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UKBP Mascot entry

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So this is my entry towards out mascot design contest over on :iconukbroniespegasisters:

I did an initial sketch of this way back when we suggested a mascot, but I added to her since that design and I like this more. 

So the specs/reasons behind my design:
- All UKB&P colours are included. 
- I didnt want to end up with a Britannia/UK generic clone design, which is red, white, blue on a white unicorn/earth pone, with union jack Cutie mark.
- I wanted swept back Wonderbolts mane because every other mascot ive ever seen in the community has Lyra or Rainbow Dash hair. Needed to break that mold. 
- The white paint horse markings represent our cloudscape themeing (also suggested by Manny). 
- Can't decide on socks or not, so there's sockless and socked versions here. 
- Freckles are cute! 
- Red eyes to get that red in the colour scheme. 
- Cutie mark is our rainbow logo, instead of the text or a union flag. 
- If she had a name, I'd want it to be "Queen" Lizzie. 
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