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     Date Joined: September 27th, 2013
     Current Funds: 1 St
     Merits: 1
     Strikes: 0
  Candle [ also known as Candlestick ]
     Species: Charmander
     Nature: Jolly
     Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn
     Gender: Female                  
     Age: 15 [ December 10th ]
     Ability: Blaze
     Description: A bit taller than the average Charmander, with a thin/sleek athletic build. On her back are three crescent (moon)-like stripes; the first one is small then grows in size towards the third one. Her eyes are bright grey-blue. She has a little tuff of hair on her forehead which sweeps to the side (it makes her appear as a male). The flame on Candle's tail changes with her mood. Orange-Yellow ~ Normal, Red ~ Moody, Blue ~ Angry, Green ~ Unwell, Purple ~ Nervous / Anxious.
     Strength: 5      
     Agility: 3
     Intelligence: 2              
     Charisma: 0 [ +2 ]
     Total Points Left: 0/10
     Type Bonus: [ Fire ] -> [ Charisma ]
     Move 1: Dragon Dance [ User glows, humming under breath, and moves with fluid motions. Eyes glow blue-red. ]
     Move 2: Outrage [ User goes onto a complete rampage. Rarely used. ]
     Move 3: Flamethrower [ User opens mouth and breathes extremely hot fire. ]
     Move 4: Thunderpunch [ User punches target, electricity surrounding the strike. ]
     - Fire Stone Bracelet(s)
     ----Description: Two silver bands, fashioned from fireproof metals, are around the tip of her tail; closer to the flame.
     - Apricorn Ocarina
     ----Description: A handmade ocarina that allows the use of Grasswhistle.
     - N/A
     ----Description: N/A
     Aeron [ or Birdbrain ]
     Species: Murkrow
     Nature: Calm
     Characteristic: Often lost in thought
     Gender: Male                    
     Age: 17 [ July 24th ]
     Ability: Super Luck
     Description: A normal Murkrow, just a bit taller and lighter. His eyes are bright ice-blue unlike the normal red. On his right wing are small scars that look like they came from a cat-like pokemon. The hat-like "growth" on his head can actually move; Aeron can tilt it down as if he were to be wearing a real hat, yet he cannot take it off. His feathers have a slightly lighter blue tinge to the tips.
     Strength: 3                  
     Agility: 3 [ +1 ]
     Intelligence: 2 [ +1 ]              
    Charisma: 2
     Total Points Left: 0/10
     Type Bonus: [ Dark / Flying ] -> [ Intelligence / Agility ]
     Move 1: Roost [ User lands and heals. New feathers form around wounded area. ]
     Move 2: Dark Pulse [ User flaps wings summoning a ‘gust’ of dark light. ]
     Move 3: Brave Bird [ User tucks in wings and dives at target. Enveloped with a harsh light. ]
     Move 4: Heat Wave [ User’s wingtips are surrounded by fire, flaps wings to spread them. Air may steam and light on fire around the surroundings ]
     - Arm Band
     ----Description: One silver metal band around right ankle.
     - Accessory Voucher
     ----Description: Free, one-time use to customize an accessory.
     -Item 3
     ========== WRITTEN TEST ==========
     The sky showed no sign of rain or shine, the single tint of blue breaking through the dark and gloomy clouds that hung in place above Andalusst City. As always, traders and townsfolk mulled about, slightly tinged by the worry of the weather. Carts were covered with worn out canvas sheets, hiding the dry products that they carried. The fleeting sun was briefly dotted out by a black, slender shape of some sort of avian, as it followed after the spark of flame on the ground below. Two metallic bands decorated the flame tipped lizard’s banner as the flame flickered ever so brightly. It was a harsh shade of purple, normally the colour to show the lizard’s nervousness in a heated experience, but in this case it  was more out of excitement. “Let’s go!” The Fire-type’s girlish voice rang throughout the populated streets. The avian, soaring above, chuckled softly.

“We just finished applying. Take some time to relax, please?”

“No way, Aeron!” The lizard huffed a trail of smoke. “We need to start on things right away!”

The said bird sighed quietly, coming to rest on a wooden post stationed in some cobblestone. Before the flame-tipped lizard could say anything else, her bright storm-blue orbs came to rest upon a simple building, one not as eye-catching as other structures in the city. It gave off a version of some homely feel, even though the two of them were just as new to this building as they were new to the city. Right away, the lizard could tell what this building was. The Explorers Guild Hall. Team Rhythm could mark their name right here, right now, and sooner leave their soon blossoming legacy behind for other newcomers.

“Look, Candlestick, there’s an Explorer over there.” Aeron lifted an elegantly shaped feather to the Servine leaning neatly against a wall. The Grass-type lifted her narrow snout towards the Charmander, giving the other female a small nod. Her pretty eyes became shortly visible under the shade of her hat.

