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   The night drawled on, the winter festivities lively as ever. Snow drifted down, slowly, swaying to the rising and dipping beat of the music that pulsated in the centre of the town. Lights, in glass shapes of Cryagonal, was hung up around poles, the rims of buildings, and across the front of the stage that was postered up in the square. The stage was a grand one, yet not too extravagant nor shabby. A white screen was hung up at the back of the stage, shielding the 'mons that scurried around behind. The performers were dressed in costume, lavishly decorated according to what they would stage. A Wigglytuff hurried about, tapping her pencil against the clipboard that she carried in her hands.

    "Salt and Lyra!" The Normal-type called, "Go, go, go!"

    A Servine and Sylveon disappeared from the backstage and onto the stage itself, lights focusing onto the two Pokemon. The Servine, Salt, was dressed elegantly; a long, flowing black cape with a white mask that covered half of his facial canvas. Lyra, the Sylveon, stood up onto her hind legs; the pretty white lace around the majority of her slender frame, the light shade constrasting nicely with her blue and pink shiny pelt. The music swelled, the rising crescendo of the string instruments, and the soothing ease of the woodwinds rose into the air, the notes, invisible, yet dancing as the two began to move. The Servine led the Sylveon in an intricate ball-room type of dance, swirling and spinning as they moved across the stage. The Grass-type let out a Leaf Tornado, the leaves bursting into the air, spinning with the increasing music. Lyra let go of her partner, spinning and twirling across the stage. The setting turned pink, faint mist trailing out from the corners of the stage, and flooding onto the main floor. The Misty Terrain lit up the area with white and pink showers of sparks and light, brightening the area just so slightly. The audience roared and clapped as the dancers bowed, the music ceasing to a soft tune as the dancers switched places.

    "Grace, of Team Tricky Foxy, you're next!" The Wigglytuff waved a pink paw towards the stage.

    A Zorua stepped up, puffing her chest out proudly. Around her neck was a scarf, that resembled a Zoroark's mane, and two golden earrings were clipped onto her ear. Her fur was sprinkled with glitter, as was the corners of her pretty blue eyes. She took in a deep breath.

    "Let's do this!"

     Cleverly using her Illusion ability, Grace disappeared, blending into the background of the stage. Music began to play yet again, yet it appeared that no one was on stage.

    "Where are they?"


    She began to sing. Her voice, loud and pure, resonated throughout the vicinity. 

    "Do I attract you? Do I repulse you with my queasy smile? Am I too dirty? Am I too flirty? Do I like what you like?" Grace began, fiddling with the small pouches of glitter around her waist; a grin spreading across her maw. "I could be wholesome, I could be loathsome... I guess I'm a little bit shy. Why don't you like me? Why don't you like me without making me try?"

    The Pokemon in the crowd "oo-ed" at the mystical voice that sang the song, though no one could see where the voice was being produced.

    "I tried to be like Grace Kelly, but all her looks were too sad~ So I try a little Freddie; Ive gone identity mad!" Grace sang, opening one of the pouches while emptying the brown-broze coloured glitter into her paw.

    "I could be brown!" She appeared, tossing the glitter into the air. It rained down, mixing into the gentle down pour of snowflakes; glittering in the faint lights that twinkled around the stage.

    "I could be blue!" Grace tossed blue glitter into the air. "I could be violet sky!" Then purple.

    "I could be hurtful, I could be purple! I could be anything you like~" Her Illusion made her appear like different Pokemon: a Spearow, then a Marshtomp, finally a Gligar, then back to a Zorua. Grace then pressed her paws to the ground, flames licking up from where she touched the wood. The Incinerate came in contact with the glitter, the small popping noises ringing everywhere like small fireworks. The crowd cheered as she bowed, and exited. A Charmander ran up to the Dark-type vulpin, and grinned.

    "Great job Grace!" The bi-pedal lizard gave her a thumbs up. "That was amazing!"

    "I tried~" Grace smiled, her banner flicked back and forth. "Are you next, Candle?"

    The said Charmander shook her head. "No. It's his turn."

    Candle pointed towards the weak looking Fennekin, only having two of his four legs. He looked quite injured, with the bandages and all, yet still adorned a nice vest and looked well groomed. The Wigglytuff ushered the Fire-type out onto the stage. "Victor, of Team Last of Us, go, go, go!"

    Victor stepped out onto the stage meekly, his tail curled behind his hind legs. The Pokemon in the crowd looked at him with sympathy; for his lack of two legs, and the injuries that was held in his violet hued eyes. The Fennekin took in a deep breath before dancing, or what one could assume was dancing. He was awkwardly hobbling around, following the steps to a cha-cha for one. The vulpin then flicked his wrist, a Fire Spin burning to life as he swirled around and around, the flames matching nicely with the snowy backdrop. Victor's eyes glowed with a faint, pink energy; the same energy trapping the flames in its grasp before the fire contorted, turning into a Rapidash that galloped around the stage. The fire-born horse dissipated into smoke, just before the Fennekin set up a beautiful display of Light Screens across the stage, the reflective, transparent glass sparkling as the snow hit it. The crowd roared, cheering as loud as ever. He bowed to the best of his ability, dropping down to all fours; more like, "twos".

    A Pachirisu hurried up towards the Fennekin, smiling softly under the darkened light of the back stage. "That was amazing, Victor!"

    "T-thanks..." The said Fennekin grinned, meekly rubbing the back of his head with his good paw. "Good luck!"

    "Candle, and Tiramisu; go!" The Wigglytuff commanded. "You're the last act for today!"

    The Charmander looked towards the Pachirisu, nodding. Together, they made their way onto the stage; Candle wearing a nice and sleek black vest, while Tia wore a pretty white scarf. They bowed.

    Candle closed her eyes, tail flame flickering a shade of purple-orange; her scales prickled with the sense of nervousness. She began to dance, turning and swaying to the beat. With her Dragon Dance skill in effect, the Charmander took hold of the Pachirisu's paws, and together, they swirled around the tops of the stage; flames and sparks lighting up the area.

    It was a beautiful site to behold.

    Candle then seperated from her partner, breathing out a steady stream of fire into the air, spinning it like a copy of a Fire Spin. Tia jumped up from behind, shooting an Electro Ball into the centre of the flames. Together, the two elements clashed together, and rained down a shower of embers and sparks onto the crowd. They cheered with delight. They bowed, waiting as all the performers and dancers came on stage.

    "That concludes the dancing show of the Frosty Festivities!" The Wigglytuff announced. "Thank you to the dancers; there will be a free buffet, that's on the house, in the Avalodge! Thank you!"

Pokemon (c) Nintendo, Game Freak
Candle, Tia (c) StormCharmander

Here is my final entry for the Frosty Festivities event/contest! It was an honnor to comeo your characters; please tell me if I got something wrong about them. I truely apologize if I do.


Grace of [ Team TrickyFoxy ] | GraceFireMage98 
- Victor of [ Team Last of Us ] | pkmnfanforever
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