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    Fluffy white snow drops fell from the cloudy grey sky, opaque flashes of red and green flickering across vast escape. The evergreen trees were topped with a fine layer of snow, the fresh winter breeze chill against the frames of 'mons that wandered about the town. The small, homely area radiated with a Christmas-y feel, even though it was in the middle of October. Many went in and out of the Avalodge, carrying large chunks of ice to prepare for the ice sculpting contest that would take place when every participant arrived. Despite that, there was a small group of Pokemon gathering just outside of the building, shivering under the chill morning breeze.

    His deep purple pelt stood out against the white and grey backdrop like a sore thumb, banner flickering back and forth to the sway of the pulsing music that swelled up and down behind him. The bright crimson red scarf wrapped around his tail was as red as a holly berry against the white snow, as red as the puffs of flame that he breathed through his maw. The Stunky shuffled nervously, or as it seemed to be a nervous hop in his step, fur puffed up to keep him warm. His amber eyes glittered softly in the soft sunlight, giving them a pretty orange glow. Beside him stood an orange scaled lizard, a bright orange yellow flame flickering impatiently on the tip of her tail. She puffed out a cloud of smoke, a small layer of snow decorating the top of her head before slowly melting; she growled at the trickle of water that slid down the side of her cranium.

    "Why don't they get here any faster?" The Fire-type huffed, her tail flame sparking a deep shade of red with a hue of light purple. "We don't have all day!"

    Her companion laughed. "Patience, Candle. I've never seen you so impatient before."

    "I would be having more fun if there wasn't so much snow," The said Charmander growled under her breath. "It's cold and my arms always get sore."

    "That's weird--" He paused half way through his sentence, his ears perking at the sight of two approaching figures, one more distinctly humanoid than the other. The one who looked more human, had grey hued skin with three beige coloured ridges on the top of his head. A brown shawl was draped around his shoulders, swaying in the breeze as he walked from side to side. At his feet scuttled a small, purple scaled bug-like creature, with a long tail, tipped with a needle point stinger. Smaller stingers, like arms, were next to its head; bright blue eyes sparkling against the dull backdrop. However, it appeared to the Stunky that the Skorpi was bandaged, concluding that he was wounded or recovering; he even walked with a slight limp.

    "Yo!" The Machop greeted the two with a slight wave. "Are we late?"

    "No!" The Stunky grinned. "I'm Maroon of Team Flashback. This is Candle, from Team Rhythm. Are you guys here for the obstacle course?"

    Candle huffed sparks of flame, her tail tip flickering a slight shade of red-blue.

    "The name's Brace of Team Peirce." The said Machop grinned a cheeky grin.

    "And my name is Ariz from Team Wishlings... A pleasure to meet you!" The Skorpi dipped his head slightly. His tone was gentle, his voice slightly louder than a whisper, yet it was filled with a sense of excitement; the rush of energy for the upcoming race. "But yeah, we're here for the obstacle course."

    Just before Maroon could say anything in reply to their greetings, two more figures emerged from the distance, one resembling of a purple furred feline, and the other of a martial art trained weasel. Both had a serious demeanor; it caused to more airy, out bursting Charmander to shy away just slightly, though her tail flame flickered back into its normal shade of orange-yellow, though with a slight red hue. The Meinfoo flicked his head up in greeting towards the Poison-type, arms crossed with his shoulders held back. He carried himself with a proud, yet still serious, demeanor, though a small smile tugged up at the corners of his maw.

    "Great," Maroon smiled, yet again. He was always smiling, it seemed. "Is that everyone?"

    "I hope so. I need to go practice dancing after this silly thing." Candle huffed, and she was off; her tail swaying back and forth as she made her way towards the obstacle course location. The snow had lightened up slightly at this point, the sky turning a faint blue-grey with clouds spotting the escape scarcely. With a light hearted sigh, Maroon turned his amber coloured eyes onto the two newcomers; Brace and Ariz had already scuttled off after Candle in a hurry. 

    "So, I'm Maroon. You guys?" The feline-like skunk spread his paws, banner curling around his right hind leg. 

    "Coegi, Team The Nirvana." The sad Meinfoo gave the Skunky a thumbs up beore looking over at the cat.

    "Casel of Team Celestral." The Purrloin had finally spoken; he was silent for the majority of the walk to meet them in front of the Avalodge, and was silent until Maroon had asked him for his name. He turned away from the remaining two 'mons and started to trudge after the other three who had left; his movements careful and dainty, just that of a feather barely skimming the tops of a lake. 

