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      HUNTERS GUILD: Team Flashback
     Date Joined: May 7, 2014
     Current Funds: 1 St
     Merits: 0
     Strikes: 0
     [ Lumiere / Lumi ]
     Species: Ralts *
     Nature: Quiet
     Characteristic: Often lost in thought
     Gender: Female                    
     Age: 14
     Ability: Telepathy
     Description: A shiny Ralts with the normal orange crests. Her front most crest has a small crack in it, similar to that of a notch in the ear. Lumi has one light green eye, and the other golden. Other than that, she looks normal.
     Strength: 2                  
     Agility: 4
     Intelligence: 3 [ +1 ]          
     Charisma: 1 [ +1 ]
     Total Points Left: 0/10
     Type Bonus: [ Psychic / Fairy ] -> [ Intelligence / Charisma ]
     Move 1: Teleport [ User closes eyes and appears in a different area. ]
     Move 2: Dazzling Gleam [ User’s crests glow and emits a bright light. May leave targets stunned when used in close range. ]
     Move 3: Psychic [ User’s crests glow bright pink and prevents the target from moving. ]
     Move 4: Shadow Sneak [ User’s shadow comes “to life” and attacks. Can be use as a clone for short periods of time. ]
     -Item 1: Shawl
     ----Description: Dark ebony purple which basically brushes the top of the ground for how short Lumi is.
     -Item 2
     -Item 3
     [ Maroon ]
     Species: Stunky
     Nature: Jolly
     Characteristic: Impetuous and silly
     Gender: Male                    
     Age: 15
     Ability: Stench
     Description: Due to his father being a Liepard, Maroon has a slimmer, cat-like shape. His maw is less “round-like,” and more protruding like that of a cat’s. His claws can be retracted. Maroon is normally seen walking on his hind legs rather than on all fours. The tips of his ears have a slight tuft to the tips. Other than that, he looks like a normal Stunky.
     Strength: 5                  
     Agility: 3
     Intelligence: 0 [ + 2 ]              
     Charisma: 2
     Total Points Left: 0/10
     Type Bonus: [ Poison / Dark ] -> [ Intelligence ]
     Move 1: Smokescreen [ User emits a thick smoke from fur and makes it hard to see. ]
     Move 2: Night Slash [ User’s claws are surrounded by dark energy and attacks the target with rapid strikes. ]
     Move 3: Play Rough [ User leaps at the target and attacks rapidly. ]
     Move 4: Flamethrower [ User breathes out a hot stream of fire at target. ]
     -Item 1: Scarf
     ----Description: A deep red colour wrapped around Maroon’s tail. It contains an odor preventing material that traps the smell produced from his body.
     -Item 2
     -Item 3
     ========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

The sun glittered brightly as it shined its light down upon the two figures that stood outside of Café Obscurité, a popular cafe with an ironic name. With an aud resting against the tops of his cranium, the stunk-like mammal stared up at the building with curious amber orbs.

“I really hope they don’t expect us to pay,” He laughed lightly. “We don’t have all that much money in the first place to even eat here.” The Poison-Dark type looked at his companion by his side, neatly putting a paw upon her blue covered crania. His partner shrugged, swiftly moving forward with her shawl blowing around the bases of her feet.

“They invited us here,” Her voice was soft, with a tint of some higher-class accent. “I am sure they won’t.”

As the two entered the room, the Pokemon at the front entered their view. Their table was located near the back, darker corners of the already darkened room. One of the chairs was occupied by a slim framed Furret with pretty light blue eyes and a blue newsboy cap. A goofy smile adored his lips, lighting up his facial expression with a cheerful air. For the Hunters representative, he does not seem all that fit for such current surroundings.

     "Hey, pull up a seat. Order your favorites; this one's on the Guild's checkbook," The Normal-type greets with a simple wave. The team pulled their seats out, quickly taking their places at the table. As soon as they sat however, a tall penguin-like creature, adorned with the outfit looking similar to that of a navy blue tuxedo, arrived at the table carrying an elegantly presented menu. The Empoleon nodded simply to the items in his clawed flippers. With crests glowing a pretty shade of pink, the Ralts removed the menus from his flippers and arranged them onto the table in front of each individuals. The pages in front of the Psychic-type flipped by themselves, controlled by a mysterious power from her crests. She looked at the dishes with no change in expression. On the Stunky’s side however, he was completely dazzled by the expensive looking foods and drinks. Pecha Berry Pie, Oran Berry salad with a side of leek soup... He thought he was going to drool all over the menu.

"The usual," The Furret folded up the menu and handed it back towards the Empoleon. With an eye roll to the Normal-type, he then turns his attention back to the two of them, expectantly waiting for their orders.

“Sitrus Berry smoothie if you could,” The Ralts set her menu down, crossing her small arms across her chest.

