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☆ P A T R E O N ☆

2018-2019 Patreon Menu by stormcat
:star: EDIT: I have a MYO base available if you're interested! Check out the info here:  MYO Plush Dragon Base (Free to MYO Slot Holders!) by stormcat

 You're out getting a hot coffee with your Plush Dragon in tow when you see a pamphlet posted up in the coffee shop, inviting anyone and everyone to try their luck ice fishing at a frozen over lake nearby. You aren't sure you're really into the idea of freezing your butt off to catch some frozen fishcicles but your Plush Dragon insists you go. 

Finally, the day arrives. You bundle up with your Plush and make your way out to the lake, where a perfectly cut circle in the ice awaits. You set up your fishing pole and help their Plush Dragon with theirs. Something tells you that fish aren't the only thing you can catch out here.

Title by stormcat

How this works: You buy a slot, and once I have received payment I will message you back with your Plush Dragon casting, and when you are ready to reel in your line, reply and I give you your gift!

Common Slots are $40!
⋆ Rare Slots(dino, aqua) are $50!
⋆ Mythical Slots(unicorn, foo, hybrid) are $60!
⋆ Munchkin Slots are $90!
⋆ Alien Slots are $110! 

1. vlkyrie - Mythical - PAID
2. AlexDrawsStuff - Common - PAID
3. Beariq - Rare - PAID
4. RoombaKittens - Mythical -  PAID
5. deadsatellites - Common - PAID
6. Kennaleecat - Mythical - PAID
7. Karijinni - Common - PAID
8. ranalligator - Mythical - PAID
9. CarleyCarl - Mythical - PAID
10. glitteryrose - Common - PAID
11. seabeasts - Common - PAID
12. PuffyGator - Mythical - PAID
13. vinnieston - Common - PAID
14. CrocodileDandies - Common - UNPAID

=== Slots are NOT Resellable/Tradeable/Transferrable in any way. ===

Star!Payment must be received within 24 hours or your slot will be forfeited! 
Star! I do not offer refunds, please be aware of this!
Please review the TOS to help you with the rules about owning your Plush Dragon!: Terms of Service

Star! Please use this guide to make your plush dragon! ^^ Plush Dragons Species Sheet by stormcat


General T.O.S | Plush Dragon T.O.S

If you like sweet, soft, chubby plush animals, you should check out my closed species: Plush Dragons!



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