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Butterflies! by Storm137 Butterflies! :iconstorm137:Storm137 4 0
Tales of Machina - Messing with the Machines
Messing with the Machines.
“Guys…?” Blair now age six asked quietly as he crept along with his friends a worried look in his eyes. “You sure this is a good plan? What if we get caught again?”
“We’re not gonna get caught! Not if no one catches us!” Axel smirked.
“Yeah!” Sheena snickered. “Gotta be like forklift ninjas!”
Jett grinned. “Yep… After all… Maru said Blade was grounded!”
“But… Did he mean it like THAT?” Blair blinked.
“Well, someone’s gotta be sure he doesn’t get ideas.” Sheena said as she snuck into her father’s shop, soon emerging with tools. “Got ‘em.”
“Good think the Smokejumpers are keeping Alex busy.” Chandra looked around. “Or we’d get the boot.”
“Last I heard they were giving him a CHoP’s marathon.” Jett whispered looking around as well. “So we got about an
:iconstorm137:Storm137 0 0
Tales of Machina - The Human Pup
The Human Pup
Andy paced, biting his lip worry in his eyes. He was concerned for his wife, he was concerned for who she would hopefully have with her soon.
Our first kid….
Our kid….
Oh gosh….
What if I’m not good enough?
What if I’m not ready?

“What if I can’t handle this..?”
Dusty nudged the young man from behind with his wing.
“You’ll totally be able to handle this.”
Andy gave him an appreciative look. “Thanks Dusty… Guess I’m still nervous… I just… I want to be a good father… I just.. I guess there’s a lot I’m worried about… Y’know?”
“Oh I’ve been there. I was there when Jett was born… but you’ll figure it out… it really is a process, being a parent. You learn as you go.” Dusty smiled. “Just remember that once that baby is here, they’re your responsibility. They come first.
:iconstorm137:Storm137 0 0
Tales of Machina - The Littlest Crophopper
The Littlest Crophopper
“She’s so tiny…”
“Was I that tiny when I was born?”
Dusty chuckled, seeing Jett and Chandra looking at their new baby sister. The little cropduster was sleeping on her little cushion, Ishani resting not too far from her.
“Yup, you were just as tiny, but I think little Aries is tinier than you were Chandra.”
“Does that make her the littlest Crophopper?” Chandra asked, looking up at her father.
“That’s right, she’s the baby now.” Dusty nuzzled his children. “And I’m counting on both of you to help me look after her along with your mother.”
“We can do that! Right Chandra?” Jett looked to her with a smile.
“Right!” Chandra smiled. “We’ll do our very best.”
“That’s my pups.” Dusty kissed their canopies.
“Bwah…” Aries yawned a little, her blue eyes gazing up at the planes before her. “
:iconstorm137:Storm137 2 1
Tales of Machina - Little Sis
Little Sis
Jett was rolling around outside, little bored as he waited with his father and a few other folks. They were waiting by a hangar where he had seen his mother go in. They had been there for a few hours now and he was wondering if they were ever gonna be let in.
“Baba?” Jett rubbed up against one of his wheels. “Is Mama okay?”
Dusty lowered himself a bit nuzzling his son. “She’ll be fine… She’s just not feeling herself right now. We just have to wait..”
“Okay…” Jett nuzzled back. “Just like how I’ve been waiting for little sis?”
“That’s right... “ Dusty smiled softly. “Infact… You’ll get to meet her today..”
Jett’s eyes got wide. “Really?”
He nodded. “Really. Today you become a big brother… You excited?”
Jett bounced a little. “Very excited!”
Dusty  chuckled kissing his head. “Good.”
:iconstorm137:Storm137 1 0
Tales of Machina - Mirror
She was going to kill him.
He took another week to even coax out of the garage and now here he was announcing he was going on some kind of training trip.
And he didn’t even invite her along.
Maya would admit, normally it wouldn’t bother her but after the amount of worry Lightning had given her, she wasn’t feeling too merciful.
“I swear I’m gonna hit him with my sandal.” She muttered.
She found him nuzzling his pups and hesitated. Abigail was giving him puppy eyed looks, while Logan cuddled up to one of his wheels.
“Dada no go. Dada stay!”
“Daddy has to go for awhile, Abi girl. Gonna get even faster so I can win more races for you guys.” Lightning nuzzled her, his engine revving a bit. Abigail revved in return, nuzzling her father.
“Bahbah?” Logan looked up, whimpering a little. Lightning hummed a bit, trying to keep both pups calm. He hated leaving him and now he felt even worse about it.
Curse you Lightn
:iconstorm137:Storm137 0 0
Tales of Machina - New Change of Pace
A New Change of Pace
The first race after the HEAMIC incident, she figured she’d be left at home. He wouldn’t want to be seen with a squishy after all.
Not to mention the idea of all those machines staring at her. It was enough to make her shake, despite everything she had gone through thus far.
So, imagine Maya’s surprise when Lightning offered her a chance to go with. To be part of the action, even if it was just in the pits with the rest of the team.
Exiting the trailer in line behind Guido, Mater right behind her as the crowds started to roar around them. Engines revving, photographers in their faces. She felt like she was playing dress up, wearing a jacket with a 95 adorning the back and shoulders, lightning bolts framing them.
I wanted something like this my whole life and now I’m a nervous wreck. She thought, winding up clinging to Mater versus just walking with confidence.
“Easy there, Ms. Maya.” Mater nuzzled her a bit before they hur
:iconstorm137:Storm137 0 0
Welcome Home (Commissioned)
The sun was just starting to set, on Santa Cecilia. The town was quiet, the inhabitants starting to wind down for the day.
For one couple, it was looking to be just that, a quiet evening. Time for each other, no one else to bother them or to interrupt with work.
Jen peered out the window seeing Hector was walking up, a spring to his step.
She giggled, moving away from the window as a plan came to mind. She could hear him getting closer, the man singing to himself.

Always full of music, isn’t he? Typical Hector.
She ducked behind the door, grinning to herself.

A little trick. Just one.
Hector opened the door, letting out a yawn, relieved to be home. It had been a long day of working around Santa Cecilia and all he wanted to do was relax.
No more “one more set” from Ernesto, no more sudden work. Just rest.
He jumped, eyes widening, a hand coming over his heart.
“Ay dios mio! Jen, you gave me a heart attack!”
:iconstorm137:Storm137 1 1
First shawl and second shawl by Storm137 First shawl and second shawl :iconstorm137:Storm137 8 1 Shawl of Lost Souls by Storm137 Shawl of Lost Souls :iconstorm137:Storm137 3 0 Mini Lost Soul cape by Storm137 Mini Lost Soul cape :iconstorm137:Storm137 3 2 ''The Lost Souls' Shawl by Storm137 ''The Lost Souls' Shawl :iconstorm137:Storm137 5 3 Kazumi Akane - Character outfit by Storm137 Kazumi Akane - Character outfit :iconstorm137:Storm137 6 4 Noah Shane - character outfit by Storm137 Noah Shane - character outfit :iconstorm137:Storm137 3 0 ''She was sitting there first.'' by Storm137 ''She was sitting there first.'' :iconstorm137:Storm137 2 0 ''I mean I am a prodigy!'' by Storm137 ''I mean I am a prodigy!'' :iconstorm137:Storm137 3 2

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Commissions Closed Stamp by izka197
Commissions Closed Stamp by izka197



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