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”Please find some automated, or organic, Pokemon for our research,” Alexander adjusted his stance, his thin banner flicking from side to side. ”If you could find one, that would be wonderful! Once again, thanks so much for your help!”

The Meowth cracked a small smile before scurrying off to tell other Pokemon his little errand. With a heavy sigh, the Charmander rubbed the back of her head.

“What’s wrong Candlestick?” Aeron perched upon the top of her cranium, his light blue gaze questioning. In one wing, he carried the sheet of paper Alexander needed for them to fill out. “It shouldn’t be that hard.”

“But we don’t know any ‘mon that fits his description!” The flame on her tail turned a light shade of uneasy purple. “Why can’t we interview a Riolu or something? There’s a ton of those.”

As for Aeron’s response, Candle earned a light peck to the head.

A Poryon 2  mutely buzzed around the Stunky’s head, its nodding head poking at the feline-like canid. “Hey!” His laugh was light and teasing. “Stop that!” The Porygon 2 made a strange buzzing noise, something like speech, but in their own language. Its legs began to rotate, zipping across the escape of the forest with incredible speed. A shiny Ralts sat nearby, the ebony cloak around her petite form warm from the sun.

’I assume you like to run? Exercize?’ Lumi lifted a pencil with her psychic energy, a white hand simply pointing at the tool to make it write and float. The Normal-type merely nodded. It responded with the harsh buzzing emitted from somewhere in its red and blue body.

The Ralts nodded and began to write. However, the ground shook violently; once, then twice, before going calm. In the distance, like a black blob on the horizon, came rolling a mysterious ball--and on top was a frightened looking Charmander. “Okay, mister Electrode--” Her tone was urgent. “I think this is going to end up terribly!!”

“Nonsense!” The Electrode’s reply was cheerful, loud and ringing as he continued to roll. Sparks flew from the friction the Electric-type was producing. “This is simply fun!”

“Extreme balancing is dangerous!” Candle screamed, her flame exploding into a rich shade of purple. “LOOK OUT!”

The Porygon 2 simply floated out of the collision, watching with blank eyes as the Electrode, Charmander, and Stunky ended up in a tangled mess of limbs and sparks. The Ralts had teleported just in time.

’Are you alright?’

The Electrode grinned. “That was fun, right?”

A groan from both the Charmander and Stunky.

The Ralts laughed softly, her invisible gaze landing on the Murkrow that circled overhead, writing down the results of the activity onto the same sheet of paper she had filled out for the Castforms. She then dipped her head towards the large Pokeball-like creature, watching as he laughed like a drunk ‘mon back to his little shop tucked away in the corner of Andalusst.

Name(s): Larry Livingston
Gender(s): Unknown
Species(es): Electrode
Interests and Hobbies: Drinking and “extreme balancing” (or rolling)


Name(s): Buzz
Gender(s): Unknown
Species(es): Electrode
Interests and Hobbies: Exercise, especially running

Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

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