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Maras and Seth laid on the couch together, Seth was on top of Maras. Laying on his back. They were both relaxing, but Maras didn't look relaxed at all. He was looking uncomfortable and angry. "Seth?" Maras said with a low growl. "Yes?" Seth replied.
"Where is son?"
"Outside, why?" Seth asked, curious. Then Seth smirked very faintly, about to kiss Maras on the lips. "Do you want to do things to-"
Maras stopped him by putting his hand on Seth's lips. "No." Seth was very confused, Maras never acted this way before in front of him. "I wanted to tell you something for a very long time now..." Maras paused and took a deep breath, "I'm done with you."

Seth's eyes became small, "Y-You're joking. R-Right..?" Maras pushed Seth off him, and got up. "I'm not joking Seth," He looked at Seth, eyes glowing red. "I never loved you.... I would of said something WAY sooner, but... I didn't know how to." Tears formed up in Seth's eyes. "So you thought it was a good idea to marry me!?" He yelled at Maras.

Maras flinched at those words, "I was afraid, I became blind." He sighed, "I've been dating another guy ever since I married you, or sorry way before I married you." The tears went down Seth's cheeks, he stood up and punched Maras in the left cheek bone and a bit of his nose. His nose started to bleed.

"I deserved that," Maras spoke quietly.

"Who is this other man!?" Seth growled.

"I'm not telling you his name, but I now remember who I really am. I'm Maras Kelbra, from the timeline I died in that timeline, and became a skeleton, and was summoned here. My brother Locus, is not my real brother...."

"Why do you hate me!? I did nothing-"

"You BULLIED me when I was younger, tortured, and used me. yes that's the past, but I will never forgive you." Maras looked away, "I was never supposed to be with you, nor be married to you. But I messed up big time..." Maras started to walk towards the door, "I'm going to find my family, and be with my REAL boyfriend." Before he walked out, he turned around facing Seth. Taking off his ring and crushes it. "We're done." Maras walked out the door, waving bye.

Seth fell onto his knees, sobbing.
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Sonic the Hedgehog Shadow Egg Empire cover by cvgwjames
Sonic and Lara Croft Crossover Story Cover by cvgwjames
Sonic the Hedgehog SonAmy Story cover by cvgwjames
My Short SonAmy Story My Short Sonamy Story覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧Before we get started, I just need to say something, SonAmy is awesome. Be it in the proper Sonic universe or the Sonic Boom universe, I like the two hedgehogs together. While I feel Sonic and Amy make a good couple, I think they both need to be a bit older in order for the pairing to work. For this story, Sonic will be about 17 and Amy will be somewhere about 16.This will be T rated, so enjoy...Note: This story now somewhat serves as a prequel for SonAmy: The Best of Times.覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 It was a nice peaceful day for Sonic the Hedgehog, Doctor Eggman and his evil minions had not attacked in quite some time and the blue hero could rest easy and enjoy his times of peace. But today, things were going to be very different. Sonic was just relaxing under a tree and waking up from another one of his naps, after going on another one of his adventures, taking in the fresh air and the smell of green grass. He was also thinking about who to hang out with right now, going over his mental list of his buddies he壇 relaxed with. This week, he壇 hung out on Angel Island with Knuckles and former Nocturne Clan member Shade, Knuckles girlfriend.He also had some fun with Tails, talked with Shadow and flirted with Rouge a bit, not to mention that he'd spoken with every single member of the Chaotix, talked to Silver and Blaze, visited Big the Cat in the Mystic Ruins and gone to see Cream and her mother Vanilla. Now there was one more person important to Sonic in his life, someone who would be more important to him in the future as they got older. That someone he knew was his girlfriend Amy Rose, whom he loved dearly and enjoyed hanging out whenever nothing much was going on in the world. Should I go see her tomorrow or today? Sonic thought with a happy smile, seeing the teenage pink hedgehog in his mind in an incredible red dress with a smile on her face, those smooth arms, that hot figure and those awesome legs...Sonic got to his feet, Ya know. I think I値l go visit Ames right now. He was about to take off when... 徹H, SONIC! A familiar pink hedgehog pounced and pinned him to the ground. 滴a ha. Hey there, toots! Sonic exclaimed with a laugh, 敵reat to see you. It was his girlfriend Amy Rose, chasing after him again and always wishing to do something with him as she had been since the day they met on Little Planet.Sonic could remember when they first met when they were so young. Amy had looked so cute with that spike hair and that outfit, Sonic had been very adorable himself since he壇 been a small pot bellied hedgehog with black eyes. He wondered how his past self would get along with (Future) Amy and, for one second, he imagined Classic Sonic and Modern Amy alone together. 敵reat to see you too. Amy said with a happy wink, kissing Sonic before helping him to his feet, 鄭nd you were waiting for me again this time. Cool.箔Amy?! Sonic laughed, 展e致e had this talk ages ago. Come on. I致e always loved you and cared about you. It's just that I felt that there was a time and place, I just didn稚 want Eggman to hurt you. I could explain when we池e at your place, I was just about to head over to your house to see you when you found me. Amy squealed, 鉄weet. It's been a while since we last hung out at my place. Everything just feels so carefree. No Eggman, no robots, no monsters. Just the two of us.箔So what池e we waitin for? Sonic smirked, sweeping the pink hedgehog off her feet. 鏑et's get goin already, babe. With that, the two hedgehog痴 headed for Amy痴 and left the tree on the hill behind.覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧輸my lived in a pink colored, two story house located just outside Station Square and Sonic thought she had style; The windows were round, that door had a good design due to the heart textures and that gold metallic knob. The living room was well decorated with pictures of her and Sonic in a grassy plain sitting on the wall, there was a stereo TV and a groovy radio, even the brown sofas were set up nicely.The pink hedgehog痴 lampshades were blue like her boyfriend, there was also a portrait of all their friends together in Station Square that had been taken during a party not long after the Black Arms' defeat. The air smelled nice, thanks to decently set up air conditioning, even Amy痴 bedroom was still clean and the bed was still big enough to allow two people to sleep in it. As for the kitchen and dining room? Everything was in order, wooden table, chairs, stove, dishwasher, pots and pans put away. Sonic was thrilled that his gal pal could take care of herself like any woman could. Amy was growing up after all, Sonic was independent himself and had been ever since he was young. He was very lucky that he had quickly learned to survive on his own, fast was essentially his middle name figuratively. Sonic decided to sit and relax in the living room as he always did so with Amy whenever they were here together. Amy agreed to do so after she got changed and headed to her bedroom to, well, change her attire as she was wearing her usual red dress and go-go boots. Some days she would often wear the pink-white Extreme Gear tank top and pants, but she had outfits that made her look very good and what she was gonna wear was going to really impress the heck out of Sonic a lot.The blue blur was in the living room smelling the candles nearby along with the scent of tea that had been well prepared by his girlfriend, he loved tea and milk. It was so incredible knowing that Amy was great at making him chili dogs and hamburgers, whenever Sonic hung out with her at this house and she served dinner and breakfast, it felt as though they had gotten married ages ago. That idea sounded so intriguing, Sonic knew he had to bring it up with Amy at some point or she壇 beat him to it. Amy soon entered the living room, after changing into something appropriate to wear, and Sonic痴 eyes widened; The pink hedgehog was wearing a revealing lavender-colored tank top and comfortable jeans shorts along with brown, leather boots, Amy looked just like Lara Croft and had tied her hair back in a ponytail with her hairband.She swayed her hips as she walked up to the couch and sat next to Sonic. 展owza, Ames! Sonic exclaimed, 添ou壇 play Lara Croft awesomely!箔I doubt that, Sonikku. Amy smirked. 釘esides, I知 a hedgehog and the actress who plays Ms. Croft is a human. Lara Croft the Hedgehog would be nuts and I am not a hot British action hero, aren稚 I? Sonic helped Amy wrap her arms around his neck, 哲-n-no way. You池e Amy Rose the butt kicking hedgehog gal pal of Sonic the Hedgehog, world hero extraordinaire, pain in Eggman痴 tail and the coolest guy on the planet. Mrow! Amy lowered herself onto Sonic痴 lap, straddling him before placing her hands up to his head and pulled the speedy hedgehog into a passionate kiss. Sonic痴 arms wrapped around her waist, his hands grasping the pink heroine痴 upper legs near her butt. Sonic leaned back and Amy leaned forward, the kiss deepening as they added their tongues to the mix, french kissing and tongue wrestling away for what nearly felt like an eternity. The kiss broke soon and the two hedgehogs wiped away the saliva strands between their mouths and held hands, sitting up on the couch and looking into each other痴 eyes happily. It had been so long since they last made out together, one of them hardly forgot what it was like. Amy was glad Sonic was a part of her life and he made sure that he would always be there to fill her heart with so much happiness. 哲ot bad, babe. Sonic said with delight before deciding to ask something that had been on his mind for ages, 滴ow is it you have very dang good legs, Ames? Amy blushed, she had not expected her boyfriend to ask her about her long legs. 徹h, uh, from chasing after you, and being athletic as I知 doing so. She replied. Sonic winked, 典hat explains why you chase me so much, I知 helping you keep that figure.溺aybe so. Amy said, her gaze dropping, 的-I understand why you often freak and run when I show up. It's because so many things are going on and you feel that you don稚 have the time for romance. It's also because you don稚 want Eggman to hurt me, isn稚 it? Sonic hugged Amy, 添eah, pretty much. Sorry about all the times I ran away from you and acted as though I didn稚 like you and your personality. I like your personality, it's part of you and I do hold my fans in great respect. He glanced at the reader, 釘ut of course, it's not very comfortable or cool when folks flame our relationship. Of course the fandom thinks we get along very well and I am not shy as everyone thinks.箔You alright, honey? Amy asked, not knowing fully what was going on. 鉄ounds like you think someone is spying on us. Sonic looked back at Amy and kissed her, 哲othin, Ames. I知 fine. Either way, you池e dang good at keepin up. Amy smiled, 典hank you. They were silent again until Amy spoke, 鉄onic, do you have any plans for our relationship in the future? We have to go out together eventually. We can稚 avoid that forever.箔Don稚 ya worry a bit, Amy. Sonic grinned, 溺aybe a week or two from now, we値l go out some place and enjoy yourselves. But, uh, I was thinking about our future dates. Maybe we could go to the hot spring and/or hang out at the beach for some fun in the sun? Amy smirked, 滴ot spring trips? Beach dates? Sounds like you want to see me in a swimsuit, that would be the day I get to show off my attractiveness even more and do everything to impress you tremendously.粘onic winked, 典hat be great and all, babe. Dinner outings, hot spring trips and beach trips. I like those ideas. He frowned, 填m, Amy? Have you also been thinking about the distant future, when we finally... get married? Amy looked at him, 展hat are you thinking about that痴 related to the big day where we tie the knot.箔I was actually thinking of a quiet wedding, by quiet I mean small, far away from civilization on Knuckles home island in the sky. I want to avoid having our relationship catch some... unwanted attention, the only people I壇 want to invite to the big event would be most of our friends, maybe some Chao and, of course, some cute animal buddies of mine like flickies and some squirrels and a few cats.箔That痴 idea I could live with. Amy said solemnly, 鄭fter all, you are a world hero and we did have a few run-ins with the mainstream media and we致e been on the news a few times. So, we don稚 want our wedding getting press coverage, at least for now.的知 aware you壇 be feeling uncomfortable with all of Station Square and every single city all over the world watching, it would be interesting too if we had the wedding ceremony and the reception on Angel Island, but of course that痴 all in the very far away future. 徹f course we must definitely make sure nobody but our friends pays attention to the two of us during the time we spend together. Of course there are the other fangirls of yours to be worried about, but whattaya gonna do about it? You池e a world hero and you池e popular amongst everyone thanks to your noble, fast paced heroics against Eggman and his empire.箔Thanks, Ames. Sonic chuckled happily, 的知 happy to know that you are concerned about what goes on about us in the world and that you want to ensure that everyone doesn稚 pay a lot of attention to the love life of Sonic the Hedgehog and keep everything safe from evil. Now, how about we have some tea and enjoy all the time we can spend together, Ames?箔Of course we can, sweetie. Amy winked flirtatiously. So they had their tea, which thankfully had not gotten cold at all. Sonic loved drinking all kinds of drinks from tea to water to milk and soda too, tea was cool. As for coffee, it was nice too. It tasted like Pepsi with sugar and there wasn稚 any caffeine too, that was awesome. Sonic wasn稚 a super big fan of caffeine as it would get him all wound up and he壇 go bonkers, getting drunk was not pleasant too as it lead to all kinds of crazy things. Sonic and Amy finished tea and moved on to having a glass of milk, which the blue blur liked as he felt it helped wash down his previous drink. Afterwards, they had a kissing contest in which Amy beat Sonic by pinning his body to the couch as she French kissed him in the first level while Sonic BEAT Amy in the second level. The contest ended in a little draw and they decided to watch a cool film together, which ended up becoming Lara Croft Tomb Raider this week as they壇 watched so many romance films it was time to shake things up a little bit.What helped put Sonic in the mood for that film was, of course, Amy dressing up to look like Lara Croft. The film lasted two hours, during which Sonic enjoyed another drink and a nice popcorn which he shared with Amy. Finally, after it ended, Sonic and Amy had a little arm wrestling contest where Sonic ended up kicking Amy痴 butt. Afterwards, the two hedgehogs kicked back on the couch holding hands and smirking flirtatiously at each other with Sonic looking into her eyes.鉄o, Ames. I gotta ask you somethin. Sonic said.展hat is it, dearest Sonikku? Amy replied. 徹ne of these days, probably while we池e at the ocean or some place else, could you do some acrobatics for me? That would be very interesting as I致e only seen you do acrobatics in battle, especially that one time we fought.尿my giggled, 溺y answer is yes, I知 glad to do something like that. Anything to impress my Sonic and keep him interested and entertained.箔Thanks, you池e the best. 溺y great pleasure, dearest Sonic. Anyway, what should we have for dinner tonight? It's gonna be dark soon, today has been very eventful as you came to my house and we致e had so much fun talking and flirting, playing, being romantic and watching a movie. We always do this every now and then and that痴 amazing. Sonic winked, 徹utside the SEGA games. Amy was confused, 填m, why are we breaking the fourth wall?箔I do that for fun and to make sure the fandom understands what goes on with us in THEIR proper canon. 敵ood point.箔Yeah, onto the dinner topic. I want a burger and fries.箔I got McDonalds fries recently, I could cook the normal burgers.箔Great idea, Amy.箔I should start preparing the burgers, while I do that I値l let you have some of the fries. I actually put them in the fridge in the bag I brought them home in so that way they stay nice and warm.乃he sun was soon starting to set over the sky and night was coming, so Sonic and Amy decided to get a nice early meal in. They headed for the kitchen and Sonic sat down at the table to patiently wait for dinner to be served. Amy nicely served him the fries before getting to work on the burger which smelled so good and delicious even as it was being cooked. The fries tasted nice and salty, Sonic liked a bit of salty foods most of the time but not too salty as he was concerned it would make his tongue itch and burn a bit. He didn稚 like getting a burned mouth. 泥inner is served. Amy said, once the burgers had been cooked. 擢antastic, Ames. Sonic grinned as his girlfriend set the table and sat down with him. Sonic had milk and so did Amy, they had water with their meal last time, so this time they were having milk. It took 10 minutes to get through dinner and a good short amount of time to clean up and do dishes. Sonic was a very helpful man as he assisted Amy in cleaning off the plates and putting the silverware and stuff in the dishwasher. 展anna go hang out in the living room for a bit longer ? Sonic offered, 的 like being a little lazy from time to time with my buddies and the girls I love. Amy giggled, 鉄ure, why not? Maybe I could, uh, massage your foot? I gotta do that for her eventually. Sonic thought as they headed for the living room, suddenly imagining himself giving Amy a massage . Sonic lay upon the couch and took his socks off along shoes off as he rested said feet against his girlfriend痴 lap as she began rubbing Sonic痴 feet. Rubbing his arch, toes and heel, Sonic moaned happily as it felt very good given that Amy had taken her gloves off, making the massage feel more good. 泥o you like it, dear? Amy asked sweetly, 5 minutes into the massage, and Sonic nodded a happy yes. 笛ust so you know, The pink hedgehog said, 的致e been thinking about our future. Remember the times I致e chased after you? Well, one day when I知 your loving wife, I値l try to respect the alone time you need if you were to go out on your own little adventures. Sonic grinned, 迭eally? Amy winked, 鄭s long as you let me go out on some adventures with you half the time, okay? Sonic winked, 添ou got it, dear.迫覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧-Short while later-覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 The foot rubs were done and Sonic thanked Amy, now it was time to head to the bedroom. The two hedgehogs stood up, still holding hands as they headed upstairs to Amy痴 lovely and luxurious bedroom. Their minds were on their happy relationship and how it was going so far, the night air poured through the windows and Sonic breathed it in. Even Amy was taking in the night air herself, finally they reached the open bedroom door and stopped. We watch as both hedgehogs look into each others eyes, they kiss and go into the bedroom before shutting the door behind them as we fade to black...覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧祐onic awoke the next morning to the smell of food from the kitchen downstairs. He smiled and climbed out of bed before getting on his shoes, Sonic walked down the stairs and found Amy in a different outfit (a nice blue shirt, an apron and jeans) waiting for him as she had a drink of water. On the table was a chili dog just for him. 添um. Sonic grinned, 典hanks Amy. I enjoy a chili dog breakfast. Amy giggled, 鄭nything for my Sonikku before he leaves my house to go find some adventure waiting, we had a lot of fun last night and I知 happy to have fun with you anytime.箔Yeah. Sonic grinned, 展e sure did. Amy winked, 釘y the way, I sometimes do get the feeling we池e already married and the wedding happened who knows how long ago. Do you have that feeling too? Sonic knew Amy had beat him to it, 的 do, Ames. A good 3 minutes or less later, Sonic had finished eating and he cleaned up the table before having a drink of milk to wash down his food before brushing his teeth. Now, his food was digesting, it was to say bye for now to his gal pal. 展ell. See ya later, Ames. Sonic gave Amy a loving smooch as he got ready to take off out the door. 釘ye, Sonikku. Amy smiled happily, 鉄ee you later, we値l hang out again soon. With that, our brave hedgehog dashed out the door and headed out on his next set of travels around the world. That had been a very cool hang out with Amy Rose and he hoped to keep doing this whenever he had the time.THE END!