“I would like the Togua Berry Pasta! Make it extra spicy too!” The Poison-type beamed.

Gathering up their menus, the waiter shot one final, annoyed glance towards the Furret before walking off. Seemingly to be unfazed, the Normal-type shrugged, slumping down lazily into his seat. "No sense of humor." The Furret stared ahead, not really at anyone or anything.

“Is he okay, Lumiere?” The Stunky’s voice was soft as he tapped his claws in a rhythmic fashion upon the table. The said Ralts shrugged.

‘Maybe,’ Lumi’s voice rang clear through the brute’s crania, like a bell chiming by itself, all alone. ‘It’s best not to question it, Maroon.’ He shrugged at her reply.

     "The name's Cuffin, but I'm sure you've already heard of me. No need for introductions on your part, I already know who ya are," He smirked, folding his paws together neatly. His long, tan and brown striped banner flicked at the ground as he adjusted his position. "So... I work for this kid, Sundance. He made me promise to ask ya a few things before I go off on my own thing. He'll get his feathers in a bunch if I don't, so humor me. First things first: why do you wanna join the Hunters?" The Furret put on a dramatic reaction and a splash of eyeroll. It was clear that he was being forced to ask these questions.

“The Hunters seem more interesting than exploring or researching,” Maroon laughed lightly. “Personally, I’d much rather handle things with social affairs than all that other businesses. Our skillset are much more applicable to the Hunters. Lumi, though, would have loved the Researchers.” The Ralts by his side seemed to agree. As the Stunky spoke, Cuffin nodded slightly, looking at least interested.
"All right. Respectable, yeah. Down the list..." Cuffin then reached towards a piece of paper resting upon the table, taking it in his paw, and crumpling up. Maroon tilted his crania to the side, an aud raised in confusion. Why didn’t he read it? Tossing the balled up paper over his shoulder, the Furret began to speak again. His tone was edged with a mocking sort of tinge. "What can you bring to the Hunters? What skills or talents can you utilize for us?"

“We are quick, and know moves that can leave looters, as an example, stunned and confused.” Maroon shrugged. “I’m not so sure what else though.”

     "Yeah, yeah, I gotcha. I guess we'll get to see some of that soon enough. Don't get me wrong; your answer don't mean you're gonna be taken or thrown out. This is basically... formalities..." He paused, tilting his scruffy cranium up towards the ceiling, thoughtfully. "...Yeah, formalities. I think that's the word he used. Whatever that means."

     A look of confusion passed over Lumi’s hidden face. As she moved her hand to adjust her shawl, her light blue hair sparkled ever so slightly.Slowly, a grin tugged at the edges of Cuffin’s lips. He lowered his voice,

"This one's more interestin', to the little guy's credit. Are you against doin' things that the Royal Guard ain't gonna like if they catch ya doin' em?"

“We’re fine with it, if it’s needed.”

     His pointed auds twitched slightly. "It ain't me, just sayin'. I know well enough that if yer here, then you an' I are prolly already aware of the answer to that question. I just needed somethin' to tell the kid." Cuffin then threw his paws into the air, sliding out of the chair with a dramatic flare. The chair makes a high-pitched screech as it moves. "Whew. All right, enough of that stuff. The kid is on the right track, but sometimes it seems like the royals crammed a stick really far up there, if ya know what I mean. All these ‘formalities’ and junk... anyway, the rest is straight from me."

 After looking left, then to the right, Cuffin begins to explain in a more sincere fashion in “formalities” of his own type.

    "You already know the basic stuff, so I'm gonna level with ya. Truth is, the Hunters are all about knowin' things about everybody else. Yer gonna learn secrets that nobody else will know. It'll change the way you look at this whole city, and yer prolly not gonna like what you see, but you'll always know exactly what's goin' on under the coat of sugar. I wouldn't blame ya if you'd rather go hang with a Guild that doesn't deal in the worst of what Andalusst can offer."

“But that’s the best part of joining this Guild, isn’t it?” Maroon cracked another wild grin. “You give and take some. Can’t always be satisfied.”

      "Is that so? Well... to be honest, I would've blamed ya, actually," His non-serious demeanor turned his tone more in a joking manner than serious. "Who doesn't wanna know everything about everybody? Life is all about keepin' yer options as open as possible 'til the right moment."

The waiter comes back to their table, flippers covered with the food that everyone ordered. Setting the teams food down onto the table, the Empoleon seemed to contemplate rather to spit onto the Furret’s food or not. The Normal-type wasn’t even looking at the Water-type
either way. He then raised a glass, and moved it forward across the table.      

     "Before we eat... Let's toast, to the new recruits," Cuffin leans in and whispered, "...That's you, just so ya know."

Team Flashback (c) StormCharmander
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

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