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I'm not online a lot, and neither are the other current admins.

If we could get one or two members who are online at least once a week or so to send the group a message saying they'd be willing to help out, that would be lovely (especially as spring approaches in the northern hemisphere!)  

The criteria:

:bulletgreen:  Be a decently well-versed weather spotter.  I like (and, I think visitors appreciate) the submissions being in correct folders, organized by storm feature/type.  Submissions are voted on/accepted or rejected when they're submitted properly or improperly.  Admins kindly ask the submitter to resubmit when the item has been incorrectly submitted to the wrong folder.  You'll need to be able to tell the difference between things.

:bulletgreen:  Be a decent judge of photos per the group rules.  If it is a weather pic but doesn't quite fit the rules, it goes into the group favorites.  If it fits the group rules...into the correct group gallery folder it goes!

:bulletgreen:  Be online at least once a week.  I'm going to try to be better about this as the season ramps up.  I've been busy, but I'll try to do better.  

:bulletyellow:  Don't cause drama or you'll get the boot!  Practice courtesy and understanding.  

Also, pardon if this has typos.  It's late, I'll proofread later... :dummy:
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Welcome to Storm-Chasers!

This is the deviantART group dedicated to storms and severe weather! Here you will find many with deep interest for the more dangerous goings-on in the atmosphere around us. We hope to be informative as well as interesting, and all are welcome--you don't need to be an actual storm chaser to join! Please keep reading for submission information and interesting links!

Art Submission and Joining Rules

:bulletgreen: Anyone is free to join at any time! No requirements need be met, simply click the "join" button.
:bulletgreen: This group accepts photography and stamps centered around severe or intense weather. If in doubt about whether or not your piece qualifies, inquire! Photographs of equipment related to the study of weather or weather-informative pieces may also be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
:bulletred: Pictures that are unclear, not very visually, informationally, or compositionally interesting, or unrelated to severe weather will not be accepted. Examples:
:pointr: If there is a tornado within viewing distance but it is not able to be seen due to poor photography, don't submit it.
:pointr: Photos made because the sky is pretty are nice, but unless it has a clearly seen severe weather event (such as an approaching/departing cell) it belongs in a landscape or sky club and not this group.
:pointr: Photos that may be interesting, well-taken, but with a possibly unclear subject would benefit by having an informative description; photos that are perhaps less visually interesting and/or well-taken but still scientifically/historically interesting would also benefit from a description.
:bulletgreen: Perfection isn't totally necessary in your submissions, but again we ask for quality. Frequently-occurring events such as lightning will be held to a higher quality standard than rarer events like tornadoes. Please remember, do not risk your safety for a photograph.
:bulletred: Paintings/drawings (digital or traditional) will not be accepted unless they are scholarly in nature (in which case, they belong in the Educational and Safety Material folder). However, there will be a folder in the favourites for such pieces of art.
:bulletgreen: PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ART TO THE PROPER FOLDER! If miscategorized pieces are spotted, please notify us! Submissions to Featured will be denied.
:bulletgreen: There will be a weekly submission limit of four deviations per week. This is to prevent inbox-spamming.
:bulletgreen: Please, do not over-edit your photos in post-processing. We want the images to be true to what you saw with your eyes.
:bulletgreen: Please note that some images that may not meet the above criteria in the gallery are holdovers from before KaizokuShojo adopted the group. After the adoption took place, submissions were sorted and cleaned according to the above rules, but some (not all) were left in the gallery for the sake of the members that had already submitted them.

Links We Love

:bulletblue:The Storm Prediction Center Click here to check the severe weather outlook, storm reports, get information about weather, and more. (U.S. residents only.)
:bulletblue:The National Weather Service (U.S. only)

:pointr:Storm Spotter Networks
:bulletblue:SKYWARN Storm spotters for the U.S.
:bulletblue:CANWARN Storm spotters for Canada.
:bulletblue:SKYWARN Europe Storm spotter networks in European countries.

:bulletblue:CoCoRaHS, a network of everyday citizens measuring and reporting daily precipitation across the nation (U.S. and part of Canada).
:bulletblue:The Online Tornado FAQ, a very informative article from the Storm Prediction Center about tornadoes.


Rules for affiliation: Must be related to storms, weather, clouds, sky, or storm chasing/spotting/observing in some way. General photography groups are also accepted.








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Wait is SkyWarn an easy thing to pick up or does it involve more advanced meteorological knowledge?
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Question. I have done  photo-manipulation of a few vehicles turned into a storm chasing vehicle...such as this…

Will I be able to submit it?
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I was wondering if you would accept storm damage photos?
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I have a folder you guys can add, something called "Hurricanes and Typhoons"
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