The Beginning of the Beginning by AlmyriganHero
The Veil Series Book One: WillowChapter Seven A gentle knock on her door made her start awake, sword in hand she walked to the door and opened it. Prince Larimar痴 words stilled on his stunned lips he couldn稚 help but stare at Willow痴 half clad body he blushed, lowering his eyes they fell upon the sword she held it reminded him that she was a knight. 撤rince Larimar? Is something wrong? Willow yawned and opened the door wider in invitation against his better judgement he found himself entering her room. He noticed Rosa slept peacefully on the bed and that Willow had slept on the floor. He frowned wondering what sought of upbringing she had had. He had known Lord Richard all his life and could never imagine him being cruel to his children in fact it was well known in the capital that he was a doting father. he frowned as he searched his memories and realised he had only really heard about the twins. Willow walked passed him and knelt before the fire she soon brought it back to life whilst the prince restrained himself from telling her that was the servants job. 鏑ady Willow where you treated poorly at home? he asked sitting down. She turned to him startled. 展hy would you think that? I was punished if I did wrong. The soldiers made me run drills if I broke the rules it was easier then mother痴 she trailed off and he watched as she tied her hair back with an old green ribbon she sighed her face shadowed. His curiosity overcame him. 展hat did you do? 的 used to help the servants they never liked it well, not at first. They kept telling me that it may not be my place but they soon allowed me to enter their world when they saw I would not stop trying to help. Finally my father痴 knights took me in hand and plunged me into the world of man. She smiled and his breath caught it was a world she loved and it was clearly written over her face. 展ere you not good at female accomplishments? he asked gently, still trying to figure out the child before him. She shook her head. 哲ot like Marion, I grew easily bored with needle work and learning about running a household I decided I would fight to protect it instead, she paused, her eyes darkened in remembrance. 典he only thing that I enjoyed more then my sister except fighting that is, was reading, my father has an extensive library I used to spend hours absorbing volume after volume. her face gentled. Prince Larimar stood a sudden thought coming to him. 的 will return in an hour when you have dressed I wish to take you somewhere. Willow stood and bowed, she wondered where he was going to take her. An hour passed and Willow stood outside her room waiting for Prince Larimar. Rosa had awakened and left, Willow had given her some money and they had agreed to meet up in two days at Rosa痴 place. Prince Larimar stared at Willow she was dressed in well tailored breeches that hugged her legs and a pale green sleeved shirt she wore a dark green tabard with a her simple sword belt sitting on her hips. His eye narrowed apart from her signet ring she wore nothing that gave away her family, no crest was present on her clothes or her sword, he frowned what was with this child he wondered. 添ou should have put on a dress. He grumbled not used to woman being dressed like a man it threw him off. Willow burst out laughing. 的 haven稚 worn a dress since I was a child no one really cares. Also I do not own any I would not like all those yards of material and plus a sword would hardly go with a silk gown. She shook her head chuckling as if he had made a preposterous suggestion. He remained silent until they reached large mahogany doors. Willow gasped and stared at the carving in its face. Her hand ran over the smooth wood reverently she knew what was behind the door. She turned smiling causing the prince to gasp her features were beautiful and her eyes gleamed with pleasure, 徹ne of the five royal libraries! she twirled around laughing. Prince Larimar pulled himself together. 展hilst you池e here I hope you will enjoy the library. He pushed open the doors and beckoned her inside. Willow reverently walked in behind him. Her eyes grew wide as she stared at all the books and scrolls in front of her. Scholars and librarians walked around in silence each with their own time consuming tasks. Satisfied that she would be safe he smiled and turned to leave. 展ell I値l leave you here to enjoy. I have business to attend to. 滴ow unfortunate for you, whilst you work hard I will be enjoying myself amongst these great treasures. She mocked. Chuckling he shook his head ruefully and left her in the great library. Willow soon lost herself absorbing book after book. Willow flinched startled as someone swore close to her she looked over. A scribe stood holding his bleeding arm as he removed his hand Willow gasped she rushed to his side. 添ou cut your arm on the shelf, here allow me to help. She took her handkerchief from her pocket and made a bandage he smiled shyly. 添ou池e from the minx tribes aren稚 you? He inhaled sharply and looked into her gentle eyes. She had not spoken to him in the king痴 tongue. 滴ow is it you know the ancient language? He asked lowering his voice looking around fretfully. 典here are many things I know like what this tattoo on your arm means, your highness. her smile wavered as she noted his pale face. 鄭re you okay? she whispered releasing his arm which she had finished binding. He shook his head and turned away. 的 must get back to work and I think you have mistaken the tattoo for something else. He denied in the king痴 tongue. She chuckled. 的 think not it痴 the mark of the veil protector given only to the members of the royal family within each clan. Even within the wolf tribe there is a veil protector one that remains untainted by his people blood lust, though he has been thrown in the deepest hole, and no-one is really sure if he still lives. She replied still talking in his language. The scribe stared at her horrified. 的知 sorry I have to go thank you for your kindness. He added his hand briefly covering his arm she bowed to him allowing him to go knowing that he would watch her closely whenever she returned to the library....

Mature Content

The Date - MVS stories by MyVoreShort
R7: Covered LimitsR7: Covered LimitsA trio of animals stands at the heart of Sunkill city. All glaring at one another in the mists of silence and neither of them making a move of the other. Their goals were one and the same. But their motives were different than the others. One was a fox named Asrok. He was a member of the R7 before defecting and making his group to no success. His goal was to kill Akino. But it seems that Rinachi and Juzyo had already done that. His second goal was to rejoin the R7 and this was the perfect time to do it since the disappearance of his former rival, he has a chance after all. He just has to beat the two other animals that joined in with him. Next to Asrok was Triveal. A member of the P7 and a primary rival of the R7. He was a polar bear with a cocky attitude when he had thought he could beat and take over the realm from them. In the end, it was he who was defeated and Triveal could not take this loss at all. Now, he is impatient and constantly growling. His anger had reached a height where he no longer trusts any other animal besides himself for he sees a red vision. Adjacent to Triveal was a long time adversary of the R7. Her name was Kuvia. She used to be in a village long ago before it was burned down thanks to the invasion of the R7 and Heroes who fought one another for the stone. Also, her boyfriend, Zyuni, was gone missing and she had believed that the R7, Heroes and any other faction of the realm had something to do with it.The three animals stared at one another. Exchanging glares and anger as if they had hated one another physically. But all three knew why the other two were here after all. For the R7. Asrok could care less about the other two for this was his time to shine and entered into the R7 as perhaps the leader and ruler of the realm. He smiled in response mentally of his image while a gust of wind blew against his fur. He started shivering and closed his body with his paws; removing his glance from the others. Looking out into the distance surrounding the three of them, he wondered where that gust of wind was coming from.Thus he did not see a piece of paper smack onto his face immediately causing an uproar from the other two. Asrok growled and pulled away from the paper from his face. Flustered but frustrated, he started yellowing at the other two who constantly teased him to no end. However, it all ended in a quick note as Triveal痴 eyes laid upon the paper that Asrok was holding and pointed his paw towards it which Asrok took notice and looked down. Turning the paper around so it showed its backside, it revealed a competition. But there was no prize or goal. Nothing was imprinted on what they would receive as an award for their hard work which was skeptical for Triveal Kuvia and Asrok as their heads tilted to one side in pondered with their eyes still staring onto the paper that Asrok was holding.Despite having no goal or award on the paper, the trio of animals decided to move on. And scroll through the paper descending to the bottom where the rules are. For they stopped and stared upon big imprinted letters that popped up before their eyes. Asrok and Kuvia turned to look at one another, frowned in confusion then stared back onto the paper whereas Triveal pointed upon the set of rules below the big letters. 1. The winner will be determined by how many items can one get than the other. The three paused and looked to one another for answered. There were smirks and greed amongst the three of them as their hearts pounded excitedly in their chest. 禅he winner determined by items? They would mentally say to themselves. They departed rather quickly away from one another. Splitting off into three different directions, they were determined to get the most.All except Asrok. He was concerned and something was indeed bothering him. A thought imprinted in his mind that he would not get rid of at all for its persistence. Asrok had wondered why the R7痴 leader, Rinachi, had decided to give a contest when there were only a few left upon the realm and them having the global power already in this mists of their paws. It was the only thing that does not make sense at all. Does he want rid of his opponents? It could be possible since there were three leaders at the time. Himself, Triveal and Kuvia. Everyone else that he had known of in the past had their fates ended in either good or bad. Yet Asrok knows that Rinachi was the one who dictated their fates like that. Would he control their fates like them? Causing death and despair among the remaining resistance against them? Asrok nodded silently before realizing that he was alone.Isolated away from the other two and realizing that he was just standing still in the center of the road leading off to the edges of the city where the entrance was in front of him, Asrok shook his head and kept his thoughts somewhere else. Mainly to the competition at hand where he was determined to win and something else that was upon his mind. As he listened to the silence surrounding him with his footsteps echoing bouncing along the walls surrounding him, Asrok continued down the hall that he had unknowingly entered into. Exiting out from it and reaching the edges of the city, he looked upon the split road before him and took his feet pointing to the right. He cannot be caught when he was at the corner of the city. Asrok had probably guessed that was where the ambushes or attacks against him would be. He turned right, continuing as he could. Thus hearing something in his ear that forced him to stop and standstill.A burst of laughter and smaller footsteps. They were hard like stomps as if someone was angry. Asrok looked to the rooftops hoping to see someone there. Just as he had predicted, a shadow was looking down onto him. A smile emerged from its face; its appearance was all darkened making it hard to distinguish what it was. Even though, Asrok narrowed his eyes and ran. Taking his first run of the competition as he ran straight ahead a few steps away before he was stopped by a vixen. She appeared underneath some kind of street lamp that hangs along the sidewalks over to Asrok痴 left. He froze in his spot and stepped away, keeping his eyes on her while her head was raised from the ground and met his eyes. Tilting it to one side, a smirk emerged from her before drawing a small knife. For she stepped slowly forward, inch by inch while her steps were softened against the hard grounds that both of them walked in. Asrok kept his distance away from her. His eyes narrowed and his heartbeat steady. For at the right time, he would move to turn around hoping against the fate that no one would be at the corner of the street roads. But for now, he will have to stare at her for the time being.His ears extended out, stretching from his head as he listened carefully to the other noises that surrounded him. But to his surprise, there were none. Quietness lingers on upon Sunkill city and it was making Asrok quite nervous. As he pondered with thoughts in his head and filled it up to its brim, he received a headache but strained his eyes to keep tabs upon the vixen ahead of her. But she was gone in an instant. Unknowingly, he had moved off to the corner. Taking in the full steps to make it there. As he froze and looked about, Asrok started to sigh in relief and shook his head as he turned around facing the other way. Asrok thought that he had a better chance of finding things here.Walking along the street roads, heading down towards the deeper end of the city. Asrok listened to the silence surrounding him as constant ringing was heard in his ears. His eyes shifted to the sides, looking for any items that could be useful in the contest that Rinachi had created. But for so far, during his ascent through the street reaching on the other side, he found none. Asrok grew frustrated with himself. Stomping onto the ground growling, his ear finally caught onto something and he froze glancing to his left. A pair of constant running; panics was on the rise in this particular part of the town as Asrok turned his attention to it in curiosity. Voices were high pitch and were in fear. Asrok started to smile only faintly with himself and waited until the darkness vomits out the two other contestants as they met up with the fox.Triveal and Kuvia were panting heavily. Their eyes lowered to the grounds below them. Legs were bent forward and the arms lowered grabbing onto the knees of the legs. The bodies were arched forward too. Asrok saw this from them and started laughing; taunting them for their incapability which causes the other two to growl back onto him. He waved it off as if it was nothing following the silence seconds after. Thus parting his lips as he asked them something. Both Triveal and Kuvia raise their heads to stare at him with Asrok looking onto them with a please look on his face. He had requested that the three of them would work together and gather all of the items. He furthers support his proposal saying that the competition was weird. Having only one objective as a rule. Nothing else says otherwise upon the paper. Both the other two refused to work with him causing him to be shocked beyond belief. Asrok frowned when he had heard that the two knew what he was up to and his end goals after all. As he was forcefully nodding abiding by the hard facts hitting against him, he sighed in defeat and wave them off allowing the two to grin smirkingly amongst themselves. Thus departing from him leaving him on the spot.There were no sound seconds after. The footsteps of his former friends were dispersed from his presence. Nothing will listen to him now and his claims. As his fur rustled among the cold winds blowing against him, Asrok raises his eyes to the horizon and breathed calming himself down. With no way of having support from the other two who deemed him as an enemy if he were to win, the only thing he would do is to not participate at it at all. He nodded to himself, his arms started to cross one another. With his eyes closed firmly and he smiled confidently to himself, his ears flickered suddenly. Lampposts that he had not seen before had started to flicker. Another laugh emerged in his ears, but it was not light. Rather it sounded demonic or something around that. With fear reinstalled upon him, Asrok opened his eyes and stared down the two streetways on either side of him. Waiting for that laugh to come forth, he mentally prepared himself for the inevitable and ran.Only that his eyes went wide when the laughs were gone from his ears. Faded out along the distant windless air that had surrounded him. All Asrok had heard was the silence that came afterward. But that too was short-lived after all. A scream emerged; scattering the silence as Asrok flinched and turned his head over to the source of the sound. The scream was familiar to him however and he grinned to himself mentally, knowing that it was Triveal and Kuvia. Both of which had gotten into trouble perhaps that they had taken one of the items already? Asrok shook his head laughing. Stopping himself temporarily as a thought dawned onto him. An item! He had forgotten that he was in this competition in the first place. So with his mind on the track again, he ran towards his right hoping that he would find something. But in his mind, he knew that he would not win at all.It was proven right when a loud unbearable ringing echoed in his ears startling him. But also telling him that the competition had ended. With Asrok sighing at last defeat, he turned his attention towards the available street paths that he could take. Taking him straight towards the center of the city where his fate will perhaps be sealed but the winners of the competition. Mainly, Triveal and Kuvia. As he returns to the center where the other two were constantly smirking onto him. He avoided their glances and kept his head staring somewhere else. Returning to his original position, Asrok turned around and looked. A pink dog was in front of him to which Asrok growled lowly to himself muttering his name for his forgotten mind to hear. 然inachi.Rinachi smiled in amusement and glanced his eyes scanning onto the three in front of him. Then stepped forward and spoke with a loud voice for the three to hear.典hese will be the winners of the contest that will win the prize
R7: Fools CometherR7: Fool痴 CometherUsaka woke with a jolt. Yet nothing was contacting her. As her eyes flung open, she rose to her feet and looked about. Her surroundings were dark; there were four different routes that she could take. In front, behind and to her sides. She had wondered how she got here. Thinking back to her recent memories; she had remembered trying to ask the R7痴 leaders for some advice on her sister. Udaki. Without success, however. Luckily, they did not deem her as an enemy. Thanks to their recent non-aggression pact with one another. But even so. Even with that pact between them. Why did they throw her into the unknown? Many questions laid upon her mind. Many of which pertains to the leaders of the R7. Usaka shook her head and sighed to herself, a frown emerged from her eased worried face and her eyes shifted from one path to another as she pondered where to go.Four paths stood out before of her. Four paths were pitch dark. There were no lights hidden inside of them. Or lanterns or lamps as of the matter. Regardless, Usakai raised her paw above her head and pointed randomly. Not caring where she goes. Of where her paw had pointed to; she gasped in shock. A face revealed itself to her. No body was found underneath it. She stepped back, frowning as her eyes laid still staring down onto the face that returned its look to her. The face was pale. Eyes were big as stones that almost swallowed up the nose and the mouth. Tall ears spring up from the grounds of the forehead. Inside of those ears were huge white fur ovals that touch the base of the ear to the tip of it.Usaka continued backing off. Her feet moving backward until they had hit a wall behind her. Or at least what she thinks so. For behind her was another passage. One of the four that she had already recognized earlier on. Her feet somehow caught onto some metal wire levitated from the ground but was parallel to it. Accidently entering into the path opposite of where she was supposed to go, Usaka snapped her attention away from the face and looked to where she was going. Lowering her head to the grounds beneath, she had noticed that she had already picked a path. Opposite of where she was supposed to go, Usaka gasped and ran forward. Frantically shaking her head as sweat emerged and became moist upon her hard scales. Setting off a distinctive smell whenever sharks were anxious or something. Running towards the starting point, her mind started racing. As thoughts after thought emerged from her brain, pulling her back into the intended path that she had picked unconditionally. She unknowingly tripped over the metal wire underneath her and fell. But was not unconscious, however.She was breathing heavily. Her chest rises and lowered like the waves of an ocean. With her eyes opened after the short impact, she stared out onto the path opposite of where she was and looked. The face was gone. Nowhere to be seen exact. As her head pondered with questions as to what that was, Usaka slowly rises to her feet and dusted off anything that her scales had caught onto. Before turning around and headed to the path that she had 叢icked. Entering into it. A short walk away and somehow she had entered through an empty hallway. The walls parallel to her were pure white. Snowflakes emerged to her eyesight dancing around it like fairies while they descend to the flooring below her. Forming up to make a white bed for her to lay on, Usaki ignored it and raise her eyes to the horizon. Looking out ahead, she spotted a red brownish chair. Adjacent to it was a dead lamp and a small brown table. The table had some magazines on it. Some of which were dirty. Usaka shook her head and grounded her fangs together, shifting her head away as she walked forward. Closing in onto the chair, table and lamp but passes by it and turned the corner. She stopped and looked out once again, this time spotting a black small door up ahead.The walls in this part of the halls were animated. Bluish ring came forth towards her like a tidal wave. But no water for her to wash out to. As she watched the ring constantly come after her, Usaka took a deep breath. Relaxing before pushing forward where her feet began to move on. She walked down the halls. The ringing constantly rang in her ear. Windows began appearing after fifteen seconds or so or when she had gone deeper into the hallway. Whenever she passes by a window, she stopped for a chance to look outside. As she closed in onto one of the windows adjacent to her and lowered herself so she was faced to face with it, she looked. Something was there. Usaka knows it. A fainted face resembling a bunny was lingering in the dark void; staring and watching her as if it was a stalker or something. Usaka痴 heart sank. She never wanted to breed with a bunny. Shaking her thoughts away, she rose to her feet again and turned around one more time to look behind her. She had noticed that the chair had turned to face her. Usaka gulped and turned her head around, running.Never wanting to explore the rest of the way, she sped passed all the windows. Running down the halls till she reaches the end where the black door was waiting for her. Quickly, she slammed onto it and it broke surprisingly allowing passage for her to enter into. She took the opportunity. Getting into the next room, she looked around upon her newly