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The moon was hung up high in the sky, floating eerily above the sleeping town of Andalusst. Small, quick moving shapes darted here and there, cloaked by black and shrouded with mystery. Standing in the middle of the wide spread cobblestone pathway was a petite sized panda-like creature, a leaf stuck in the corner of her mouth. The Dark-type lifted a Fire stone to the leaf, lighting it on fire. The light was quick and short lived as the smoke trailed up into the air. Six shapes appeared before the Hunters guild officer, each quite similar in size. One was lean, orange scaled, bright blue-grey eyed, burning tail tipped lizard. She huffed in greeting. Next to her was a hovering, flying shape, with dark feathers coating his delicate frame. Beside the avian was a small figure with bright blue hair and twin orange crests. The rest of her body was covered in an ebony coloured cloak. A faint smile decorated her lips, her invisible gaze scanning the Hunters officer up and down. A tall, feline-like canid stood on his hind legs, casually looking at his needle-point claws. His dark purple pelt blended in nicely with the dark atmosphere, and background. Compared to the rest of them, an incredibly petite sized rodent scurried on top of the skunk's cranium, her white fur mostly hidden by the cloak she adorned around her small frame. Her tail flickered nervously; in an excited manner, jittery for their next objective.


A six-tailed vulpin appeared right beside the purple pelted skunk, her amber eyes flashing. Her mane was tousled and unkempt, once pretty eyes glazed over with sleep. She was tired, and grumpy.

“Why don’t you tell us why we’re gathered here?” The Fire-type nearly spat at the panda. The Dark-type simply rolled her eyes.

”It’s not like I have anything else important to do than babysit some kids,” Kara snapped, her piercing gaze shooting through the defiantly poised Vulpix. ”I’ve been hearing rumors about small gangs popping up here and there. They’ve been gathering newbies, and plan to cause some trouble. I’m--more like we--are going to put those punks back in place.” She cracked her knuckles for emphasis. ”If a fight breaks out, do not try to kill them. Just use items and/or abilities that’ll be easy enough to put them in their place.”

She looked at the gathering of Pokemon, watching as they murmured between themselves before finally nodding.

”Great. Let’s show them that crime life is for scrubs.”

After Kara’s little briefing, the group of ‘mons headed down the marketplace, quickly and quietly. The Charmander was up in the front of the group, her bright tail flame leading the rest of them. Right behind was the Pachirisu and Ralts. The Murkrow flew overhead.

“We aren’t an intimidating bunch ya know,” The Vulpix muttered from the back of the group. “Like what ‘mon is going to cower in fear in the sight of a bunch of non-evolved Pokemon? I sure as hell wouldn’t.”

“Oh lighten up Basil,” The Stunky chided, slowing his pace down to walk beside the vulpin. “I’d be afraid of you!”

She shot the Poison-type a deadly glare--even scarier than a Mean Look or Scary Face combined.

Up ahead was a group no larger than theirs’, most likely seven members. The leading ‘mon was most definitely the Grovyle, a bright red sash tied loosely around his waist. Around him were a Zubat, Shroomish, Poochyena, Houndour, Togepi (surprising), and Rufflet. Each ‘mon wore a similar red sash somewhere on their body.

At the sounds of approaching footsteps, the Grovyle turned, a smirk plastered across his lips. “Well, well, well.” His voice was taunting. “Isn’t that a scary ragtag group of babies?”

Somewhere in the midst of their group, Basil muttered, “I told you.”

The Charmander simply shrugged, tossing the apricorn ocarina in her clawed hands. “I don’t see any babies on this side; maybe you should check your own little gang?” She titled her head to the side, her gaze light and teasing. “I mean, we look much more threatening than you guys do.”

The twin Poochyena and Houndour growled.

The Grovyle hissed, displeased with the Charmander’s choice of words. “Nothing you say will make us leave, brat. We own the night time marketplace. Go find your own part of Andalusst to boss.”

“No can do,” The Charmander stepped forward, placing her smoking maw right in front of the Grass-type’s visage. “I’m afraid we have ownership of the entirety of Andalusst.”

She swiftly lept backwards, the ocarina placed by her lips. Before the opposite gang could do anything, the Poochyena and Houndour slumped to the ground, snoring at the sound of the Grasswhistle. A smirk played on her maw. In the air above, the Zubat and Murkrow seemed to do an aerial dance, swooping at each other while attempting to scratch, or bite, the other.

“You need some help Aeron?” The Pachirisu called out from the ground. She then propelled herself off of the skunk’s crania, leaping and catching onto the flying form of the said avian. The Zubat flew in close, and that’s when the Electric-type swiftly transfered flying-type Pokemon, landing on its back. She placed her face in front of the Zubat’s, a sweet smile on her maw. Before he could do anything, the Electric-type planted a Sweet Kiss onto his lips, watching pleasantly as the Zubat squeaked and spun out of control. Aeron swooped by, catching the two falling figures in his talons.

“That was bold of you, Tia.”

Tiramisu simply ran the back of her paw across her mouth. “It was unsettling as well.”

Down on the ground, Basil glared at the Rufflet, all six of her banners flicking angrily. The avian leaped at her, pecking at her nicely groomed pelt.

The Fire-type’s temper flared up right away.

She opened her maw, Roaring; pure, raw fury placed into that single move.

“Don’t you dare touch my fur!” She growled, stamping a paw down onto the trembling form of the bird.

The only two left were the Stunky and Ralts, standing directly across the Grovyle, Shroomish, and Togepi. The small, egg-like Pokemon whimpered, beginning to bawl right on the spot. The Grass-type hissed, and kicked the Normal-type away, sending her flying into the Poison-type’s grasp.

“Shh, it’s okay.” He whispered to the ‘mon, his voice soothing and calm. “Don’t worry, ol’ Maroon is here for ya.”

The Ralts stared at the remaining two, watching as they charged straight on. She sighed, simply teleporting back to where they were originally standing. ‘You must be better than that,’ Her unspoken words were tinted with worry. ‘I mean, you’re going to be scary, aren’t you?

Both Grass-types growled before charging again.

The Psychic-type simply raised a slender hand, a soft blue glow surrounding the two Pokemon, preventing them from moving.

Good try.

Client: Kara
Errand: #8
Date Issued: August 5, 2014
Date Due: August 9, 2014

Team Quintessence | Team Flashback | Team Rhythm

> Each team received one Star Coin!
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