    The site of the obstacle course was grand; a large stretch of land that escaped the average 'mon's gaze. The course was a long stretch of terrain that involved many physically straining activities. The first one was a long run in waist deep snow; depending how tall a certain Pokemon was, of course. Running in snow was never fun, even if one was an Ice-type. After the run in snow, there was a large wooden climbing wall, slicked with snow and frost. Once one gets over the wall, there was a large stretch of open water with floating platforms of ice here and there. This made up most of the course itself. A 'mon could brave the treacherous chilly depths of the lake, or they could try their luck with  jumping from berg to berg. Following the body of water was a shorter run, and the finish line; a glittering banner of gold and silver, strung between two poles on either side of the lane.

    Candle stood at the starting line, her tail flame flickering back and forth, irritated. "Get to the starting line, will you? I have some things to do." She huffed, flames curling out from her snout. "We don't have all day!"

    The participants lined up at the starting line.

    The Charmander raised her clawed hand into the air, her snout tilted slightly towards the sky.

    "On your marks..."

    Maroon's whiskers twitched, his amber gaze floating towards the Skorpi, worried. How would the poor guy run? As if Ariz was reading his mind, the other Poison-type gave the canid a sly grin; as if he were saying not to worry about it, and just let him run.

    "Get set..."

    Brace crouched low on the ground, sprinter style. If he could get a good lead in the beginning, then there was no chance the others could catch up, right? The Meinfoo jumped up and down nervously, whiskers twitching. He was eager to run, just as much as Maroon was. Beside him was the Purrloin, silent as ever. Casel calmly poised himself onto all four paws, banner low and close towards the ground. His ears were pinned close against the side of his cranium.

    "Go!" Candle unleashed a vibrant Flamethrower up into the air, the bright red and orange flames contrasting greatly against the white landscape, sparks showering across the starting line.

    The gathered 'mons broke free like a stampeding herd of Tauros. Maroon, Casel, and Coegi all started off with a lead, trudging through the snow as fast as possible. Maroon ran on all fours, burning a path through the icy landscape with a Flamethrower; just warm enough to melt a clean line in front of him. Casel followed closely behind, seizing the opportunity that the Stunky had provided for everyone else in the race. Instead of running in another 'mon's drift, Coegi nimbly jumped from landing to landing with a neat Acrobatics, the pretty display of aerial jumping and spins much fitting to the snowy backdrop. Just behind the Meinfoo was the Machop; Brace taking the traditional way of charing through the snow while using Fire Punch in a similar method that Maroon was using.

    Lagging behind, while struggling to find his way in the barrage of snow, was the small Ariz; his size was much overpowered by the piles and piles of downy ice. He poked his head up from the snow, his breathing heavy and labored. He shouldn't be running, as he was told in his last mission. The Skorpi had sustained to much damage to do much exercise, but he had decided to partake in this event either way. Besides that, he narrowed his blue eyes, his gaze lengthening and focusing onto the Machop just in front. His tail stinger flexed backwards, and shot out a rain of Pin Missiles and Poison Stings; his aim much more accurate and precise thanks to his ability, Sniper. Though it only powered up certain moves at a given chance, Ariz had practiced much with it in tact; that practice steadily developed into an aim so deadly that it rivaled the move Lock-On.

    Brace made the mistake of looking behind him, his eyes widening to see the shower of small, pointed stingers raining towards him; some of them in particular, dripping small amounts of toxins that could still be highly poisonous. Pausing briefly in his run, the Machop swung forward with his fists; punching at some of the Pin Missiles and Poison Stings and burning them to bits with his Fire Punch. However, no matter how well he was getting rid of them, a few wizzed on by and struck his grey coloured skin; one Poison Sting injecting its poison into the Machop. Brace cringed, his expression paling. Not wanting to be felled by a mere Poison Sting, the Fighting-type pressed forward through the snow, emerging further behind than the other three in front due to the small predicament he was placed into before. Ariz breathed out, and tumbled backwards into the snow.

    "I'm out," He huffed. The physical activity was to much of a strain on his small and injured body. "Good luck to everyone else!"

    Next came the climbing wall. Maroon flexed his claws before stinking them into the brown stained wood, making his way quickly up the wall as possible. He stumbled; his grip faltering as the higher he went. The wall had a fine layer of frost over it, and the higher it was, the more the layer grew. He grunted with the rising effort that it took to hang on. Casel was using the same technique; sinking his claws into the wood and scaling it with just as much ease as the Stunky was having. Then, out of the blue, the Purrloin lept forward; springing next to the Stunky with a single leap.