founded surroundings. Noticing quickly that there were bookshelves all around her. But no books were found upon them however. A set of footsteps entered into her ears that had cause her to freeze in place and ponder if it was that bunny again coming to attack her. To her surprise, it was not. Another fox emerged into her eyes; he was staring down onto her. Frozen as well. In his paws were three other books. Aqua, Orange and Yellow. Usaka wondered what he was going to do with them. She stepped forward and walked slowly. Hesitating to speak for her mouth was seal by the recent bunny encounters. She passes by the fox who kept staring onto her before shrugging and moved on with his life. Disappearing towards the left side view of the large room that Usaka was in, she breathed a sigh of relief before she looked onto the opened space surrounding her.A large table was in front of her. Six chairs were surrounding it. All were empty. Usaka walked to the table in silence. Then she stopped and lowered her eyes to the table. Nothing was on it too. The table was cleaned. She frowned anxiously and pulled her eyes away from the table. Raised to the horizon where she had spotted another brown door above. A staircase emerged in between herself and it. Going around the table, she walked forth to the stairs and slapped her paw onto the finished railing to her side. Gripping it tightly, Usaka walked up to the second floor where she stopped in front of the door. Reaching to it, she gripped the knob and tilted it to one side. Usaka heard a click and pulled back; the door opened and allowed her through. Usaka entered without hesitation.However. She was right back where she had started. Only this time there were more ways than before. Six. Three on her left. Three on the right. All were opened. Nothing was inside of them. Usaka stepped forward, emerging herself from the door behind her exiting out. Into the light that flickered above her, she shielded her eyes with her fin and squinted her eyes around the place. Six ways. Each of the entrances were different in color and design. Although it was hard to describe how detailed they were in the small limited light that she was given. Shaking her head and opening her eyes a bit, she stared onto the first pair of ways and looked in.To her left was aqua. Opposite it was orange-yellow. The second pair of doors had red and yellow. The last pair was green and purple. Usaka had wondered why these colors were unique and different from one another. But shook her head against the thought and pondered over something else. From recent past, she had remembered a fox holding three books. She had wondered what were they. As she tried to remember, her ears flickered and she heard something muttering out words or phrases. The door behind her knocked three times startling her as she turned around and looked. The door remained closed and locked much to her relief. But a slight worry while she wondered how long would it hold. Becoming worried, she flicked her head to the six doors before running to the left door of the first pair. Entering in.A warm breeze entered and brushed against her cold scales as she shivered. Usaka pulled her tail closer to her warm freezing body as she looked out onto the distance and wondered where she was. A huge room stands before her. A large pool laid in front of her. It was six feet deep. To the poolsides were two small stairways for residents to enter into the pool. Even herself. But she went against that idea and instead walked to the edges stopping herself. As she drew closer to the pool; she realized that the outer layers were wet as if some customers had exited out. She slipped and nearly fell; catching her balance by spreading her arms apart as her eyes widened with fear. Her breath stopped momentarily before able to breathe once again. She sighed relieved of herself. Rubbing her eyes as she raises her head from the grounds underneath and spotted someone on the opposing side. Her sister. Udaki.Shocked and in disbelief, Usaka rubbed her eyes again and stare again. Her sister was not there. In her place was a traffic orange white stripe cone with a yellow sign attached to it. She frowned and leaned back, raising her eyes onto the ceiling above her while she mesmerized and relaxed. But she knows she cannot. The door behind her opened and she turned around looking. There, revealed to her, was the familiar face. The bunny face that stalked her through in the first room before. Usaka jolted and raised up quickly. At the same time, she lost her balance and fell onto the poolside where a splash emerged surrounding her as she descended into the depths of the pool. Closing her eyes she fell asleep.When she came through, she raises her head and upper body high releasing it from the grounds below her. She had noticed that she was back at the start. The second or third room that had six paths for her to choose. But one of them was closed off and locked. That door was the aqua door to her left. She heard someone sighing on the other side of it and shook her head. Getting onto her feet once again, she turned her attention to the opposing side of the closed locked door. The yellow door. She entered without hesitation, curious as to what contains inside.Another short hallway. A dead-end was on the opposing side. The walls were yellowish pink. Lamps were attached to those walls and were lit. Shining their lights upon the darkened hallway. Illuminating the way for Usaka to entered through, she just froze and widened her eyes staring at the end. Someone was there in front of her; within arm痴 reach it seems. That same bunny face that she had seen before. But this time with a body. The body of a tall rabbit. With the lights illuminating the way and allowing both combatants to see each other, Usaka took a good moment to see who this figure was. The face was huge. Red big pupils stretched among the eye. Almost covering the whiteness around the pupils to the point of almost not seeing it at all. The ears were stretched upward reaching the ceiling above them. The inner part of the ears had no hole. The eyes were big; covering up the majority of the upper part of the face. Allowing the nose and mouth to shrink down in size to compensate the eyes. Six white old whiskers were surrounding the nose. Split into three groups on each side.The body was tall and slim. With that kind of body built, Usaka guessed that the figure could run very fast. Almost as fast as any other animal that lives in this realm. Long thin arms stretched from the shoulder blades of the rabbit痴 body. The feet that supported the body were short. The rabbit itself was silent. Usaka stepped back. Fear boiled in her stomach. Her eyes widened; pupils shrinking to smaller size. She stepped again then another. Colors of her scales faded to white. She had wanted to run away. But knows that she could not for the rabbit was before her. Usaka continued to takes steps and precautions. Reaching the door behind her, she stretched her arm out behind and snatched the perimeter of the door. Usaka opened the door. The whining emerged to both their ears as she watched the rabbit before her walked forward. Gradually getting speed as time went on. Taking that time, Usaka opened the door wide and exited out from the halls. Quickly, she closed the door behind her. But it was already too late. Somehow, it got to her first. With a gasp and fear heat biting her neck, she pulled free from the intruder. Shut the door on the rabbit, cutting its arm off from the rest of the body as it fell to the flooring unconscious.With tears pooling on her eyes, her vision blurred. She sat onto the ground, her head hang low. Her heart was pounding against her chest, the fear still upon her face. Visible as the sun. Her tail curled around her as teardrops fell from her eyes onto the grounds. Wetting the flooring below. Usaka was almost bred. She was lucky that she got out of it at all. But her mind raced back to the image of that rabbit. Her head shook. 選t was not a rabbit at all. She thought to herself, forming fists against her fins as her sharp fangs remained visible. 禅hat is not a rabbit at all She trailed in her mind. The thought still stuck inside there while she got up to her feet slowly. Pulling herself together and stared at the last door.Her eyes narrowed. She started growling as she stomped forward to the door痴 entrance. Without hesitation, Usaka started pulling against the doorknob. Ripping it from the door itself and thrown to the floor behind her. Forming a fist, she smashed against the door breaking it apart. Usaka walked inside, her mouth opened and tautly shouted out towards the R7痴 leaders. Rinachi and Akino. Her mouth curved upward; and her fangs showed covering up the depths on the other side of her mouth. Usaka was angry, frustrated and abused. All of those feelings mixed into one as her pup days flew by her head. Showing memory after memory of what had happened in the past. The massacre of the shark population by those stranger figures that surrounded them and the death of her adoptive dad. How the R7 had refused to go to war against her faction, the NSC. EverythingBut something had stopped her. Something that had caught her attention at once. Ahead of her, she froze and stared. Unbelieved of what she had recognized from such an early age. In front of her were brown and black boxes. All written upon them were the words 禅oys. Inside of them were corps of sharks laid dead piling up filling them. Besides the boxes were machine guns. Black long weapons that leaned against the walls on either side of the boxes. Usaka stepped back. Gasping in shock, horrified and fearful of what had become of her species. The door closed behind her and locked her in.
R7: Uncirculated ScreamsR7: Uncirculated ScreamsHis eyes opened wide and looked to his surroundings wondering where he was at. A darken room emerged before him, silence inside his ears. Shavuro noticed black computers were stationed in every office and corner of the room. Surrounding them were silver grayish walls. Getting up onto his feet, his eyes shifted towards the brightness to his right and spotted a computer next to him. He looked on with confusement and stared onto the screen watching the white bluish bar fill up with its black liquid before sounding the alarm that it was done. Shavuro was startled when he heard the noise and flinched, closing his eyes before opening them to look at the screen again. Tilting his head to one side as he looked again; staring onto the brighten screen. The bar was filled up all the way. Three digits emerged to the bar's right followed by a percentage after it. The four characters were written in black so that they were easier to read.The screen vibrated; then something hummed loudly on his right. Shifting his attention from the screen to a desktop device over to his right side, Shavuro gasped as it popped out the disk. He hesitated and whimpered to himself, often arguing with himself whether or not shall he take it and the consequences that come after. But in the end, he took it. Suddenly, the lights that once flooded the room had flickered off. The fans and the air vents were sealed tightly preventing any air from getting out. The plants that were off into the corner of the room withered turning color from green to red or yellow. Shavuro scanned around his surroundings and stared in silence as the lights were gone from his eye sights and so was everything else. Leaving nothing but himself and the computers that were around him, Shavuro raised to his feet and narrowed his eyes before lowering his eyes looking onto the disk that he was holding in his paws.The disk was pale. Segments of colors reflected from the surface of it. Shavuro flipped it over and looked to the other side of it. There was a written word imprinted onto the disk. But due to the darkness around him, it was rather hard to see. All he could make out were the letters 'B,a,s,p,o,I,g' whatever that means Shaking his head, he pulled his eyes away from it and stared onto his surroundings as the three doors opened and revealed their paths to Shavuro. But at the same time as the opening of the three doors, a howl emerged into his ears and sucked all the color from his fur while his eyes widened, knowing that familiarity of the tone. As he whispered to himself, he stepped back from the computer that he was using and ran. It was a short distance away from his computer to the closest door behind him, which he took for granted as he entered in. Never once wanted to tangle with the dog.He had remembered that dog from the recent competition. That same dog that tried to bite his face off and reveal who he was. Shavuro had remembered he hated that dog ever since it set paw upon the large room and that dog, in turn, smiled at him like a human actually would. Sometimes that would distract him from his current real job. But he could not shake it at all. That dog was only smiling at him and him only. Why? Shavuro found himself stomping his foot in anger as he relived the memories that happened yesterday morning. Growling softly to himself and stabbed the ground in anger, Shavuro momentarily paused and turned around staring through the cracks of the opened door. Had his noises caught wind of the dog? Shavuro wondered to himself as his eyes shifted and peered ahead of him. After a short while of looking through the limited visions he created for himself, Shavuro spotted him. He was in fact, staring back onto him. A widened grin emerged and stretched back to the cheeks of the dog; growing that grin wider. Its ears were pulled back yet its eyes were trained on him. Shavuro turned himself around and slammed his back against the opened cracked door behind him. Closing the door on accident, he gasped in shock startled as he flinches and stepped back from it. Now the dog knew where he was. It was a matter of times before it caught up to him and Shavuro knew that, however as he ran away.Running across the shorten halls; he reaches another room that entered onto his sights. A white sign emerged across from where he was standing. Posted onto the grayish wall before his eyes with a black single word and an arrow pointing westward. From afar, Shavuro squinted his eyes and read to himself 'stairs' before turning his eyes away looking over to his left side. Staring onto a silver door with a pair of yellow lights flashing; Shavuro said nothing but turned his eyes over to the opposing side. Looking onto a regular door, he ran to it never once thinking twice. As he reaches the door, he slammed his paws against the surface of the door. Pushing it forward hearing the door unlocked, he noticed the door opening on its own allowing him passage through it as he entered onto the other side. The door closes behind him. Shavuro then looked to his left; noticing a darken hallway laid before him. Red lights were shimmering on both sides. Glowing intensively before fading out seconds later. It glowed onto its surroundings and showed the way forward. Towards the end of it all as another door ahead; but the flooring there had turned to dried blood. There were at least two paw prints imprinted onto the door handle, Shavuro presumed as he looked on.But before he could make any more suggestions, a sharp crack entered into his ears and startled him as he stepped to the side. His eyes shifted to his right and his paws were waving at different heights. Leaning forward, Shavuro kept his eyes upon the door and looked for a short time before calming himself down. Before he could, the dog slammed its face against the door; that smile pulled back showing bloody fangs as if it was ready to enjoy a fresh meal. Shavuro screamed in terror and sprinted off running for his life. He ran down the halls; never once looking behind to see if the dog creature was there. Shavuro knew he was there, he could smell the rotten flesh that the dog was bearing. As he continued running down, he hears the door open faintly behind him. He paused and looked. Peering his eyes upon the halls that he had crossed to. But to his surprise, the dog was not there. Only the door remained opened before closing afterward, and nothing came before it. Was Shavuro lucky? He was tensed and on the edge; as if he was ready to die from a heart attack or something. Breathing heavily through his nose, he sharply inhaled and growled before turning around. Just as he does that, a dog suddenly leaps into the air crashing onto his chest and forced him down onto the cold ground. Shavuro started screaming and threw his paws upward trying to shove the dog away from his body.Remaining like it for a few seconds more, Shavuro resumed twisting and turning himself around until his eyes were opened. Onto his chest was a green cobra, giggling to himself before slithering away and disappeared into the darkness, Shavuro in turned was confused and found himself scratching the back of his head wondering what had happened to him. He looked to his paws then his body; he was fine and fully functional. Nothing was broken or misalign. And that brought him into another question. Was he just imagining things or was it real? It had to be real. Shavuro saw that dog creature thing launched at him without warning to do what? Shavuro wondered. But another howl breaks his thoughts as he turned behind him again. Towards the door, Shavuro perhaps spotted the dog staring at him through the window and he ran off reaching the door a few moments later.Opening the door, he walked inside. The door remained shut and locked itself out. Shavuro used the remaining time to see his surroundings. But all he sees were stripes of silverish gray monitors and a door before him. The monitors had a panel on them. Red and green blinking lights emerged into his eyes. They were everywhere and even around him. Shavuro raised his paw and mentally counted them all; finally landing onto ten or eleven. He frowned after and stepped forth towards the pair of monitors next to him. Closing in onto the monitors; he noticed a blue screen that pops into his face. It shines dimly to prevent causing eyes to strain. As he stared onto the screen; he noticed several things. A blue button to his right; a green opposite of where the blue was and a red dead center. On the top and bottom of the screen were white letters forming into words. Shavuro shuffled through his fur; grabbing onto a disk that he had acquired since he had entered into here and shoved it inside. Suddenly, the machine hummed loudly. Then the door opened allowing him through.Without hesitation, he walked to the door and exited out from the room behind him. Leaving it behind for a hallway that splits paths, Shavuro looked to his left and right sides and picked which direction he had wanted to go. Heading left would lead him into a black door; circulating himself around to his starting point and where that dog would be waiting for him. To the opposite side would lead him to a staircase getting him into the second floor. Shavuro did not want to end up circling around and turned his attention to the right heading up the stairs. The flight was long and there seem to be many steps involved. A black railing is on his left, in case he falls or something was off balance. Yet Shavuro was careful nonetheless as he raced to the second floor above him. Once he reaches it, the door on the previous floor had opened with a bang. Shooting a sudden sound that escalated into his ears, Shavuro was startled that he nearly leaned back in an attempt to fall down the stairs. Luckily, he hanged onto the railing.Shavuro started to run. His breathing heavy upon his nose as it sharply drew breath from his chest and lungs. But he had no direction of where to go. As he emerged a short way to another split in the halls, his ears flickered warning him about the sudden loud growl pitches that he hears behind him indicating that the dog was close and ready to kill him. Shavuro gulped nervously and turned his attention towards the two paths on either side of him. Both were concealed in darkness leaving nothing to see whatever was inside of them. Although there seem to be some light and lamps hanging about as they glowed trying to penetrate the darkness around them. But it remained dark. Shavuro shifted his eyes on both paths as the running and barking behind him grew louder. Then he had picked and stick with it to the end and plunged himself into the fields of darkness that laid around him. Hopefully the dog would not spot and try to chase after him while he looks for his objective. Shavuro just hopes.He slowed himself down. His eyes stared up to the horizon before him and stretched his ears hoping to listen to the quietness that laid around him. As the soft ringing echoed into his ears, Shavuro sighed quietly to himself yet his heart remained pounding against his chest. He walked through the remains of the path until it sharply turned to the left pointing into a new direction ahead. A chair and a table were sitting next to one another upon the corner. Shavuro passed it and walked further. By now, the silence was unbearable. The ringing intense in his ears causing a sharp pain in his eardrums. His body felt heavy after such a work out to its end and seems to be dying without nourishment. Shavuro held his stomach as it growled and peered his eyes ahead looking for the end. He walked on and on through the path; never finding the end as all he had seen was the darkness around him. His condition got worst by the second and he forced himself to stay put while groaning in pain. His stomach growling loudly as he held onto it. Shavuro looked around the halls that he had stopped in wondering where it was. He rested for a few seconds or more before getting himself on the move again. Reaching the end of the second hallway, Shavuro groaned again and turned back. Wondering where he had missed as he mentally traced his mind back again.But before he could, he felt a warm glow behind him. Shavuro sharply turned around and looked behind himself. Spotting a white glowy light that shines onto his face and body, Shavuro smiled faintly and stepped towards it whereas it disappeared before his eyes and all he hears were the machinery whirring and humming in the backgrounds. Shavuro looked around and wondered where he was at. A large room it was. Filled to the brink of becoming a full storage room, Shavuro marveled at his surroundings. There were many pieces of equipment scattered around him. Many were of them large while others were small. In the center of the room stood two containers. One was the robot dog; the other was the real dog. Shavuro turned his attention to the containers and smiled faintly to himself as he stepped forward. A brown thin device popped out in front of him; Shavuro fished for the disk and popped it inside it before looking over at the containers.A bright white light brightens the two; destroying any details that were left upon them as Shavuro stepped back and raised his paw to shield his face. The light stopped a second later and a sharp sound bang interrupted the silence around him. Behind him came rapid footsteps and Shavuro turned around looking. A wolf stood behind him that same wolf that Shavuro saw during the competition, he thinks the name was 'Boaov' or something. As he stared at the wolf and him in turn, silence fell between them. No words were exchanged. Nothing as the lights turned off and shut down the entire large room that they were in. However, the silence was short lived. Came from the sounds behind Shavuro were the sharp angry growls from the dog behind him. For he turned around and gasped with his eyes widened opened. Before he could react, Boaov kicked his legs and forced him down onto the grounds where he remained until the dog bit into him.A sharp uncontrolled scream escaped his lungs and the last of his soul was gone.
