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Maroon thought that finding a Sceptile would be easy. Much easier than trying to get a Psychic-type away from a bakery.

“Lumi, let’s go!” The Stunky flicked his banner, his paws wrapped tightly around the petite form of the blue-haired Ralts. But the Psychic-type did not budge an inch. Her hidden eyes were locked on the prettily decorated Sitirus berry cake, the swirling white and gold frosting much too tempting for the once calm and controlled Lumiere. “We can’t afford--”

’Do you think they would let me try just one little slice of it?’ Her gentle voice resonated throughout Maroon’s mind. He laughed awkwardly.

“I bet they would if we catch a certain Sceptile ninja.” The Poison-type tugged on her rock-solid form. “Maybe Sundance or Rowandhart will buy it for you.”

’Empty promises you tell me, Maroon.’ Lumi sighed. With a final glance to the sweet, the Ralts tore herself away from the window and focused her attention onto the canid. ’My desire got the better of me. What are we trying to look for again?’

“... You were standing there for a good thirty minutes...” He laughed. “Anyways, we’re supposed to look for a Sceptile who has no tail. Should be easy enough when there are barely any of those in Andalusst.”

The Ralts went quiet for a moment, her hidden eyes scanning the tops of the crowd mulling in the cobblestone streets. She could see tons of green ‘mons; Treeko, Chikorita, the occasional Tropius... but no Sceptile. With a silent sigh, the Psychic-type moved her way swiftly through the mass of Pokemon, the Stunky right behind her.

’Maroon,’ Lumi halted to a stop, her voice edged with tension. ’When I give you the cue, I want you to use Smokescreen. Make sure no one gets hurt. And when the smoke clears, meet me at the nearest alleyway. Go wait near the vendors, and act natural.’

The Psychic-type moved on ahead, her invisible gaze focused on the green scaled lizard in front of her. Fixing her shawl and clearing her throat, Lumi began to walk--more like float--next to the Sceptile so that they were somewhat eye-level with each other.

“Hello good sir,” Her voice was delicate and sweet, dripped with class and elegance. “You don’t look like you’re around from Andalusst. Are you a tourist?”

The Sceptile cast the Ralts a curious glance, yellow orbs narrowing. He nodded, yet spoke no words.

“Ah, wonderful. It is always great to see new Pokemon visitng this fair city. Do you like it here so far?”

Another nod.

“Excellent! You, fine sir, have been chosen for an exclusive tour. You’ll even be able to meet the Guild leaders in flesh; maybe even look around in the guild buildings too!” A faint smile decorated her lips, her hand hovered in front of the spot in between the Sceptile’s slitted eyes. “Let’s get on the tour, shall we?”

A bright light flashed from the orange crests upon her head. The Grass-type hissed, blinded momentarily by the harsh light. He clawed at his yellow eyes, growling for being unable to see. The Ralt’s simply tapped the side of his head, using Teleport to a nearby alleyway. As soon as the light dissipated, Maroon let loose a Smokescreen. In his most calming voice to the startled citizens, “Don’t worry, it’s just a show! Have a wonderful day!” And he was off.

The Sceptile hissed as his sight returned to him. “Where are you little brat?!” His voice was slick with Iaponese. Clearly he wasn’t from here. “I’m going to kill you once I get my claws on you!”

“Tsk tsk,” Maroon chided. His purple pelted form was outlined by the sunlight behind him, the shady alleyway looking dark and gloomy. “Those aren’t very nice words you know.” The Sceptile hissed again before lunging, flinging berries at exploded upon contact. The Stunky smiled despite the attack, his claws glowing with a faint dark light. He slashed at the berries before leaping forward, breathing a stream of fire in the spot where the Sceptile should have been.

’Be careful, he has the ability Unburden.’

The Ralts appeared behind the Grass-type, her presence gone unnoticed by the reptile. He smirked, a glowing energy slamming into the Stunky. Maroon yelped; he could feel his own strength leaving him. Determined not to go down without a fight, the Stunky released another Smokescreen, briefly distracting the speedy lizard. He hissed.

“Come out, come out!”

Lumi emitted another bright flash of light, and this time to deal damage. The Sceptile was flung backwards, his clawed hands over his eyes. A low string of hisses rumbled from his throat, probably cursing the two. Maroon then lunged forward, his movements much harsher as he used Play Rough. Quickly the Sceptile was disposed of; his limp, knocked-out form laying upon the cool cobblestone alley. The Stunky grinned at the Ralts, giving her a thumbs-up. She nodded in return before lifting the lizard with her Psychic, and bringing the Grass-type to Donovan the Heliolisk.

The Electric-type grinned before handing the two their rewards; two accessory tickets. ”Good job, and thanks!”

Team Flashback (c) StormCharmander
Donovan the Heliolisk (c) PMDUnity
Pokemon (c) Nintendo, Game Freak

It was poorly written since I was in a hurry to finish it... Haha. ;;

> Team Flashback avoided a brawl in a public space and earned one MERIT!

> Gained two Accessory vouchers in Reward!

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