     "Hey... New, are you?" The Grass-type’s voice dripped with caution, yet still seemed welcoming enough. "Hmm, stupid question. 'Course you are, I saw you sign in. Admittedly I'm not great with this meet and greet stuff, so how about exchanging names to start things off? You first."

“I’m Candle,” The Charmander puffed her chest out, small sparks of flame flying from her maw. The Servine moved away from the fire. The avian next to her rolled his ice-blue orbs slightly, more in a playful matter than an annoyed one.

“My name is Aeron, pleased to make your acquaintance.” He bowed neatly with a simple tip of the hat-like growth on his cranium. The leafed serpent seemed to realx visibly, her banner drooping to the point where it neatly brushed the tops of the ground.

"Ahh, that's great. Yeah, when you said your name just then, it had that... that ‘zing’. It means you're serious about this, yeah? As for me, my name's Teresa. I'm what you'd call a Guild Assistant, which makes me your Serperior."

“Serperior?” Candle tilted her head to the side. “Was that supposed to be a pun?” A small, unsure laugh bubbled from her throat. The Servine stared at the Charmander with a blank look, her pretty eyes glittering with a moment’s confusion. However, the sperant giggled quietly, a short arm covering her mouth to muffle her laughter.

"You know, you don't have to be so polite. I don't really care about rank and file, but I do care about honesty. If I tell a joke and it sucks, feel free to roll your eyes." Teresa folded her arms, a single, green vine extended towards the Charmander. She nods towards it, as if she were expecting a shake. Candle took the vine hesitantly before the Grass-type moved onto Aeron. "So what brings you here, anyway? You from out of town, or...?"

     “I have no recollection where I am from, sadly, but Candle comes a couple miles out from Andalusst. We meet up in the Fog after a bit of a tangle, let’s just say.”  Aeron tucked in his wings neatly against his side, raising his gaze to meet the Servine’s. The sunlight made his eyes glow like fresh ice on the lake. She nods, storing her vine away in the yellow crests that adorn her upper chest-neck area.

"Cool, cool... Well, whatever the case, you've got a name in mind for your group, right? I didn't get a chance to check your papers, but I do want to get more familiar with our rookie members when I have the time. I'm kinda new to this whole assistant thing, honestly."
“Team Rhythm!” The Charmander beamed. Her companion simply laughed, a pleasant sound to one’s ears. In return, the Grass-type smiled, slowly but surely.

      "There's that "zing" again. Feels good to know we've got Pokémon like you joining our Guild. I guess Cassidy wasn't exaggerating when he said the standouts just keep pouring in. Just don't get cocky - confidence is good, but overconfidence in a dungeon is a quick way to get yourself in trouble, along with everyone else in your party."Tapping the side of her snout thoughtfully, the Servine thinks up another question.  "Oh right, this is very important - why did you want to become an Explorer, hm? Just curious..."

This was almost too easy for the Charmander. “Well the thrill of adventure always gets me excited! I mean the Hunters sounded cool too, but nothing is more thrilling than going to places no Pokemon has been to, right?” Candle grinned yet again, the tail flame sparking a slight purple flare. As soon as the Fire-type finished speaking, the Servine hurried on with her response.

"...Because ultimately, the people come first, yeah? There's lots of food in the dungeons, and materials for clothing and medicine! When we go out and find that stuff, it means everyone here gets to have dinner. I mean, you know that, obviously, but just don't forget!" Teresa’s words were hurried instead of her more calm demeanor before. Swinging her leaf-forked banner from side to side, briefly captured with her own thoughts. While the Servine seemed to be preoccupied with herself, the Charmander huffed out excited breaths of flame. Her tail flame sparked up into a more lively shade of purple as she seemed to jump up and down. Aeron merely rolled his eyes before coming to rest on top of the Fire-type’s head. He unfurled one wing, swiftly brushing the Grass-type’s nose before watching her snap back into reality, coiling back and clearing her throat.

     "N-not to sound standoffish, but what exactly do you do, anyway? What skills or talents do you have to offer the Guild? Everyone's good at something, I think." The Murkrow pondered upon her question, his eyes hidden behind the hat-like growth upon his cranium.

“Well... We’re not all that great at one certain thing--”

“Nonsense, you bird brain! We’re great at a lot of--” Even before Candle could finish answering, Teresa snapped her fingers together, pursing her lips.

"I can just feel it, you do what you do and do it with everything you've got. 'Cause in this guild, when a giver gives, then the giver gets... gotten... gets give-- eh, well you get what you give, or something. Whatever, it's written down on that big plaque in the hall. Just do your best and come see me if you need any help." And with that, she waved, sounding much more joyful and happy than she did before when they first had met. As soon as the two ‘mons began to turn away, the Murkrow noticed the Servine spun on her heels and greeted another group of recruits. He chuckled under his breath.

“Whatcha laughin’ at Aeron?”

“Nothing Candlestick, nothing at all.”

Team Rhythm (c) StormCharmander
Pokemon (c) Game Freak, Nintendo

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Candle's personality is soooo cute xD she's like a little child and Aeron is her father