Vampire and Werewolf GP Batch 61-80 (14/20) by Owlhana
the siblings by Owlhana
Jin Hao | CH 0 | The Legend (VIDEO) by Owlhana
Kantara and Zahhak's Vessel
It was a stormy day out. Heinrich, Sagiv, Behrukh and Alsie sat in Heinrich痴 basement. Sagiv and Alsie played on their phones, Heinrich played his Kantara game, and Behrukh watched curiously.釘oom! Headshot! Heinrich shouted, jumping up. Behrukh clapped her hands, seeing that Heinrich had just beaten the level.敵ood job, Heinrich! Behrukh cheered. Heinrich grinned, proud of himself, but then a sorrowful look crossed his face and he sat back down.展hat痴 the matter? Alsie asked, gazing at him. He forced a faint smile.的 miss Kantara, Heinrich replied sadly. Alsie cocked an eyebrow.添ou miss her? What? She asked, confused. Sagiv smiled.添eah, they were cool, weren稚 they? Sagiv agreed. Heinrich nodded, and Sagiv put a hand on his shoulder. Alsie and Behrukh exchanged confused glances.Suddenly, there was a loud bang. The four jumped high in the air, frightened, and when they came back down, there was a large vortex in front of them, coming out of the TV. Alsie and Behrukh stared in fear, grabbing onto each other, but a large smile spread over Heinrich痴 face.哲o way! It痴 back! It痴 back! Heinrich set his controller down and jumped up and down excitedly. Behrukh and Alsie gave him confused, unsettled looks, and Heinrich grabbed Sagiv痴 shoulders and shook him. 鉄agiv, Sagiv, it痴 back, it痴 back!箔I can see, Sagiv responded, not as enthusiastic as his best friend. Heinrich turned and bounced over to the vortex, sticking his hand in and giggling.擢eels funny! Heinrich beamed, pulling it back out. He looked at his friends. 鏑ast one in is rotten sauerkraut! With that, he jumped into the vortex, vanishing.滴einrich! Behrukh shrieked, and the two girls jumped forward, their arms out in fear.泥on稚 worry, he痴 fine, Sagiv reassured, walking to the vortex. 的t痴 only a portal.箔Only a portal?! Are you nuts?! Alsie hissed.展here does it lead? Behrukh queried, holding onto Alsie tightly.展hy don稚 you hop inside and find out? Sagiv gave them a smile, and he stepped inside the portal, vanishing. Alsie and Behrukh exchanged frightened glances.展ell, I知 not a scaredy-cat! Alsie started, letting go of Behrukh. 的知 following the boys!箔But Alsie! Behrukh wailed, her grip on Alsie痴 shirt tightening. 展hat if it leads to someplace dangerous?箔Heinrich may not be the smartest but I trust Sagiv knows what he痴 doing! So, if he痴 fine with going, so am I! Alsie explained. She gave Behrukh a soft look. 哲ow are you coming with me or not?韮ehrukh nodded, gulping, and the two stepped in the portal. They felt their bodies being sucked forward, and the two girls let out shrieks of terror as their bodies spun. That moment, they felt themselves fall. They soon hit the ground, groaning.溺y head hurts... Behrukh whined, sitting up and rubbing her head.釘ehrukh! You okay? Alsie asked, sitting up and putting a hand on Behrukh痴 shoulder. Behrukh nodded, whimpering, and the two girls looks around. They were in grass, with tall pines surrounding them. 展here are we? Alsie asked.展ho are they? A voice came. The two girls looked over to see Heinrich and Sagiv standing with two girls and... a Nāga? Behrukh and Alsie quickly got to their feet and swiftly walked over.鄭lsie! Behrukh! You two decided to come! Heinrich beamed happily.鄭re these two of your friends? One of the new girls asked. Alsie and Behrukh peered at her. She, the other girl and the Nāga looked very familiar. Could it be? No way...添ou guys don稚 happen to be Kantara, Mariola and Prahela from Heinrich痴 game? Alsie asked, her eyes wide with shock.添ou guessed correctly! Mariola laughed. She walked forward and held out her hand. 的知- well, you know me! I知 Mariola! You two are?箔I知 Behrukh, and this is Alsie, Behrukh introduced herself and Alsie. Kantara and Prahela shook their hands as well, and Mariola痴 eyes scanned the crowd.滴ey! Is Oscar here? She asked. Sagiv looked at her, shaking his head.哲o, he isn稚, Sagiv replied. Mariola痴 smile faded.展ell, glad to have you four here, Kantara gave a small smile.的t痴 been so long, hasn稚 it, boys? Prahela said to them.典oo long! Heinrich responded, and Prahela laughed.迭ight you are! Prahela held out her hand, and Heinrich gave it a high five.Kantara turned and headed the opposite direction. 的知 glad I have a car big enough to fit all six of us in. She said.展ho isn稚 riding? Behrukh asked. Prahela slapped her back, and Behrukh winced.溺e, silly! Prahela laughed. 添ou think a 20 foot long Nāga can fit in a Jeep?箔Oh, Behrukh giggled.The six climbed in the jeep, and Kantara turned on the engine. Heinrich waved goodbye to Prahela, and Kantara took off, dust flaring up behind them. They traveled on a dirt road, and Sagiv leaned forward.鉄o where exactly are we? Sagiv asked Kantara. She kept her eyes on the road.鄭bout an hour outside of Ankara, Kantara responded. Sagiv gave a nod and his eyes grew wide.徹h, so Turkey! He grinned. Heinrich clapped his hands together excitedly.徹ooh, Sagiv and I have been to Turkey! Heinrich shouted, the paused. 展ell, in our dimension.箔And definitely not the capital, Sagiv added, chuckling.Behrukh and Alsie exchanged excited glances and looked outside the jeep as it reached a paved road. It was heavily wooded, but very dry, and the sun beat down on them. Thankfully, Kantara had the air conditioning going.展hat were you doing all the way out here? Behrukh questioned curiously. Kantara shot her a glance in the rearview mirror, but quickly averted her eyes back to the road.展e were searching for an ancient Persian artifact, a vessel, Kantara replied. 的t痴 said to hold the power of an evil king. Her grip tightened on the wheel and she furrowed her eyebrows. 釘ut a man by the name of Augustin is after it as well. However, he only wants it for the power.箔So, we can稚 let him get it, can we? Alsie asked. Kantara shook her head and kept driving.About an hour passed. Up ahead, they could see a big city. Their eyes grew wide- it was Ankara, the capital of Turkey! The car headed into the city, and it was bustling with people. Music played in the streets, and marketplaces were busy. A large building with a rounded top and pillars on the sides stood in the center. Sagiv stared at it.的s that the Kocatepe Mosque? Sagiv asked, gazing at a large, beautiful mosque. Kantara smiled.鉄mart boy, Kantara replied. Heinrich gave Sagiv a high five, and Behrukh and Alsie marveled at the site of the beautiful mosque.Kantara parked the jeep in front of a building, and Kantara got out. The others crawled out as well, and Kantara locked the car. Mariola opened the doors up for them, and they thanked her as they stepped inside.Kantara approached a woman at the counter, and the woman gave them keys to their rooms. Kantara had purchased another room for the new four.They headed to their rooms, and Sagiv unlocked the room for him and his friends. They stepped inside, and Kantara stopped by. 展e値l give you a few minutes to rest, but we致e got to get moving after that. There痴 someone we値l need you to meet. Kantara said before dipping out of the room.Alsie sat on one of the beds, taking a deep breath. Her eyes were wide as she took in everything that had happened. Behrukh crawled up next to her, smiling at her warmly.展ow Alsie痴 voice trailed off, and Behrukh nodded her head. 的t痴 a lot to take in, isn稚 it? Sagiv asked, looking at the girls. They sighed and nodded their heads.Heinrich was staring at the now closed door where Kantara was standing moments earlier. A large smile was present on his face, and Alsie couldn稚 help but laugh.哲ow I know what you meant earlier when you said you missed her. Alsie told him. Heinrich looked at her, his body shaking.展ow! I can稚 believe I知 here with my hero again! Heinrich grinned, jumping up and down. He danced around the room, rambling to himself about how cool Kantara was and how happy he was to be with her again.Behrukh smiled at Sagiv, curiosity flashing in her eyes. 鉄o this is your second time with Kantara? What happened during the first? She asked him. Sagiv chuckled.的t was last year, and she was in Laos. We had to fight off some undead monster. Sagiv replied. Behrukh nodded, thinking hard. This was a completely new experience for her, she never thought would be possible. Heinrich was still dancing around the room until Alsie grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, stopping him. 徹kay Heinrich, Kantara said we need to rest! She told him. He gazed at her in indignation.釘ut how can I rest when I知 with Kantara? He asked. Sagiv laughed and shook his head.After about a half hour of the four sitting and chatting in the hotel room, a knock came on the door. Heinrich immediately jumped to his feet and threw open the door. Kantara stood there, unsurprised by Heinrich痴 bubbling enthusiasm.鼎ome on, you four. We池e gonna have you meet someone, and we need to discuss the plan to get this vessel. Kantara ordered. Heinrich raced out of the room, and the other three followed suit, albeit slower than Heinrich. Kantara shut the door behind them, and they met up with Mariola and headed to a restaurant.滴ope you all like Turkish food, Kantara said as they entered the restaurant. Alsie took a deep breath in through her nose.添um! I don稚 know about you guys, but I知 starving! Alsie grinned, rubbing her belly. Sagiv pulled out some money.典hink they値l take American money? I don稚 have any Lira. Sagiv laughed. Kantara shot him a grin.的致e got you covered, Kantara told him. He smiled thankfully, and she brought them to a table. There, a woman sat, clad in a headscarf. She smiled upon seeing them.鉄alaam! The woman greeted. 的知 Muna Yazdan. They greeted her and introduced themselves; Muna shook hands with the women and softly bowed for the two men. They then took their seats. 溺una will be working with us; she has extensive knowledge in Persian history and culture. Kantara told them. Muna dipped her head and smiled warmly.的t痴 nice to meet you! Behrukh grinned. Muna grinned at her.哲ice to meet you too! Muna responded. She then pulled out some documents and set them on the table. 哲ow, what do you all know about Persia?箔That Greece totally kicked their asses in the Greco-Persian Wars! Alsie drove her fist in the air, her Greek accent evident. Muna sighed heavily, a bit of an irritated look on her face.展ell, besides that. Muna replied bitterly. Heinrich elbowed Sagiv in the ribs, and Sagiv opened his mouth to speak.的t was centered in Iran, it was founded by Cyrus the Great and it only lasted for around 200 years. Sagiv explained. Muna smiled at him, nodding her head in respect.迭ight you are! And what religion did they follow? Muna asked him. Sagiv thought for a moment....Zoroastrianism, I believe? Sagiv said. Muna snapped her fingers.釘ingo! And that痴 what we値l be looking at today. Muna grinned, shuffling through her documents. 展e池e on the hunt for an ancient Persian vessel, rumored to be here in Turkey. Her eyes clouded. 的t痴 said to hold the power of the ancient evil king Zahhak, a figure in Persian mythology and Zoroastrianism.熱una explained to them the story of Zahhak. He ruled as a ruthless king, and had two snakes coming from his shoulders. These snakes were venomous and hungry, and to keep them from eating him, Zahhak fed his subjects to these snakes. Zahhak waged a war against Jamshid, the ruler of the world, eventually killing Jamshid and becoming ruler of the world. He took Jamshid痴 daughters as slaves.Eventually, after years of terror under Zahhak痴 rule, a man named Feraydun was able to rise up against Zahhak, killing him and setting the kingdom free from Zahhak痴 oppressive rule.滴owever, Zahhak痴 power still remains and lies dormant inside this vessel. Muna told them. 擢eraydun sealed his power away inside the vessel, hiding it so no one could find it and gain Zahhak痴 evil power. 釘ut this Augustin guy, he痴 trying to get it? Heinrich asked. 展hy?箔He痴 always been hungry for power. And he痴 entitled. Kantara grimaced. Her tone seemed annoyed. She pulled out a picture from her pocket and showed the table. 典his is him. Know his face.尿 waiter came by and took their order, bringing out Dner kebap and Pilaf along with water. They ate their food, discussing their plan of action. 展e値l head back to my place, Muna started, taking a sip of her water. 的 have a giant map, and I値l calculate where I believe the vessel is located according to my documents. There, we値l go grab it, and fight of any of Augustin痴 men if we run into them. 擢-fight? Behrukh stuttered, her eyes growing wide. Kantara gazed at her and gave a nod, her eyes dark.添es, they know we池e after the vessel as well. There痴 no doubt Augustin will have men that値l try to kill us if they see us. Kantara explained to her. Behrukh gulped and sank back into her seat, and Heinrich slammed his fists on the table, knocking everyone痴 waters over. They glared at him, but he paid no mind.滴ell yeah! It痴 not a Kantara adventure if there痴 no danger involved! Heinrich shouted in excitement. 展ell, eat up! You need your energy for our adventure. Muna ordered, dabbing the napkins on her lap where the water Heinrich knocked over trickled down. The others obeyed and quickly ate, famished. Once they were done, Kantara and Muna paid, and they went on their way.The seven headed to a house not far outside Ankara, up on a small hill surrounded by Turkish pine. It was a small house, cozy and tucked away from the busy life of Ankara.They parked the car and got out, and Muna unlocked the house and they stepped inside. It was nice and cool, and Muna gestured the rest to come inside.的 wonder if I have service in this dimension? Alsie questioned, holding her phone up. Behrukh stood by her and looked at her phone, and Alsie grimaced. 泥arn! I don稚.粘agiv looked at all the items Muna had in her living room. There were paintings of important Zoroastrian figures and photos of her and her family.溺una, is your family back in Tehran? Sagiv asked. Muna looked over at him from the table.添es! I get to visit them regularly, though. She responded, returning her attention to the books and documents.Heinrich joined them, watching them as they sorted through the documents. Muna and Kantara looked at a map of Turkey. Muna thought hard as Kantara read the documents.鄭hah! I got it! Muna shouted. Everyone looked over at her. 鄭fter gathering together my studies, I know where the vessel is! It痴 right here! She circled an area on the map.典hat痴 not far from Ankara, Sagiv noted. Muna grinned at him.哲ope! Only a few hours out. She replied, rolling up the map. 展ell, Kantara, shall we get going?箔Definitely, Kantara said. She looked at the others. 鼎ome on, you all. After a few hours, they arrived at their destination, and Prahela was waiting for them. It was what looked to be just a small hill, dotted with trees. However, Muna was certain this was the spot.典here should be an entrance around here, Muna said, and she began to walk around the hill. The others followed her, and eventually, Muna found an entrance. It looked like a small tunnel, barely big enough to fit in, carved into the hill over the centuries. 的n there? Alsie asked, unsure. Muna nodded and turned on the flashlight on her phone. 添es, it痴 not gonna be conspicuous, Muna replied. She shone the light into the tunnel and began to crawl inside, being careful not to disturb any of the foundation. Heinrich chuckled and elbowed Sagiv in the ribs. 鏑ook at this hole! It was made for me! Heinrich laughed. Sagiv smiled softly, rolling his eyes. The others followed Muna inside, except Prahela, who was too big to fit inside. They crawled down the tunnel, deeper inside the cave, trying to fight their claustrophobia. Soon enough, the cave widened up, and Muna shone her light around the room.的t痴... not here? Muna whimpered, desperately searching the room for the vessel. 滴ow can it not be here? I don稚 understand! I thought I was accurate in my location!尿s Muna looked, Kantara noticed something on the ground. She walked up to it, inspecting it. She kneeled down and stared at the object, realizing what it was.鉄omeone痴 been here, Kantara muttered. Muna痴 distressed gaze flickered over to Kantara.鼎ome again? She asked, confused. Kantara put on some gloves and grabbed the object, showing it to them.鄭 cigarette butt? Sagiv questioned, tilting his head to the side. Kantara gave a nod.鄭ugustin doesn稚 smoke. Kantara said. 填nless one of his men does, someone else got it.箔W-what? Muna asked, puzzled.典his cigarette butt is fresh. They were just here. Kantara replied. She then took off out of the cavern. 鼎ome on, we致e got to get them!乃he others ran after her, and they headed in the opposite direction of the car. There, they saw a man, lighting a cigarette, muttering something under his breath. He heard their footsteps and swiveled his head to look at them, but it was too late for him to run. Kantara leapt at him, hooking her fingers into his shirt.展-what? Who on earth are you?! The man spat, bewildered. He tried to kick at her, but she stepped on his toes and he wailed.展here is it?! She hissed.鄭re you mad?! What are you talking about?! The man replied, feigning confusion. He wasn稚 a good actor.典he vessel! Kantara spat.展hat vessel? He lied again.泥on稚 play stupid with us, Muna growled. The man grimaced at her.展ho the hell are you guys? He asked, glaring at them. 鄭nd what business do you have with the vessel?箔It belongs in a museum, Kantara snarled angrily. 哲ot in the hands of an idiot.乃he man tried to get away, but Kantara was strong enough to hold him tight. He groaned in annoyance. Heinrich and Muna stood to the sides of him, poised to catch him if he did somehow escape.滴a, yeah, he chuckled bitterly. 的t痴 far away now, you値l never get it.箔Where is it?! Muna snapped. The man didn稚 budge.展hy would I tell you? He replied, cocking an eyebrow at her. She bared her teeth angrily.展e have ways of making you talk, Kantara told him. He rolled his eyes.添eah, sure, like I知 gonna buckle under some- he started, but Kantara snapped her fingers, and the snapping of twigs could be heard. He narrowed his eyes, not expecting much, but then the bushes parted and in slithered Prahela. The man痴 eyes grew wide and he tried taking off, but Kantara kept her grip on him. 