulty Task Roleplay group, but it is not required. We do recommend it, and it's a fun group!

I originally drew these on a normal kitty base by Tealea so you can have the original kitty design, or the faulty task (elemental tail) design. I know, I'm great aren't I? : ))

Do not send the points until I tell you to! I might be asleep or at school, so I won't reply straight away and I don't want two people to send points for the same character!

You may change, slightly:
- Saturation and luminosity
- Tail shape

You may change as you wish:
- Accessories
- Eye/Ear/Nose colour (in my designs these often reflect the element in some way. You dont have to do that, but thats what I've done)
- Fur type + Body type
- Elemental traits (you can change their look, but not remove them)

Points/Money I can use is preferred, and the quickest and easiest way of getting the adopts. You're more likely to get it if you can pay for it.
We can make a deal however...if I like you, such other choices being:
- Discount 
- Trade an adopt for an adopt (I'm picky, so there's a high chance I'll refuse)
- Good arts maybe?
These aren't very likely though.

You can hold the adopt if you don't yet have the funds or are working on giving art or something idk. However if someone else wants the adopt and has the funds, it would be a good idea to discuss it with them to see who gets it.

Once the adopt is paid for, I'll give you a clean transparent version of it without the watermark. Please remember to credit me when you use the character though!!

1. Soft Spot | Smol
Ivy Vine Naturecat
40 Points 

2. Spiky Puff
BOUGHT: Peepapeep 
Rare (Hybrid)

3. Manxy | Has slightly bloodshot eyes + large back legs typical of a manx breed of cat
BOUGHT: LoverBoyii 
Smoke Dragonblood

4. Freshwater Fish | Has brilles over eyes
Elemental Traits
50 Points 

5. Fools Gold
Pyrite Orecat
Inverted Eyes
80 Points 

6. Hazy Fire Tornado | Special adopt. Based on a mix of Rijinora and her unofficial (he's not part of the group yet) partner Kyle. If you buy this one, then you could have it be one of their potential kids if they actually bother to have any, but only if you'd be okay with that. : )
BOUGHT: Ginqerr 
Uncommon (Hybrid)

This will be open indefinitely/until all the adopts are gone.

Please don't steal/copy or whatever these designs. If you want one, you gotta buy it, you know? These are harder to make than you realise.

Please check out my previous batches, there's still some left : ))

Adopt Batch Oooone
Adopt Batch Twooo
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Hey guys!

Check out this awesome PMV :icontropical-bird: made for :iconfaultytask: !!

Give the vid a like and check out their art!!

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