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Pizza Derp

Relevent to the latest Maud episode. Pretty much would should've happened when Pinkie threw the pizza at Derpy. XP 

Why do I draw Derpy with food on her head?
Pancake Head by StormBlaze-Pegasus
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New hat ? I'll trade ye 2 refined for it !
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They taste like muffins!!!
The next time when RD decides to throw a town-wise prank, scenes like this will appear. 
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Getting a pizza on her head like this, but still smiling happily anyway.^^ That is so much Derpy.^^
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Derpy, if you don't stop with the pizza facials, you're gonna a a bit giant zit on your muzzle!…
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Free pizza? What's not to love about that?

... as long as there was no pineapple.
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