展hat the hell is that?! He shrieked.Prahela approached him, and he shook with fear. She towered above him, baring her sharp fangs. 的 am venomous, she smirked. The man tried to scream, but the sound caught in his throat.哲ow, tell us where the vessel is, Kantara growled.徹-okay, okay! I値l tell you! Just don稚 send that thing after me! He whined. 展e池e taking it to a place a couple of hours from here! We池e planning on selling it on the black market to the highest bidder! He explained, giving them the address as Prahela inched closer.展hat痴 the place?! Kantara snapped. The man quickly gave them an address, and Muna quickly wrote it down. The man was near tears.撤lease let me go! Please, for the love of God! The man wailed. Kantara sighed.展e値l let you go, you池e of no use to us. Kantara let go of him and the man wasted no time in scurrying away, kicking up dust and he fled. Prahela shook her head, chuckling.滴umans are ridiculous. She laughed.Kantara dusted off her hands and turned to the others. 鄭lright, we致e gotta head to-熱una quickly interrupted her. 填h oh, bad news, Kantara. She started, furrowing her eyebrows in worry. 的致e heard of this place before, you need special permission to get in. Plus, you have to dress nice.箔That痴 never stopped Kantara! Heinrich gave Muna a wink, and Kantara nodded.滴einrich痴 right. We値l find a way in. Kantara agreed. Heinrich beamed at hearing Kantara validate him, and Kantara and her friends headed to their car, taking off back toward Ankara.Night time came. The stars were barely visible due to light pollution from the city, but the hills were dark. A building stood, nestled in the hills, its lights shining as fancy cars parked around it.Kantara parked their car outside and everyone got out, dressed fancy. Alsie looked back at the car, cocking an eyebrow. 滴eh, a little out of place, huh?禰einrich couldn稚 help but stare at Kantara in her dress. It was a darker colored one, with straps, and it hugged her figure perfectly. She looked over at him, and he quickly looked away, blushing. 的 have never worn something so nice before! Behrukh looked down at herself. Her dress was more flowy, with sleeves, and she wore a fancy head scarf.添ou look great, Behrukh! Alsie beamed. She wore a black tuxedo. 典hank you! So do you! The Wakhi girl replied, smiling sweetly. The two girls stared in each other痴 eyes, before Muna broke their concentration.展ell, it was great the museum director was able to pay for these fancy clothes so fast, and we got these earpieces. Muna stated, dressed similar to Behrukh. Concern was on her face. 釘ut how are we gonna get inside?葱antara gestured to Mariola, who was wearing her hair in an updo and a strapless dress. 展e致e got a little secret weapon here. Kantara told Muna. Mariola gave a heavy sigh and nodded her head.鄭lright, Mariola replied, running her hands down her body as she headed up to the entrance. A large bodyguard stood, and Mariola walked up to him.的D please? The man asked, his muscles rippling under his clothes. Mariola smiled and approached him, and the man quickly stepped in front of the door. 展oah there, lady! You can稚 get in unless you池e on the list.箔So you池e just going to leave a young lady out all by herself at night? She whined, hugging her figure. 釘ut it痴 so cold She pretended to start to cry, and the man frowned, looking sympathetic.鏑ook, lady, I can稚 go against the owner痴 orders, he responded, pleading with her. Mariola turned away, whimpering, and the man couldn稚 help but stare at her curves and how the dressed hugged her body. 徹h you池e right you can稚 Her voice trailed off sadly, but she then turned her head and peaked over her shoulder at the man. 的 was going to give you something really special too.乃he man痴 eyes shot up and met hers. What she said seemed to pique his curiosity, and the blood pumped through his veins. She ran her hand down her hips and waist, and he bit his lip.鄭-and what might that special something be, ma誕m? He asked her silently. She smiled and turned back to him, swaying her hips as she approached him. Mariola got close to him, planting a hand on his bulky chest and gently hooking her fingers into his tie.的f you come with me behind the building, you値l find out she whispered seductively. He stared down at her; being much taller, he could get a view down her dress. 鄭-alright he responded, grinning. She grabbed his tie and led him behind the building. A few moments passed, and eventually, Mariola reappeared, alone, fixing her hair.滴orny bastard, she growled. The entrance was now unguarded after Mariola took out the bodyguard. The group could freely enter, so they did just that. The lights were low, and classical music played. They reached a large room, where people danced.鄭lright, Kantara started, standing close to her friends. 的値l go look for the vessel with Heinrich. The rest of you, don稚 get yourselves into trouble.禰einrich beamed, his heart pumping in excitement, and he followed Kantara toward the back. Muna sighed and went to make sure they made it okay. 的知 gonna get some punch! Alsie smiled. 鼎ome with me, Behrukh! Alsie then took off toward the punch bar, and Behrukh happily followed. That left Mariola and Sagiv alone. 溺ariola... you致e been awfully quiet. Sagiv said, looking down at her. 鄭re you okay? He asked. She looked away sadly, tears forming in her eyes.的... She started, then looked back up at him. 滴ow痴 Oscar doing?粘agiv blinked in surprise at the question. 徹h, uh, he痴 great. He痴 got a girlfriend.箔A girlfriend? Mariola asked, shocked. 展hat痴 her name? What does she look like?箔Her name is Connor Levick. She痴 got short brown hair, she痴 really nice. Sagiv explained. Mariola bit her lip.徹h... that痴 good for him. She replied sadly. He gazed at her.的s that... what痴 bugging you? He asked. She nodded, fighting the tears in her eyes.添es.... she murmured. She wiped the tears from her eyes. 的致e been with lots of men, but Oscar... he was different! He was so nice and sweet... I wish I could still be with him. She shrugged her shoulders. 釘ut that痴 okay... as long as he痴 happy, I知 happy. She took a deep breath and regained her posture, looking up at Sagiv.的知 sorry, I had no idea you felt that way. Sagiv responded. She let out a sad laugh.的t痴 whatever... if he痴 moved on, I should too. She said. She forced a smile. 展ell... want to dance?粘agiv laughed and held out his hand, and Mariola took it into her own, and the two started to dance. The two moved around the dance floor, smiling and laughing.A new piece started to play. Sagiv痴 eyes lit up and he grinned. 徹h, I love this piece! It痴 Por Una Cabeza.箔You must know your classical music! Mariola laughed joyfully, starting to feel better.Kantara and Heinrich slipped into the back, and Kantara turned to face Heinrich. 鄭lright, I知 going to get a feel for where the vessel is. She kept her eyes on him. 的 need you to stay here and keep watch. Can you do that, Heinrich?箔Of course! Anything for you, Kantara! He saluted her, and Kantara nodded her head and walked away.Heinrich waited anxiously for his hero to return. She seemed to be gone forever, and fear rose up in him. What if she was being attacked and she needed help? Anxiety getting the better of him, he started to advance toward where Kantara vanished.適antara?... He said, looking behind him and walking backwards. Heinrich felt himself run into someone, and he whipped around, getting into a karate position. He then gasped at who he saw.鄭ugustin? He asked. Augustin stared down at him.徹h, if it isn稚 Kantara痴 little friend? He snickered. Heinrich glared at Augustin and opened his mouth to say something, but Kantara appeared behind him.鄭ugustin! Kantara hissed. Augustin glowered at her.適antara! He snapped, leaving Heinrich and getting close to Kantara. She glared daggers at him, and he laughed. 溺y, you look just as beautiful as you did back in college.箔I知 sorry... what? Heinrich asked. They ignored him.滴ow does it feel, Kantara? Knowing you broke my heart? Augustin growled. Kantara gritted her teeth angrily.添ou broke his heart? Heinrich questioned.添ou knew I loved you! You helped me out in history class- and when I asked you out, you said no! Augustin told her. Kantara balled her fists.鄭re you delusional? I wasn稚 required to date you! Kantara snapped. Augustin narrowed his eyes.添ou led me on! He retorted.的 was helping you out in history! How on earth is that leading you on?! Kantara snarled. Augustin grabbed her arm angrily, and she tried to pull away. 鏑et go of me, you creep!箔Get him, Kantara! Punch him in the face! Heinrich shouted, running at them. However, Augustin pulled her out the door- onto the dance floor. Heinrich gasped, and the door closed behind them.Augustin put his hands around her waist, and she was fuming, but looking around, she realized she couldn稚 make a scene. Instead, she sighed and put her arms around his neck. They danced around, and Kantara avoided eye contact.Mariola and Sagiv looked over, their eyes growing wide at seeing Kantara and Augustin. They exchanged glances, then swiftly made their way off the dance floor, grabbing Behrukh and Alsie and pulling them away too.展hat? What is it? Alsie asked. 的 was having fun downing all the punch!箔I think it was spiked, Behrukh whined, rubbing her temples.鉄omething happened. Kantara is dancing with Augustin, Mariola told them. They gasped, and Mariola talked through the earpiece.溺una! Meet us in the back. We have a situation. Mariola ordered silently.的値l be right there. Muna responded through the earpiece.They snuck towards the back, slipping past the doors and standing in the dimly lit hallway. Muna appeared there as well, frowning. They met up with Heinrich there too.溺una, did you see? Mariola asked her. She nodded, her eyes wide.添es, this is bad, she responded. Heinrich shook his head.鄭ugustin... tried asking her out in college? Heinrich asked, shocked. Mariola looked at him and nodded.添es, he flirted with her all the time, but you know her, she turned him down. Mariola answered.They heard footsteps coming down the hallway. They tensed up, and up ahead, they could see some guards. Their eyes landed on the group, and the guards ran at them.鼎an you guys fight?! Mariola asked.哲o! Sagiv and Behrukh wailed.The guards reached them, and they laughed when they saw the group痴 fighting poses. 徹h man, four little girls in dresses and two scrawny little boys. You think you can beat us? The lead guard mocked.鉄crawny?! Heinrich hissed, flexing his muscles under his tuxedo.的 wouldn稚 underestimate us, Mariola smirked.釘ring it on, little girl! The guard hissed. They ran at each other, and the guard threw a punch at Mariola. She dodged it and dropped to her hands, swinging her legs and hitting his with them, knocking him to the ground.One guard ran at Alsie, grabbing one of her arms, suspecting her as an easy target. She, however, punched him upwards, hitting his nose and cracking the bones. He let out a screech, grabbing his nose, and she took the chance to kick him in the knee, knocking him to the ground.展ow, Alsie, you can fight?! Behrukh asked her. Alsie took deep breaths and smiled at her.添es! My father made me take self-defense classes! Alsie responded. Behtukh痴 eyes shined.徹oh! Teach me! Behrukh beamed.的 will! Alsie grinned.A guard ran at Muna and Heinrich. He tried to punch them, but Muna blocked it with her forearm. She kicked up her leg and kicked him in the nose, and he stepped back, stunned. Heinrich then jumped forward and punched him in the face, and he fell onto his back, his head snapping against the hard floor.The guards ran away, bleeding and in pain. Mariola, Heinrich, Muna and Alsie high fived each other, and Sagiv and Behrukh cheered for them. They then made their way to the back room, where the artifacts where being kept. Two guards were guarding the room, and they glared at the six as they approached them.展hat are you doing here? One guard snapped.展e want in that back room, Heinrich said, pointing at the door behind them. They grimaced.添eah, tough luck, kid! The other guard growled. Mariola took a step forward.展ell, you see, there痴 something in there that doesn稚 belong to you. Mariola told them. They narrowed their eyes.鄭nd what makes it belong to you? One of them hissed. Mariola laughed.展ell, you see, it belongs in a museum. And that痴 what we池e here to do- put it in a museum, where it won稚 be damaged. Mariola replied. They laughed loudly.滴ow funny! The only way to get whatever you want is to bid on it, and win. One of the guards responded. Mariola giggled.展ell, it痴 two against six! She said. They laughed even harder.典wo trained guards against some little girls and irrelevant boys, gotcha, one of the guards mocked. Alsie grimaced.展hat痴 with these guards putting down women? She growled.The guards went to attack the group, and one threw a punch at Mariola, but she blocked it with her forearm. The guard then kicked her hard in the stomach, and she gasped for air, stumbling back. The guard laughed, and Mariola glared at him, cursing under her breath.Muna then jumped forward and landed a punch in his face. The other guard came around and grabbed her, throwing her on the ground. Alsie jumped and kicked the second guard in the back of the knees, knocking him to the ground.Heinrich ran at the first guard and tried to punch him, but the guard grabbed his arm, twisting it to the side. 徹w, ow, ow! Heinrich wailed, falling to his knees.Sagiv and Behrukh exchanged glances, then ran at the two guards. The second guard got to his feet, glaring heavily at the group. Fear pumped through Sagiv and Behrukh痴 veins- Neither had ever been in a fight before. However, they weren稚 going to let the guards hurt their friends any more.Sagiv kicked a guard hard in the groin, and the guard let out a shriek, falling to the ground. Sagiv then punched the guard square in the nose, and the guard grabbed his nose. Mariola stood back up and gave a roundhouse kick to the guard痴 face, knocking him unconscious.The other guard grimaced and tried to hit Behrukh, but she dodged it. She then stepped on his foot, shifting her weight so it was on his toes, and he groaned. Muna and Alsie ran at the second guard, and Muna jumped up and kicked him in the face, and Alsie punched upwards, hitting his chin and knocking him unconscious.The six stepped back, their chests heaving as they took deep breaths. Mariola bent down and grabbed a set of keys from one of the guard痴 pockets, and Heinrich and Sagiv took the unconscious bodies and hid them.Mariola unlocked the door and stepped inside, her eyes scanning the room. There were plenty of artifacts to be found, but she was focused on finding only one. It was the vessel! It was big and covered in Avestan text.滴ey, Heinrich, you致e got muscle, come help me lift this! Mariola grinned. Heinrich ran over and they approached the vessel. They bent down and hooked their fingers underneath it, lifting it up.展ow, this thing is ancient, Heinrich noted. Mariola let out a strained laugh, and the two carried it out of the room.Sagiv looked over his shoulder and gasped when a couple of men approached them. They tightened their fists, and one pointed at them.鏑ook! They池e stealing the vessel! One of them shouted.典hat痴 Augustin痴! Another hissed. Mariola grumbled something under her breath.滴einrich, you take it, she said, letting go. Heinrich stumbled.展hat?! Mariola! He shouted, gaining his balance. Mariola ignored him and raced at the men, and they got into fighting positions, laughing.Augustin and Kantara danced on the dance floor, the music speeding up. 添ou池e light on your feet. Dance much? He whispered in her ear, pressing his body against hers. She was seething.的 have to be in order to fight criminals like you, she replied angrily, resisting the urge to attack him. Augustin laughed, his grip on her tightening. 添our body looks fabulous in that dress he breathed, his hand traveling down her curves. Kantara grew even angrier. 的壇 like to see that dress on the floor, next to our bed...箔You池e a damn fool if you think I値l sleep with someone like you. Kantara muttered through gritted teeth. Augustin痴 smile grew wider.的 have ways of making you He said to her, and as the music reached its climax, he twirled her around.Mariola grabbed one of the men by his shirt and stepped on his foot, jamming her head up into his chin. The man痴 tongue was caught between his two rows of teeth, and the force from the head butt jutted his bottom jaw up, slicing the tip of his tongue off. Blood spurted from the man痴 mouth, and he let out a shriek of agony and fell to the ground. Heinrich set the vessel down and raced up to the other man, wanting to help. This man held something the other didn稚- a knife. Noticing the glimmer of light on it, Heinrich knew he had to be extra careful.The man swung the dagger at Heinrich, and Heinrich jumped out of the way. The man continued to swing his dagger, and Heinrich was just barely able to jump out of the way- but not without the dagger slicing the side of his clothes open and grazing his side.溺other fu-! Heinrich hissed, his hands racing to his side to stop the bleeding. Sagiv looked over, and his eyes grew wide with fear.滴einrich! He shouted. Heinrich痴 friends gasped, and anger surged up in them. Heinrich dropped to his knees, and Sagiv raced up to him.The girls attacked the man, pummeling him to the ground and giving him hell. Mariola ripped the knife from his hand, and he was afraid she was going to stab him, but Mariola wasn稚 that brutal. Instead, they beat him unconscious.The music stopped, and Augustin dipped Kantara back and planted his lips on hers, kissing her passionately. Kantara痴 eyes widened, and his tongue licked her lips as pure fury coursed through her veins.It was now Kantara痴 time to escape before the next song started. The second Augustin let go of her, she took off toward the back, wiping her lips on her hand in sheer disgust.She threw open the back door and ran down the hallway, reaching the group. Two unconscious men lay around them, and her friends were surrounding Heinrich. Their hands were on his side, and blood soaked his clothes.展hat the hell happened?! Kantara asked. Mariola looked up at her best friend.展e could ask you the same thing! Mariola responded desperately.添ou were dancing with Augustin! Muna worried. Kantara shook her head.