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The sun was hung up neatly, high and prideful, above the vast escape of Andalusst’s beautiful forestry. No clouds even dared to block out the heavenly star, as if they were afraid of the holy fire it radiated to bare light onto their planet. Below on the terra itself, sounds of upturned earth and rocks resonated throughout the pleasant and peaceful escape.

’Candle and Maroon,’ A delicate, sweet voice rang out throughout all four of the minds gathered in the same vicinity. ’keep on digging holes in this area. The soil is nice, and there’s enough sun and shade for plants to grow. Then we can move onto another place to plant a tree or two.’

A fire-tipped lizard nodded, giving the one who told her the orders a thumbs up. The fire on her tail burned brightly, the smooth shades of orange, yellow, and red reflecting nicely against the two fireproof metals that wrapped around the end of her banner. By her side was a lean, slenderly shaped skunk; thin black claws enveloped by a dark aura to tear up the soft earth below his paws. His purple coloured pelt was sun-warm casting him to breathe just a little heavier than usual in the heat. The two ‘mons together made at least twenty fair sized holes to plant various different plant life into. From above, the sun was briefly dotted out by a black shape, flying with such grace and elegance that it looked like it was dancing in the air. When the avian handed, it was a Murkrow carrying two bundles: one for seeds, and the other for fertilizer.

’Now, Aeron,’ The voice appeared again. ’Fly over the holes that the two so graciously dug, and fill them with seeds and fertilizer. Try not to spill, if you can.’

The said Murkrow nodded before taking flight once more. The darkly feathered avian zipped past and over the holes, placing a neat amount of seeds and fertilizer into each spot. Candle and Maroon then followed right after the Dark-type, covering each divot with the upturned soil. Their gazes rested upon the shiny Ralts, who was overseeing their work with a careful invisible gaze. She grew up in the upper class areas; her parents had trained her to learn many things, and one of them included gardening. The Psychic-type then lifted a petite hand, her Psychic moving a single watering can to move. The can then poured out small bursts of water onto each hole, giving the plants a drink before they started to grow.

Gavina had come around shortly after to check on how they were doing, and seeing how they were doing well with the planting, she gave them a warm smile and a thumbs up. The two separate teams rejoiced, then moved onto planting trees.

Team Rhythm , Team Flashback (c) StormCharmander

> Team Rhythm and Team Flashback earned 1 STAR COIN for planting plants and other plant life around Andalusst!

Client: Gavina
Errand: #7
Date Issued: July 26, 2014
Date Due: July 30, 2014
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