    "Pursuit." Was all Casel said before climbing on ahead of him, as if it was easier for a full blood feline than Maroon, who had the genetics of a feline-like creature, but not entirely. The Stunky grinned at the challenge before following, though at a much slower pace than the Dark-type.

    Right below stood Coegi and Brace, the Meinfoo contemplating whether or not if he should attempt the climb. He then flicked out his paw, a Swift shooting out multiple stars that lodged themselves into the wood of the wall. He began grabbing onto each of them like a pick used for climbing, and scaling the wall that way. Brace looked up, painfully, from the ground. The poison was taking a tole on him. Before even setting a finger onto the wood, the Machop doubled over in pain; coughing and kneeling in the snow. From above, a Murkrow spiraled down, lifting the injured Machop into the sky and away for medical treatment.

    The remaining three continued a small run through the snow before being met with a gigantic stretch of water, ice bergs floating lazily from side to side. Smaller chunks of ice bobbed up and down to the rhythm of the lake, like the mass of water had a heart beat, and the ice swelled up and down along with it. Casel gulped.

    "Cya!" Coegi jumped forward, his paws comming in contact with the ice. All seemed to be going well for a while, for so he had assumed. The moment he left the first chunk of ice, and landed on the other, the Meinfoo slipped; falling face first into the chill water. The Fighting-type flailed around, gasping for air. His teeth chattered.

    "It's-It's so c-c-c-cold!"

    The Purrloin shuddered at the sight.

    "Well...." Maroon spoke up after a moment of silence. "Now or never, right?"

    The Stunky hurried on forward, claws extended to give him the leverage so that he wouldn't slip and fall into the water. By this time, Coegi had gotten situated in the water, and swam forward; charging through the water with much more ease than jumping from berg to berg. The Purrloin, still on the shore, hissed silently; fur puffing up with the thought of getting his pelt wet. Without avoiding it for any longer, Casel followed on ahead, using Pursuit to speed his way across the ice bergs to catch up with Maroon. He came into pace right next to the stunk, his eyes wide with fear of the water below his paws. The Stunky gave him a sad smile.

    "This isn't personal!" Maroon slamed into the Purrloin with his tail, before slashing outwards, claws retracted, with one paw. Due to his Play Rough, Casel slipped and fell.

    Time seemed to slow as he fell towards the water, the chill liquid cold and alien against his pelt. The Purrloin broke towards the surface of the lake, coughing and sputtering; his eyes narrowed into slits with a burning desire for revenge against the Stunky. He hauled himself up onto the ice berg, shivering; his fur sticking to his thin frame.

    Maroon and Coegi exited the swimming part of the obstacle course at the same time. Right at the peak of the hill was the finish line; the golden banner glittering against the setting sun. The two of them broke out into a sprint; using as much as their remaining energy to propel themselves to be the first one to cross the line. Maroon shook his tail out; a smoky black cloud filling the area. A horrible stench soon followed. The Meinfoo cringed at the smell.

    "What is that?" He coughed before shaking his head, returning to his senses. Coegi pushed his way through the Smokescreen, seeing how Maroon was not much further ahead. He sprinted forward, using Acrobatics, just to cross the line at the same time the Stunky had did. The banner ripped at the force of the few Pokemon barreling into it, and then colliding into a mound of snow. The participants of the race emerged, gathering at the finish line to check with Aeron, the Murkrow who had carried Brace off for some help, to see who had finished first. The avian pondered for a moment.

    The suspense was nerve wracking.

    "It was a tie," He finally announced. "The two of you crossed at the same exact time."

    Coegi groaned quietly, before Maroon looked slightly disappointed.

    "That was a good race though, guys!" The Stunky beamed. "Thanks for participating in my little event! My partner, Lumi, has some hot coco in the Avalodge as a prize~"

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Maroon, Candle, Aeron (c) StormCharmander

Here is my entry to one of the events in the Frosty Festivities contest/event! It was a pleasure to write, and cameo, your characters; so please tell me if I got something wrong. I am terribly sorry if I did. 

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- Ariz of [ Team Wishlings ] | confusedkangaroo
- Coegi of [ Team The Nirvana ] | Buijest
- Casel of [ Team Celestral ] | Skyleaf2000

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