典hat doesn稚 matter. Kantara quickly approached them, kneeling in front of Heinrich. 展hat happened, Heinrich? Are you okay?禰einrich stared into her eyes and he gave a soft smile. 添-yes, I知 okay, he responded, trying to surpress his groaning. 徹ne of those assholes just nicked me, that痴 all.韮ehrukh and Alsie got to their feet, running over to secure the vessel, terrified for their friend. Sagiv was silently weeping, his eyes and face wet. Muna and Mariola moved their bloodied hands to reveal Heinrich痴 wound.Kantara grimaced, feeling even angrier than before. 展e need to stop the bleeding. She ordered. 滴einrich, we値l need to take off your dinner jacket and press it against your wound. I can稚 assess it here, but I値l do that as soon as it痴 safe.禰einrich tried to move his arms to take off his jacket, but he winced and groaned in pain. Kantara shook her head and she and Sagiv helped him out of the jacket. His white shirt underneath was soaked with blood. Kantara took the jacket and pressed it against his wound, and he gritted his teeth in agony.鏑et痴 get out of here! Muna said. She and Mariola ran over to the vessel, picking it up. Behrukh and Alsie lead the way out, making sure no bad guys were in the way. Sagiv and Kantara helped Heinrich to his feet and supported him as they headed out, Kantara holding pressure on Heinrich痴 knife wound.The way out was easy. They were able to get the vessel to the car without any enemies interfering. Muna decided to drive so Kantara could keep applying pressure.The ride home seemed to last forever. Everyone was bruised and exhausted. They reached Muna痴 place first, where they dropped off the vessel.展e値l meet up in the morning. I need to take care of Heinrich first. Kantara told Muna. She nodded.徹f course. Muna replied. She and Mariola got the vessel inside, then Mariola drove them back to the hotel.It was late enough no one would see them enter, which was good, because seeing a group of bloodied and hurt people would raise a lot of questions. They hurried inside and to Heinrich and his friends room. Kantara laid him on the bed, and she helped him out of his shirt to examine his wound. Mariola grabbed their first aid kit from her and Kantara痴 room, handing it to Kantara. The wound was still trickling blood, but not nearly as much as earlier. His clothes were still stained.泥-do we need to take him to a hospital? Sagiv murmured sadly. Kantara inspected the wound, then shook her head.哲o, he値l be fine, she responded. 的t didn稚 cut him too deep. She grabbed some disinfectant and applied it to the wound, and Heinrich winced and gritted his teeth.釘astards Alsie hissed under her breath, gazing sadly at her friend as he writhed in pain. Kantara cleaned the wound, and Heinrich continued to squirm, muttering profanities in German. 典ry to relax, she murmured, and he nodded his head, growing slightly dizzy from the pain. After the wound was clean, she dressed it properly. Mariola grabbed some medicine from the first aid kit, handing them to Heinrich. 滴ere are some antibiotics and pain meds. She said. She then fetched him a glass of water and had him take some of the medicine.典hanks guys, he told them, his voice hoarse. He looked down at his now dressed wound.Kantara got to her feet. 典ry go get some sleep, Heinrich. She looked at his friends. 鄭nd you three. We致e got a big day tomorrow.箔Yes ma誕m! Behrukh smiled. 鼎ome grab us if you need anything. We池e right next door. Mariola gave them a wink, and she and Kantara turned and left the room, wishing them a good night.Sagiv sighed heavily. 的知 so glad it wasn稚 worse, Sagiv murmured, wiping his wet eyes on his sleeve.Alsie sat on the bed, itching to get out of her fancy clothes. 展hat an intense night! She grinned, grabbing her street clothes she changed out of earlier. 的知 gonna head to the bathroom to change out of this tux. With that, she headed to the restroom. Behrukh sat next to Heinrich. 的知 glad you池e okay! That must致e really hurt. 的t wasn稚 too bad! Heinrich responded. Sagiv stared at him.添ou don稚 have to lie. Sagiv replied. Heinrich glared at him, and Alsie came out of the bathroom, changed. She threw herself onto the bed.的知 gonna sleep so well tonight she murmured, already drifting off to sleep.Behrukh went to change, and as Alsie slept, Sagiv changed and helped Heinrich change. His pants were soaked with blood, and Sagiv grimaced.After they were all changed, they all climbed in bed. Heinrich was irritated he couldn稚 lie on his side, but he was exhausted, and he quickly fell asleep.Only a few hours had passed when Kantara received a phone call. In her sleepy daze, she thought it was Heinrich calling her- but then she realized he didn稚 have service here. Picking up the phone, she checked the caller ID.Muna.Kantara sat up straight and answered. 滴ello? She said groggily.適antara! Muna shouted through the phone. It sounded as if she was crying. 徹h Kantara, it was awful, my place, it痴 destroyed-涛Calm down, Muna! Kantara told her. At hearing this through her sleep, Mariola quickly sat up, fumbling to put in her glasses. Kantara stayed calm. 溺una, tell me what happened, slowly.韮etween sobs, Muna started recalling what happened: 的 was sleeping, and the vessel was in my room. I heard some banging, so I woke up, and men were in my room! They stole the vessel and ransacked my house!葱antara cursed under her breath. 鄭lright, Muna. Just stay calm. We値l be on our way. 溺y house is destroyed! Muna wept as Kantara hung up.展hat happened? Mariola asked, getting up out of her bed and getting dressed.典hey stole the vessel from Muna痴 house. Kantara responded, getting dressed as well. 鼎ome on, we got to get the others.箔Including Heinrich? Mariola asked, grabbing the door.的ncluding Heinrich. He値l be fine, I promise. She told Mariola as they raced next door.A loud bang came on the door. The four quickly woke up, and Behrukh went to the door to grab it. She opened it up, and Kantara and Mariola stood.的t痴 still dark out Behrukh frowned.典his is an emergency. Kantara hissed. 展e池e heading to Muna痴.乃hey reached Muna痴. She ran outside upon heading the Jeep pull up, and her eyes were red and puffy. The Jeep stopped, and Kantara demanded Muna to get inside. She did, and they were on their way.典ell us where they went! Kantara hissed. Muna was in hysterics.的-I don稚 know! She cried. 鄭re you hurt at all? Mariola asked, gazing sadly at her. Muna shook her head, wiping her eyes on her sleeve.展e had a bit of a scuffle as they tried to take the vessel, but that痴 mostly it. Muna responded. 的t痴 mostly just my house! My livelihood, it痴 destroyed!葱antara zipped down the hill leading from Muna痴 house. As she paid attention to the road, she thought hard. Where would Augustin have gone? Where would he have taken the vessel?摘xplain the car to me. Kantara growled. Muna took deep breaths and nodded her head, explaining the car to them. Kantara took note, and she took off toward Ankara.Kantara was pushing close to 70 miles per hour. They needed to catch Augustin, and fast. As the sun slowly rose above the horizon, in the distance, Kantara could make out a car one that matched Muna痴 description.典hat痴 it! That痴 it! Muna shouted, pointing.敵ive them hell! Heinrich yelled, the exhilaration of the chase getting the best of him.Kantara pushed the pedal to the metal and drove alongside the car. The men inside looked over, and their faces turned angry once they saw who it was.撤ull over! Kantara demanded. The driver flipped her off and drove even faster, leaving them in dust. They coughed and swatted the dust away in the air.迭ude! Alsie hissed. Kantara sped up behind the car, and she looked at Mariola. The girl in glasses nodded, and she unbuckled her seatbelt.展hat are you doing, Mariola?! Sagiv wailed, fear coursing through his veins as Mariola crawled over the windshield and onto the hood.典rust me on this! Mariola responded. Kantara drove closer to the car in front of them, praying they didn稚 slam on their breaks, and Mariola climbed onto the car.Behrukh squealed in fear and covered her eyes, and Alsie watched in terror. Mariola disappeared inside the car, and Kantara backed off. Eventually, the car came to a stop, and so did the Jeep.Mariola threw open the back doors of the car, and she held the vessel. The unconscious bodies of the men in the car lay about. 展oohoo! Nice, Mariola! You池e a badass! Heinrich shouted. Muna got out of the Jeep and helped get the vessel in. Once it was settled in, they took off.展here to now? Obviously my house isn稚 safe. Muna asked despondently. Kantara grimaced and gripped the steering wheel tightly.展e need to get it to our museum in Rome as fast as we can. Kantara responded bitterly. 徹nly there will it be safe.箔As long as Augustin is out on the streets, it痴 in danger. Mariola added. Muna nodded, still upset about her house. Behrukh put a hand on Muna痴 shoulder to try to comfort her.They reached Ankara, their eyes peeled for any suspicious cars. They had to get through Ankara to get to Rome, and it would be a long drive. They knew that Augustin would be on their heels, so they had to be prepared.As they drove, a black van appeared behind them. Kantara looked out her rearview mirror at the car, and it slowly made its way beside them. The man in the car glared daggers at them, and he started to turn the wheel toward them.滴oly shi- Alsie started, and the car rammed into their Jeep. Kantara lost control of the car, and it crashed into a light pole. Thankfully everyone was wearing their seatbelts.They quickly got out of the car, and Mariola gave a nod to Muna, who quickly dashed off. None of the enemies noticed her as she raced away.敵ive us that damn vessel! The lead man snapped. Kantara痴 eyes darted around for a getaway, since her Jeep was too damaged to drive, and her gaze landed on something- three motorcycles with sidecars! 敵uys, come on! She pointed toward the motorcycles and started to race toward them. The others followed her, right past the men.Kantara and Mariola climbed in one, Heinrich in Alsie in one, and Sagiv and Behrukh in another, along with the vessel wrapped up in the sidecar. The man who was in charge of the motorcycles glared at them and spat a string of curses at them, but Mariola quickly paid him before they took off.Augustin痴 men quickly climbed back into their slightly damaged car, and a few more black cars pulled up, full of more of Augustin痴 men. They began to chase Kantara痴 small group.Kantara sped up her motorcycle and zipped around a corner, her friends following her. People watched as the chase went on, and people jumped out of the way as they zoomed down the busy streets.A man leaned out of the car and held a hand gun, and he pulled the trigger and began to shoot. The bullets whizzed past them. Behrukh let out a shriek of terror, and Kantara knew the situation was more serious than she expected. Good thing the man had terrible aim.Kantara swerved her motorcycle down a street, her friends following her as they tried to lose the men. However, then men followed suit. Grimacing, Kantara pulled the gun out of her holster and handed it to Mariola beside her.Mariola turned and aimed the gun at the men, pulling the trigger. The bullets pierced the car, shattering glass. The men screamed, some jumping out of the moving cars to avoid getting struck by bullets. However, the chase pursued.Kantara pulled out her phone and quickly called Muna. 溺una! Where are you?箔I知 with Prahela! Outside the city. What in Allah痴 name is happening? Muna responded, growing concerned at the loud noises coming through the phone.哲o time to explain! Just tell us exactly where you are! We値l lose them eventually! Kantara shouted. Muna looked at Prahela, the two girls nodding at each other, and Muna began to lead the group toward her.Kantara listened closely while still paying attention to the road. Mariola reloaded her gun and shot more rounds at the men, cracking their windshield and hitting some of them. Heinrich threw an arm in the air and let out a cry of excitement. 展oohoo! Now this is what I知 talking about! A group of epic adventurers, including a handsome German, pursued down the busy Ankara streets-鄭lsie glared at him and slapped his shoulder as hard as she could. Heinrich wailed and clutched his shoulder, and she pointed toward the road. 撤ay attention to the goddamn road, you idiot! She snapped. Heinrich grumbled curses under his breath and focused back on the road.Behrukh and Sagiv were full of anxiety and fear, as they were the closest to the enemies. Behrukh was crying, crouched over with her hands covering her head, vessel between her legs, and Sagiv was trying to keep his fear from controlling him as he followed the others as best he could. Bullets flew past them, coming too close for comfort.Sagiv glanced down at his friend. 的-it痴 okay, Behrukh! I promise you値l be okay! We値l make it out alive! Sagiv tried to reassure her, but he wasn稚 sure of it himself.Kantara listened to Muna give them directions, and she took a sharp right turn. Her friends followed her, and one of Augustin痴 men痴 cars slammed into a building. Kantara chuckled, but when she looked ahead, her stomach dropped. They were going straight through a busy bazaar!展hat the hell, Muna?! Kantara shrieked in fury. Muna tried to apologize, but Kantara continued to scream at her through the phone.People in the bazaar looked at the incoming motorcycles and cars, and they screamed, dodging them. Kantara shouted at everyone to get out of the way, and they did just that.Amidst the chaos, a frightened little girl became separated from her parents. She sobbed, standing in the middle of the now cleared road, and she watched as the motorcycles barreled toward her. She didn稚 move, petrified with terror.Kantara saw this little girl, and she shouted Mariola痴 name. Mariola looked at her, then at the road, and her green eyes landed on the girl. Knowing exactly what to do, Kantara swerved out of the way of the girl, and with catlike reflexes, Mariola leaned out of the sidecar and snatched the little girl up, pulling her into the sidecar and shielding her from the slew of incoming bullets.They exited the bazaar, and they were back on the busy streets. Another challenge faced them- dodging cars. Kantara tried her best to maneuver in between cars, hoping to lose the men behind her group. Heinrich and Sagiv followed. They were almost out of Ankara.Augustin痴 men inched closer and closer to Behrukh and Sagiv, until eventually, they cut them off, forcing the two into an alleyway. Behrukh had the vessel in her sidecar, and their hearts pounded in their chest at knowing that Augustin now had the vessel. The men cornered them against a wall, and Sagiv and Behrukh knew they had nowhere to escape.They crawled out of the motorcycle and sidecar, and Behrukh held the vessel, her arms shaking with how heavy it was. One of the men got out of his car and ripped the vessel from her hands, setting it in the car. 敵et them. The man ordered, and Sagiv and Behrukh exchanged terrified glances as the men grabbed them and pulled them into their car.Two men in a motorcycle chased after Kantara and the others while the rest of Augustin痴 men went after the vessel. They reached the outside of the city where Prahela and Muna waited for them. The men jumped off the motorcycle and ran straight at Kantara, holding knives, but once their eyes landed on Prahela, they let out shrieks of terror and turned to run.Heinrich and Alsie took off after them, jumping and knocking the men to the ground. They screamed in terror, trying to drag themselves away, but Heinrich and Alsie held them down. Prahela crossed her arms in annoyance.的知 not that ugly, am I? She hissed. 鄭 giant snake thing! One of the men shrieked.的t痴 gonna kill us! The other wailed. Prahela grew angrier, slithering up to them.摘xcuse me, I am not an 訴t! I am a lady! She snapped.添eah, whatever, just please don稚 hurt us! The first main wailed. Prahela rolled her eyes, and Kantara looked at Muna, narrowing her eyes. Muna chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of her head.鄭nne! The little girl cried in Turkish. 鄭nne! Baba!箔Oh, you poor thing, Mariola whimpered. She looked at Muna. 的 need you to tell her we値l get her to her mother and father as soon as we can.熱una sighed, confused, but walked up to the little girl, who was sobbing. Muna got down on her knees and gazed into the little girl痴 soft brown eyes. 鄭dınız nedir? Muna asked. The little girl continued to cry.哲-Nazik the little girl blubbered. Muna smiled and put her hand on Nazik痴 shoulder.哲azik ワzlme! Anneni ve babanı 輟k yakında greceksin. Muna told Nazik in Turkish. Nazik smiled softly and sniffled, and Muna got back to her feet. Nazik reached up and wrapped her small hand around one of Muna痴 fingers, and Muna smiled down at her sweetly.Kantara looked around, shaking her head. 鉄hit. Augustin has the vessel now. She hissed. She then looked over at the two men, who were on the ground. 典ell us where he is, or we値l send the snake after you.乃he two men began to blabber out a location. Kantara took note, and Heinrich and Alsie got off the men, and they took off. Mariola frowned and crossed her arms.的 hope it痴 the right place they gave us! She said, concern on her face.的f it is, Augustin has some idiot men working for him. Prahela grumbled. Muna continued to soothe the little girl in Turkish, telling her a story. Nazik let out a soft giggle, growing calmer and more relaxed. Kantara and Mariola exchanged glances.展e壇 better find her parents, Kantara sighed heavily. The others nodded, and Mariola went to the motorbikes, getting on one and revving the engine. 鼎ome on, let痴 head into town. We can take her to the police. Mariola said. They all climbed into the motorbikes, Muna and Nazik into the one the men left behind. 溺eet us back here, Prahela. Then we can go after the vessel and our friends. Kantara told the Naga. Prahela saluted her, and the six took off back into the city.Augustin痴 men parked their cars, and Behrukh and Sagiv, their hands tied behind their backs, tried to look out the black windows to see where they were. Anxiety rushed through their veins. They were unsure of what Augustin had in store for them.The men pulled Behrukh and Sagiv out of the car, throwing them to the ground. Lifting their heads, they saw Augustin staring down at them, his fists balled.