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“Alright!” Candle pumped a clawed fist into the air. Smoke trailed from her maw and up into the sky, the fleeting sun dipped behind the horizon, casting its warm orange-red glow onto the fair city of Andalusst. The clouds turned into a warm purplish-pink, the festive sun-warm day fading into night. Aeron settled on her head, tucking in his wings close by his sides.

“Off to Subseed Forest then, correct?” The Charmander nodded in response before taking off in a hurry, her tail flame bright and burning with a lively shade of orange. The avian perched on top of her head laughed quietly, enjoying the cool breeze against his dark, sun-heated feathers.

As soon as the two arrived at the meeting spot, a leanly built Hawchula was already giving instructions. Luckly, it appeared to be that she was just starting her little speech. “... telling the truth, then somewhere in this forest there will be an undiscovered dungeon opening. There’s going to be a ton of trees and stumps, so it’s like a natural maze.” Ganiva explained, spreading one winged arm into the mysterious spiralling forest of trees. “Split up, if needed, and look for anything with a stump that has a hole. Listen for echoes. Also, a lot of Bug-types live in here, and I’d prefer it that you’d leave them all in peace. Another thing to keep in mind; from rumors that I’ve heard, there is a little tricky bunch of Phantumps who enjoy tricking travelers. If you need help, call for me and I’ll come running, okay?” The humanoid-avian scanned the small bunch of Explorers who had gathered, excited whispers pulsating throughout the crowd. She nodded. ”Great! Let’s get to it!”

The trees gave the two the comforting shade from the warm heat of the sun, the brief flickers of sunlight like ribbons dancing through the dark. Candle yawned, stretching her clawed hands behind her head. “Well, this shouldn’t be that hard right? I mean those little tree stumps might be a pain bu--” The Charmander disappeared in a flash of orange and startled purple flame. Aeron peered over the pitfall, his craina neatly tilted to the side, the sun making his beak glow a warm shade of yellow.

“Oh look,” His voice was plain and flat. “It’s a pitfall.”

“Oh you thi--?!” Candle growled, sparks of flame shooting from the sides of her maw. Immediately, the avian dived down, wrapping his darkly coloured wings around the Fire-type’s snout. “--pfiffghtsgttt?!”

“Shhhh,” Aeron’s ice blue eyes darkened, his facial expression a mask of calm. “If you’re too loud, you’ll make the whole forest know you’re here; and the bugs won’t be happy. But, Candlestick, listen.”

The surrounding area in the pitfall seemed to darken, the roots grew out from the ground and began to grow, ensnaring the two ‘mons and grounding them to the earthy terra. Candle hissed, her flame turning into a deep shade of blue with tinges of purple. Giggles, eerie and quiet, filled into the dead silent air. As the silence tread the dark atmosphere, Candle breathed a steady breath of fire onto the roots. Despite her efforts, the roots burned then grew back quickly to take the dead’s place. The Murkrow sighed, folding his wings close by his side.

“Now what?”

Aeron turned his head to the spiralling sky, his expression placid. “I think we should be worried about the poison falling from the top of this pit.” The Murkrow huffed, his beak closed tight at the site of the dripping venom crawling from the entrance to the hole. It slowly made its way down the sides of the hole, pooling around the base of their entangled feet. Candle growled through clenched teeth, her fists sparking with electricity. The Dark-type looked over to his companion, a curious look in his eyes. “Candlestick, you have to listen to me.”

His voice was steely calm, wings poised to take flight. “I want you to strike the roots at my feet as fast as you can.”

“But you saw what happened before, birdbrain. They grew back just as quickly.”

“You have to trust me.” Candle rolled her eyes at his response, wincing at the slow burn of the Venom Drench. With a hiss of smoke trailing from her maw, the Charmander began to pound at the roots with her Thunderpunch, the electricity slowly, but surely, burning through the thick coils of growth. As quickly as a Ninjask, Aeron shot up into the shaded sky, enveloped by a harsh white and blue light. The moment he left the traps of the pit, the light faded; the recoil of the move sparking all over his black feathers. Below the freed avian, the Charmander’s joy was short lived. The dark purple acid began to climb up her feet, swallowing up her half her leg. She growled, tears pricking at the corners of her stormy-blue eyes. The pain was indescribable.

“Hold on, Candlestick!” Aeron tucked his wings close by his sides, diving down into the venom filled pit. He wrapped his talons around the Fire-type’s cringing shape, pulling her harshly up and out of the pit. Together, they flew to the side, their forms heaving from the effort. Candle rolled onto her back, the wounds where the poison had touched slowly faded.

“I almost died.” The Charmander pushed herself into an up-right position, the flame on her tail burning a soft shade of light green.

“But you’re alive now,” Aeron breathed through his beak. He flexed his talons, curiously staring at the now poison filled pitfall. With a frown, the Murkrow looked around the surrounding tree filled area. “I know you are here; come out and show yourself!”

The echoing silence followed after the Murkrow’s demand. Yet in the consuming darkness between the trees, opaque blue wisps flashed, floating after the quiet laughter.

Before the two tired Pokemon stretched a large tree, and under the base of the trunk stood a gaping entrance to what was hopefully the dungeon. Candle nodded towards the Murkrow, leaning against the tree while watching her friend fly off above the treetops; swiftly and silently as always. Sooner or later, Aeron arrived with Gavina, a grin upon her face.

”Good job you two!” The Hawchula nodded, her arms crossed. ”Here’s an ocarina for your reward. Thanks a bunch!”  

Team Rhythm (c) StormCharmander
Gavina (c) PMDUnity
Phantumps, Pokemon (c) Nintendo, Game Freak

Candle and Aeron go into Subseed Forest to find the entrance to the dungeon! They had a nasty encounter with a gang of Phantumps who used Venom Drench and Will-o-Wisp.

> Team Rhythm gained one Merit for not "disturbing" the native Bug-types!

> Team Rhythm earned one Apricorn Ocarina!

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Not really disturbing them xD more like they disturbed you