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Gentle giant, likes peace not war!

The flyers fluttered throughout the always busy streets of Andalusst city, few of them even plastered on walls, signposts, anything. A feline-like Stunky walked among the mass of ‘mons, handing out the copies of flyers to anyone who would take them. “Don’t worry, the Regigigas wants to help. If something goes wrong, your safety is our priority!” Maroon grinned, his friendly persona lighting up the moods of those around him. His companion watched from afar, a smile upon her lips. Using her psychic abilities, the Ralts lifted up brightly coloured pieces of paper into the sky, spelling out the message in the air. It definitely caught the attention of the passering Pokemon with the suspended paper in midair.

As the two did their work of spreading the message to ease the citizens’ fear of the Normal-type titan, Kara nodded in approval, giving them a thumbs up. With a happy, carefree laugh, Maroon bounded along up and down the streets to continue the message; even if most of the city knew.

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Shorter than usual... haha.

> Team Flashback spread the word about a friendly Regigigas and avoided any overly aggressive tactic!


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