展hy壇 you bring these two? Where the hell is the vessel?! Augustin snapped. The men brought out the vessel and set it on the ground. Augustin chuckled menacingly and picked it up, carrying it over and placing it on a rock. Behrukh and Sagiv trembled with fear.Augustin stared at the vessel, running his fingers down it, feeling the Avestan carvings. He laughed, but then any of you speak Avestan? He asked, gazing at his group. His henchmen shook their heads, and Augustin snapped his fingers. 鉄hit! Well, taking over the world will have to be delayed by a few minutes while I figure out how to work this thing. Augustin said.The men chatted among themselves, and Behrukh hung her head in defeat. Sagiv sighed heavily, praying that their friends would soon come to their rescue.的 cannot believe I ended up like this, Behrukh frowned, tears forming in her eyes. 的 did not even get to tell Alsie how I feel about her.粘agiv snapped his head around to look at her. 展ait, what? He asked, surprised. 滴ow you really feel?韮ehrukh blushed deeply. 徹-oh! Did I say that out loud? She giggles nervously. Sagiv cocked an eyebrow.釘ehrukh... do you... have a crush on Alsie? Sagiv asked. Behrukh痴 face turned a deep red.哲-no, of course not! I do not have a crush- she stammered, but Sagiv cut her off.釘ehrukh, you can tell me! Sagiv urged her. She looked over at him and sighed heavily.擢ine! Yes, I do have a crush on Alsie. She admitted. Her eyes glistened in the light from the lamp. 釘ut, she probably does not like me back...箔Are you kidding?! Sagiv beamed. 鄭lsie totally likes you!箔No, you are just saying that to be nice, Behrukh responded sadly.哲o, I知 not. Sagiv replied happily. 滴ave you seen how she acts around you?箔W-well-涛She痴 completely in love with you! There痴 no mistaking it. Sagiv told her. She smiled softly, blushing happily.展ell, I hope you are right. She said.展hy don稚 you ask her out? Sagiv asked her. She looked at him, shocked.的-I could not do that! What if she says no? Behrukh responded fearfully. Sagiv laughed.的 thought the same thing before I asked out Jade, but now look at us! Sagiv told her. Her eyes lit up and a determined look crossed her face.添ou are right, Sagiv! She beamed. 的 should definitely ask her out! What have I got to lose?箔That痴 the spirit! Sagiv agreed. They had smiles on their faces, but then the smiles disappeared once they remembered their situation.的f we get out of here, Behrukh muttered sadly. Sagiv sighed heavily.The six headed back into town. Nazik held onto Muna tightly, the wind blowing in her hair. Kantara kept her eyes peeled for a police station, and eventually, she found one.The six stopped at the police station, parking their motorcycles and walking inside. Police men stood, talking to a couple. The man was talking sternly, and the woman was sobbing. The policemen tried their best to console the couple.Nazik perked up. 鄭nne? She called out. The couple turned around, their eyes growing wide.哲-Nazik! The woman cried. Nazik let go of Muna and raced up to the couple, and they got to their knees, hugging her tightly, crying,展hat a coincidence, Alsie chuckled.The man stood up and walked up to the group. 典hank you for returning our daughter to us! The man thanked. 溺ay Allah bless you!箔Of course, Muna responded, dipping her head. Nazik looked back at Muna, giggling and waving. Muna smiled and waved back, and Kantara turned to leave the police station before the police questioned them.哲ow that we致e got that sorted out, we致e got no time to lose! Kantara hissed. Her friends nodded in determination, and they got on their motorbikes and rode back to where Prahela was.Prahela was waiting for them. Kantara put her hands on her hips. 鄭lright. We致e got to rescue Behrukh and Sagiv, and then stop Augustin from releasing the power of Zahhak. 的 hope Behrukh is okay! Alsie whined. 典he portal opened up for a reason, Kantara said, looking at Heinrich. 的t sent you here because I needed your help. I needed you, Heinrich. She smiled at him, and tears welled in his eyes. She narrowed her eyes. 泥on稚 cry.箔O-okay! Heinrich replied, wiping his eyes on his sleeve.展ell, are we just gonna stand around?! We need to save Behrukh and Sagiv! Alsie hissed. Kantara and Heinrich looked over at her, and Kantara gave a nod.鏑et痴 go! Kantara demanded. They took off toward where Behrukh and Sagiv were being held, ready to save them, and the world.Sagiv and Behrukh sat on the dusty floor, and Augustin came out, along with his henchmen. Sagiv and Behrukh avoided looking at him, and they felt fear race through their hearts. 典he vessel is mine! Augustin let out an evil laugh, staring at the vessel and running his fingers along the engravings. Sagiv narrowed his eyes and Behrukh stared in concern.適antara will come and stop you! Sagiv hissed. Augustin looked at him and laughed.展hat痴 she gonna do? I知 so close to gaining Zahhak痴 power! Augustin shouted. Sagiv grimaced, and Behrukh痴 eyes grew wide in fear.Suddenly, in raced Kantara and her gang. Augustin glared at them, but then his smile returned and he placed his hands on the vessel.添ou池e too late, Kantara! Augustin laughed. Kantara pulled a pocket knife out of her pocket and ran forward, cutting the rope and setting Behrukh and Sagiv free. They quickly got to their feet, shaking.Behrukh sobbed, her green eyes big and watery. She leapt at Alsie, wrapping her arms around her tightly. 徹h Alsie, I am so glad you are here to save me! I love you so much, more than a friend!尿lsie hugged her back too, weeping, patting Behrukh痴 back as she cried. 徹h Behrukh, I love you more than a friend too! Alsie responded.展hat?! The others yelled, their eyes wide with shock.哲ot the way I told her to go about it, but that works! Sagiv laughed.Augustin and their men stared in confusion, but Kantara returned her attention to him. 添ou unhand that vessel now! She snapped. Augustin chuckled.添ou think I知 going to let you have it? He asked. Muna took a step forward.撤lease, Augustin, you don稚 know what you池e doing! Muna begged, her tone desperate. Augustin痴 eyes landed on her and he grinned.的 know exactly what I知 doing! Augustin smirked, balling his fists. 典he world will soon belong to me!箔Here it comes! The big boss fight! Heinrich beamed in excitement. It was the moment he was waiting for- the conclusion to their adventure!Augustin shouted some words in Avestan, and a light shot from the vessel. It consumed Augustin, and he let out a shriek.哲o! Kantara shouted.Augustin started to hover above the ground, and a sadistic grin crossed his face, his eyes glistening wildly. Two large vipers burst from the vessel, staring at the floating Augustin, opening their mouths and revealing their sharp fangs. They hissed menacingly.纏ahhak has come back! Augustin shouted, his voice sounding demonic. The snakes looked at the others, flickering their forked tongues. Augustin laughed, raising his arms. 的 will soon rule the world! He narrowed his eyes. 釘ut first, my snakes need to eat.乃he vipers hissed, diving forward. They swallowed people whole, and Augustin痴 men screamed and took off. The vipers chased men around, and Kantara looked at her friends.滴ow do we stop him?! Heinrich asked. Kantara ran to him.展e need to get him back into the vessel! Kantara shouted back. 滴ow?! Behrukh wailed. Muna narrowed her eyes.展e need to get to him, and we need to shout these words! Muna yelled, and she told them what they needed to say. They nodded and braced themselves for a hard fight. While some of Augustin痴 henchmen ran, most of them stayed to fight. They glared daggers at Kantara痴 group, and they raced toward the group. Kantara pulled out her knife, and she ran back at them.A man swung a knife at Kantara, but Kantara dodger the knife, dropping to her hands and kicking her legs out from underneath her. Her legs smashed against the man痴 ankles, and he shouted and collapsed. Kantara then jumped back to her feet and slammed her foot down on his face, breaking his nose.Another man ran from behind her, but he was clumsy, and Kantara could hear his footsteps as they disturbed the gravel. When he was right behind her, arms outstretched, poised to grab her, she launched herself into the air, doing a backflip. She grabbed him by the wrists as she flew over him, and she slammed him down against the uneven ground. The man groaned in pain, and she kicked him while he was down.Behrukh and Alsie hugged each other tightly, passion coursing through their veins. Two men raced to grab them, Alsie stood in front of Behrukh, ready to defend her.展hat you got to do is predict your opponent痴 move- Alsie started. A man swung his arm at her. -and counteract it! She hissed, blocking the man痴 fist with her forearm. She then stepped on his foot, shifting all her weight so she was crushing his toes, and then jutted her head up, smashing it against his chin. Blood spurt from the man痴 mouth, and he fell onto his back, groaning in pain.Behrukh nodded her head, tightening her fists, and she ran at a man, letting out a battle cry. The man threw a punch, and she jumped out of the way, laughing. The man grit his teeth in fury, and he tried to land another punch, but Behrukh ducked and punched him hard in the stomach, knocking the wind out of the man. 添ou got it, girl! Alsie shouted. Behrukh beamed, and a man ran up with a crowbar behind her. Alsie痴 stomach dropped, and she raced up to Behrukh, shoving the girl out of the way.The man swung the crowbar, and Alsie caught it in her hands, pushing back against her assailant. The man was strong, his muscles bulging as he pushed, but what he lacked that Alsie had was wit.Alsie let go of the crowbar, dodge rolling out of the way. The man, having put all his force into pushing against Alsie, stumbled, and Alsie spun around, kicking the back of his knees so he fell face first into the rocky floor of the cavern.Prahela was long and slender, but full of muscle. She whacked men who tried to attack her with her long tail, sending them flying. Most men were too afraid to approach her, but those who did held melee weapons that they could use to hurt her. She hit a man with her tail, then punched another man in the face with her fist. Around her, Augustin痴 giant snakes slithered around, gulping men up. One came for her, it痴 mouth wide open, but Prahela, thinking fast, lifted her tail and slammed it down hard on the snake痴 nose. The snake let out a hiss of pain, and Augustin, still floating, tightened his fists in anger.His eyes scanned the cavern as his men were being eaten and attacked. That didn稚 bother him, his men were of little use to him now. They mostly served to bide him some time for his snakes to get to Kantara and her gang.Mariola and Muna worked together to defeat the men. They stood back to back, delivering punches and kicks to each attacker. When a horde of men came at them, Mariola and Muna shot grins at each other, and Muna stood back, holding her arms out. Mariola ran at her, jumping up, and Muna gave her a boost. Mariola did a back flip, twisting in the air and landing on a group of men, knocking them to the ground.A man ran up behind Muna, and she did a twist kick, hitting him in the jaw. Blood spurted from his mouth and he collapsed, and she punched him in the chest, knocking him back.Adrenaline pumped through Sagiv痴 veins. Two men ran at him, and panicking, he threw a punch at one. The man grabbed his fist, grinning, and punched Sagiv square in the face. Sagiv groaned in pain, falling back, and as the men ran at him, they were knocked to the side as Kantara flew at them, kicking them. Heinrich ran after her.Kantara grabber Sagiv痴 hand and pulled him to his feet. 展e got you! Kantara shouted. Sagiv nodded, his head throbbing. A man ran at the three, swinging a knife. Heinrich and Kantara grit their teeth, and the man lunged at Kantara. She dodged him, and he stumbled, and Heinrich kicked him in the back of the knee, knocking him to the ground, dropping his knife. Sagiv then kicked him in the face.Augustin watched as his men were beaten left and right. Anger surged through him, but his eyes follows his snakes. If his henchmen weren稚 going to beat Kantara, his snakes would.摘at, snakes! Eat! He shouted. The snakes eyes locked on Kantara and her group, as most of his henchmen had either fled, or had been knocked unconscious. They hissed menacingly, their fangs bared.The snakes dove forward, mouths open, ready to engulf Kantara痴 group. Kantara tightened her fists, and as one went to strike her, she rolled out of the way and ran, her mind set on getting closer to Augustin.The others raced toward Augustin as well, dodging the snakes as they tried to swallow them. As they ran, Heinrich tripped and fell. Pain radiated through his body as the fall irritated his shallow knife wound from earlier. He groaned, and a snake flicked its tongue, its eyes on Heinrich.Heinrich looked back, shaking his hands, trying to get to his feet, but in too much pain. 哲o! Don稚 eat me! I taste disgusting! Heinrich begged.Kantara痴 eyes shot back and she noticed Heinrich on the ground, and one of the large snakes opening its mouth behind him. Adrenaline coursing through her veins, Kantara jumped back and grabbed Heinrich痴 hand.鼎ome on! Kantara shouted, pulling him to his feet. Heinrich grinned at her, and she yanked him away just as the snake lunged at him, its head crashing into the cavern floor.They got closer and closer to Augustin. The snakes tried to eat them, but they were too fast. Augustin started to shout profanities at the snakes, furious, and they reached him.哲ow! Muna hollered. The group jumped in the air and opened their mouths.纏ahhak! They all shrieked. 迭amanti! θβā rāmaiiemi!尿ugustin痴 eyes grew wide with fear as she felt a force overtake him. He could feel the power leaving his body, and he started to scream.哲o! No! My powers! He snapped, and a bright light flashes in the cavern. Kantara痴 group shielded their eyes, and all they could hear was Augustin痴 screaming.The snakes hissed loudly as they were sucked back into the vessel, and Augustin collapsed on the ground, his powers stripped from him. He took deep breaths, tears streaming down his face. Kantara approached him, glaring at him, and he looked up at her.滴-how? He stuttered, trying to get up, but his legs were too weak and shaky. He cried more. 滴ow did you do it? You stripped me of my power!箔We couldn稚 let you get away with it, Kantara responded, anger in her eyes. 展ho knows what havoc you壇 wreak on the world?箔Kantara his voice trailed off, and he looked away, weeping. He got to his feet, his legs shaking, and he held out his arms. She stared at him, confused, and he dipped his head. 添-you were right. I was foolish I知 so sorry. His entire body shook with each labored breath he took. 典ake me to jail. It痴 what I deserve.葱antara rolled her eyes. 的f you池e just trying to suck up to me, it痴 not working. She growled. He let out a soft chuckle.的 assumed you壇 think that, he responded. Kantara beckoned Mariola, and she headed over, turning him around and grabbing his hands, pulling them behind his back. She put on makeshift handcuffs. They weren稚 much, but they were enough to keep him from getting away until they got him to the police.Kantara looked at her friends. They were tired and beaten, covered in bruises and bleeding wounds. However, they had smiles on their faces, and she couldn稚 help but smile back at them.Suddenly, there was a crash, a flash of light, and then a vortex appeared in front of them. They gazed at it softly, knowing exactly what it meant. Kantara and Mariola, along with Augustin, walked over to the group.Kantara held out her hand to Heinrich, but he hugged her instead. Her eyes grew wide, and the others watched in shock, and realizing this, Heinrich quickly drew back, blushing. 摘h, sorry, he said softly. She just gave a chuckle.的 guess it痴 time for you to go, Kantara stated. Heinrich gave a sad nod.添eah, he responded plaintively. He gazed over at Sagiv, Behrukh and Alsie. Sagiv had a dark black eye, and Behrukh and Alsie were covered in wounds, but were holding hands. They dipped their heads.的t was nice seeing you two again! And nice meeting you girls! Prahela told them. Heinrich wiped the tears from his eyes.添-yeah, he replied.泥on稚 cry, Heinrich! I知 sure you値l be back before you know it! Mariola tried to reassure him. He nodded, trying to stop his weeping.典hank you for all your help! Muna smiled, giving a wave of her hand. 的 hope we can meet again!箔Me too! Alsie grinned, and Behrukh nuzzled her happily.Sagiv, Behrukh and Alsie headed toward the portal, but Sagiv turned his head to look at Heinrich. 添ou coming, Heinrich?禰einrich looked back at him and nodded, his eyes wet. His body shook and he tightened his fists, but then took a deep breath and relaxed. 添es, I am, he said, and he walked toward them. Sagiv got in the portal first, vanishing. The Behrukh and Alsie, exchanging happy glances, jumped in after him. It was now Heinrich痴 turn. He stared into the portal, hesitating. Heinrich looked back at the group, and they waved at him. He waved back, then got in.The four found themselves in Heinrich痴 basement. The Kantara title screen was on the TV. Their wounds were still present, evident that where they were was real. Alsie rubbed her forehead and looked at her hand. Her fingers were caked in blood.滴ow am I gonna explain this to my parents? She asked. Behrukh looked at her and giggled.添ou don稚 think telling them that you fought two giant snakes would work? She asked. Alsie looked at her, and the two started laughing.Sagiv touched his sensitive black eye. 添eah, I don稚 know how I値l explain this black eye at work, he agreed. He looked at Heinrich, who was staring at the screen, a depressed look on his face. Sagiv put a hand on Heinrich痴 shoulder and gave a soft smile. Heinrich looked at him.的 miss them, he said quietly. Alsie and Behrukh looked over as well, and Behrukh gave him a hug.添ou値l see them again someday! I just know it! Behrukh tried to reassure him. The other two hugged him as well, and he smiled.添eah, I guess I will, won稚 I? He replied. The three continued to hug him, and it continued to rain outside. However, Heinrich felt confident he would see his hero again.
Science Fiction
Geoproteanthrope, Ecology of the life bringerEcology of the Life Bringer, Great Seeding of Many Terrestrial and Oceanic Worlds The fission pods are many fathoms deep under the gulf. Ecologically adept, each pod has thecapacity of spawning a plethora of highly advanced flora and fauna. Poised for delivering a copious assortment of rapidly integrative mimicries, all the while offering to advance and enrich a host of natural selection along with an interdependence among similar species akin to its nature. With a vast microcosm of explicitly correlative symbioses, these microecologies, are introductive of many species capable of metamorphic convergence between the matrixes of animal, vegetable, and even the dramatic transmutation of minerals utilizing highly adaptive synergistic microbes to transmute the prevalent soil compositions. Microbialization of the soil begins with the rapid reproduction and dispersion of organisms ideally purposed for the rapid deconstruction of a specific range of material, establishing a foundation, then dramatically mutating into cellular diversities, in preparation of enzymatic and chemical breakdown, while introducing an elemental, mineral, and nutrient diversity formerly unavailable. Furthermore, once a microhabitat is introduced, and becomes established, these life-forms will continuously evolve throughout the adaptive establishment, and rebirthing cycles. It is here at great depths, in the cold and oily murk, where they span the majority of the gestation period of an approximately 11-year solar propagation cycle. This lengthy spawning cycle is necessary to develop these specially advanced offspring, selectively engineered for the potentially rich and complex interdevelopmental blueprinting as greatly adaptive biodiversification, spawning many forms capable of advancing within and throughout an extensive myriad of astrobiological and terrestrial biomes. Purposely protecting them at great lengths from the depleting solar energy, serves to facilitate a unique characteristic within the gravitational and magnetic independence, sensitizing pods to solar, lunar, and terrestrial orbital, gravitational, geomagnetic, and tidal energies. Until charged with abysmal dark matter, these pods' enhanced structural densities have become navigationally honed to attract the farthest-reaching and most fecund itinerary thus derivate of the cosmos. The radiographic insignia of an abundance of life-forms, captivates of these informed systems, where surges of radon energy may emit as a pulse acting as a telemeter, gradually informing instincts most active, as informed Instinct, determining a course of seeding and migratory imprinting ideal for the offspring in developmentally transmutative phase determination and removed from the inhibitions of radiological interference due to solar disruption. Whilst all microbial particle affiliates rest in gestation, learning a heightened capacity for longevities and sustaining remarkable feats of regeneration from oxidation, and solar deterioration, they prepare to travel inland, eventually to rise at the swampy bog. Surfacing to solarize, and spawn via micro-sporing, whilst creating a dry energy field to repel the forces of internal humidity.Next, the heliotropic pods rotate several times throughout the circadian rhythmostasis, drawn toward the azimuth of the solar and lunar convexion. Then, after a complete lunar cycle, the collective pods, in a vast watery dispersion, while the parental units; zooidal medusoid hydra, as they become statically charged, begin expelling all fluids from the internal structure of their suspensoid bodies.Asteroidal in mass, these pods are possessed of an independence from normal gravity. As such, they are capable of interstellar travel. This happens when the lunar orbit pulls them into outer space. Then, they will exist in planetary orbit until bearing a new heading toward afertile and life inhabited planetary ocean, within the same galaxy, or as they have progressed, the flight path is clear to extend anywhere beyond their known existence, folding space/time as if by echolocation by the idyllic destinations pulling these sound objects (pods) toward their new homes. Multiple polyps within each pod endure such intense pressure ranges from within as their potential offspring (gametes) enigmatically forge, and are consciously arranging perceptual telemetries of awareness and influence. These biostructural relationships between the living polyps and the skeletal asteroidal masses are capable of great flexibilities of their relative dimensions of projective perspectives that transmute space and time, penetrating greater distances than ever before to fix onto a body of superior cosmic awareness within the desired destination. This Supreme Being, when lured by the perceiving probe, will move swimmingly so as to position themselves beneath each indaptive orb. Each will be drawn to its location. These orbs represent indaptive data from beyond, imprinted of positive systems. And the Supreme Being who responds to such prescience is being read by the dimensional probing. This reading is crucial to develop the empathic form that opens in deep space in the pathway of a wormhole. Now, a clear path has been chosen.Drawn inward from the life emanations of external origin, cosmic radiation transfers neutrinos synaptically. Living matter transfers freely through the ethereal plane materializing in a sort of ectoplasm. This ectoplasm subsists as a dense fog and accumulates around the indaptive orbs, which hover above the Quasindaptimuths. The ectoplasmic storm thickens and intensifies until achieving a pressurized well around each of the seven indaptive orbs.Reaching a pressure that is greater than water, the surface of the water beneath each swell becomes displaced by the greater pressure expanse. At the exact moment that the surface tension yields, the envelopments surge with circumvolutions of galactic light waves. The enveloped orbs are now ignited and primed to begin immersion. These are now calledPosimorphs. Now it is time for the Quasindaptimuths and the Posimorphs to converge as one. The immersion of the Posimorphs and the suspended Quasindaptimuths, must make aconnection at halfway between the water痴 surface and the seafloor (approximately 7000 ft.). The baroclinicity between the partially hollow Quasindaptimuth and the super dense posimorphic fluids immediately create an exchange, filling completely the frontal lobe of theQuasindaptimuths and simultaneously expelling internal gasses through their anterior nodes. The Quasindaptimuths are soon completely fluidized. The next transformation comes to bear as the indaptive nebulae at the centers of the Posimorphs make contact with the statically charged Quasindaptimuths. The two must now undergo their 天orpal Communion. The indaptive orbs upon contact begin to enter and nucleate the Quasindaptimuths, pulsating throughout the pod痴 asteroidal mass, until at last they have become as one. Now it is born as The Geoproteanthrope.
Historical Fiction
JOSE RIZAL (1998) by DramaPersona
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Yuki and Mimi - Short StoryIt was winter. December. He was holding her corpse with shivering hands. He couldn稚 believe he was destined to spend barely two years with Mimi. As he lifted her lifeless body in his arms, it felt as hard as dried clay. No movement at all. The legs, the paws, the half-open eyes, the body posture, as though petrified in the same position as last night when she was sleeping in her basket. His body was trembling, but he didn稚 cry yet. Trauma doesn稚 burst you into tears all at once. It freezes you at first, sucking every emotion out of you. That was exactly what was happening with Yuki. 泥ad is waiting outside, Yuki. You two must bury Mimi now. Nagisa, his mom, coming from outside, softly said. 撤lease honey, you know you池e a strong boy, she consoled, giving him a back pat. You can only do so much to comfort someone who痴 traumatized. Mimi was to be buried in the garden, just the place she壇 play and meow around all day the perfect place to bury her. Daichi had already shoveled out the grave. He was standing there, absolutely quiet. He wasn稚 really all that emotional about animals, but had no idea the death of a pet would hit him so hard. As they started burying Mimi, Yuki痴 eyes uncontrollably began to tear up, and his nose getting runny. He was avoiding looking at Daichi, trying to hide his pathetic weepy face. He desperately wanted to finish burying her as fast as possible, so that he could run to his room, lock it up, and cry to his heart痴 content. 添uki, son, I know- But he just didn稚 want to listen to any condolences. From anybody. What痴 the most anyone could tell him? Have patience. Be strong. It痴 alright. Everyone has to die someday. 添uki! Daichi cried out, as Yuki, his eyes getting more and more wet, started running to his room. Daichi was about to go after him, but Nagisa gestured to him with her hand to let it go. 的t痴 alright. Leave him alone for a while. She said. It took a couple of days before Yuki could return to normal. It痴 not like he was any less sad about his best buddy痴 demise though. Mimi痴 soft meows would still echo in his ears. He could still feel her tender body, hear her purrs, and feel her rubbing herself against his legs in affection. But he started coming out of his room more often, would spend time here and there with his friends and family, and was able to control his emotions when somebody would ask him about Mimi痴 death and have him remember all that happened. As Yuki, Daichi, and Nagisa were having tea one evening in the garden, in the middle of their chit-chat, Daichi said, 鉄o Yuki. What do you say we get another cat? It just doesn稚 feel the same home without a pet, does it? 填mm Dad, I don稚 want to keep a pet anymore. 滴uh? Is that so? 添eah. I mean, pets die, after all. And you know already how bad Mimi痴 death affected me. 摘veryone belongs to the soil, son. But no problem. I was just suggesting. All of a sudden, they heard a soft mew. 典hat sound? Yuki cried. It was very similar to Mimi痴 meow, almost identical. It was a brown little tabby kitten, limping, her left leg injured. It was a male kitty, and had a very weak figure. Yellowing eyes, feeble meow, body darkened by dirt. The three of them immediately got up and came near to him. He was only looking and meowing at Yuki though. 滴e痴 badly hurt, and seems like he hasn稚 been eating anything for days! Yuki exclaimed, as he petted the cat, and checked her leg. 的t seems as if he got hurt by a car or something. Daichi said. 展hy don稚 you give him some food and let him rest for a while? I think there痴 still one packet of Mimi痴 biscuits left. We値l take him to the vet later. 鉄ounds good! I値l bring the food right away. At 9 o clock, they placed the cat in Mimi痴 carrier, and got in the car. Daichi was driving, while Yuki was holding the carrier on his lap, and eye-kissing the cat to make him feel at home. 典hank God he痴 alright! Yuki heaved a sigh of relief, as they all were returning from the vet. 的 was really worried about Mimi. 滴uh? Daichi obviously got surprised. 溺imi? 徹h! Yeah, sorry. Actually I decided to name our new cat Mimi! Yuki winks. 滴e doesn稚 look at all like Mimi, I mean, the real one. But he sounds a lot like her, so! 填h, but, didn稚 you say you don稚 want to keep another pet? 鉄ure did. 鉄o, then? 展ell, I just had this feeling dad. Sighing, Yuki looked forward, and said, 典he pain, the trauma I went through when Mimi passed away, it was real. And I still get depressed whenever I remember her perhaps it will always be that way. But above all these feelings of mine, what was more important was this creature痴 life. He said, pointing towards Mimi in the carrier. 的 still have a responsibility as a human being to protect any life that exists around me, whether it痴 this little kitty, whether it痴 another human being, or anyone else. My pain, my trauma is real but I can稚 just sit down and watch those around me suffer. If I didn稚 save Mimi today, what if he died? What if he got hit by another car? What if some wild dog in the neighborhood attacked him? As long as I知 alive, I値l continue to protect whoever I can, no matter how much I myself am suffering. Daichi smiled, looking at Yuki, and said, 的知 proud of you, son....
So-Rin's Fledgling Growth Spurt by BlackManaBurning
The Afton family part 1 (the backstory)It was a dark stormy night outside the house選 don稚 want to see your face again yelled the dark figure.腺-but I didn稚 mean to 壮aid the kid on the lawn before getting interrupted.選 don稚 care, you are the reason we lost your brother the dark figure said disappointedly.選- I知 sorry Dad said the sad kid.遷ust leave Michael, you don稚 belong in this house said the dark figure as it slammed the door.Michael got up and walked through the rain until he found a house which he then sat on the curb.After he sat there for about 25 minutes, a grown man walked out and saw Michael sleeping on the lawn so he picked him up and brought him inside and put him on the couch.This woke Michael up and freaked him out but the man told him to calm down which Michael did then the man asked 糎hy were you in the rain?酎W-well it痴 because of Michael replied before crying 践ey don稚 cry, you don稚 have to tell me if you don稚 want to.Michael calmed down and said 船on稚 get mad at him ok. 前k I won稚 the man replied.Michael told him that his dad was the reason he was outside in the rain, then the man asked who he was and Michael said 閃y dad is William Afton.Then after the man calmed down he said 船id you know I worked with your dad Michael replied. 選 feel like Dad did mention someone. 前k my name痴 Henry Emily, what痴 yours? the man said then Mike hugged the man and said 選t痴 Michael replied Mike. After that Henry showed Mike Charlie.After a year of living at Henry痴 house, Mike got a phone callit was from William Afton who wasn稚 his father anymore because Henry adopted him.Also, Henry hated William for killing his daughter Charlie, but when Mike picked up, Will said 閃ike listen to me, your sister went missing 羨nd what do you need me to do? Mike replied 選 need you to find her for me William said. 羨nd why would I do that for you? 閃ichael please you池e my son 鮮o I知 not Mike said in a sad tone before hanging up.After Mike hung up Will realised whose phone he rang it was Henry痴 phone, so Will went over to Henry痴 and saw Mike leavinghe wondered where he was going then Henry opened the door and saw him and said 糎hat are you doing here? Henry said angrily 選 came to ask why Mike was at your place William replied hoping for an answer but to his enquiry Henry closed the door and left William there to think to himself 糎hy did I kill Charlie.? William thought to himself.William walked back to his car and went home.Three days later William went to a building with a sign that has a Bear, Bunny, Chicken and Fox.When he entered he went to go grab an axe which he used to lure the four animatronics to a room that has no cameras or no access to customers or the animatronics.He lured the bear to the bathroom hallway where he dismantled it all the way to the gears. After he dismantled all four of the animatronics he was forced into a suit which malfunctioned and it felt like he was getting torn limb by limb until he was gone.At somewhere else in the area Mike walked to work where he had to go down an elevator and was told that this would be his last night at the underground building.The only thing he had to do this shift was remove the chip from circus baby and scoop her but to do that he had to go through the Funtime auditorium which was the hardest thing he had to in the place but he got through there very easily which was weird but he didn稚 care he just needed to get this over and done with.After he sent her body to the scooping room he was led to a room when the hand unit said 塑ou have entered a restricted area for cleaning and repairs of the scooper please exit immediately. said the hand unit before he was disabled then the voice of Circus Baby said 詮untime Freddy has already been here.. Funtime Foxy has already been here.. Ballora has already been here Circus Baby has already been here. If we looked like you we would have somewhere to go.. Mike was confused then suddenly heard Circus Baby say 禅he scooper only hurts for a moment探hen he heard the sound of loud beeping then.. the scooper lunged right into Mike痴 chest as he was about to pass out then he said 選知 sorry for everything Chris then he fell to the floor which was covered in blood.The animatronic that scooped Mike came over to him and said in its broken voice 奏hank you then it used Mike to go up the elevator which found the address that Mike lived at and walked to the house the best he could while trying to hide the rotting corpse.When he arrived at the house Henry opened the door as the rotting man walked through it and then suddenly a robot came out of him and asked the best it could in a broken voice 選知 sorry about the kid, I just wanted to see the real world but can you maybe fix me so I can apologise to the kid?但fter an hour, Mike woke up to an animatronic staring at him with a sad look and lunging at him for a hug.The robot repeated 選知 sorry then Mike said 祖alm down its ok I forgive you before hugging the robot back.After a week of living with Ennard, the robot, Mike heard the doorbell. He walked over to the door and opened it.

Mature Content

Night Terror Tales: Christmas As the family of four gather around the televisionTo watch their favorite winter movies, without questionThe family and everyone around knew it was the seasonOf joyful singingandgift givenThe brother andsister teamThey were no less thaneleven and nineteenToscare his youngersister, he jump out frome the corner and screamedBut she felt nothing insteadToachieve his goal they went on to the place where avariety of story are told: TheinternetOnDecember 22nd, late one nightThe brother and sister serach theinternet for a frightThey knew about Krampus, who theythoughtwasn't thatscarySo they made mission, to find a story that would make them waryLater that night, two o団lock to beexactThey found a story tagged"TheSugarplumFairy and ThePeppermint Man忍veryone knows who the Sugarplum Fairy is, but never in their lifespanHeard of aspirit called典hePeppermint Man任urious, thechildrendecided to read the story,But somethingpopped up that made themslightly worriedIt was awarning about whats to comeif youcontinue to read this cursed tale thatshould have been forgottenThe childern ingore thewarningAnd read the storyuntilearly morningIt was fiveo'clock when sister woke theirparents upCrying about a creature who wassinister andcorruptsinisterThey inform their parents about thepeppermint bruteThattheycould be thenext to be pursuedThe mother and father told them not to fretRead a tale online isnothing, noteven a threatBut the siblings knewThat thepeppermint man would come soonOn theevening of the 23rd, thechildren werealertFor theyassumed the worstOut ofnowhere, a violent snow stormappearedThe wind blew hard, so hard that the window waspiercedThe wind blewthrough theirliving room,twirlingFrom the small snowycyclone, a creature wasemergingThe creature had slender rabbit ears in placego human earsHis coat was velvety, but he had fluffly tail tipsHis fur around hiselongated neck, arms, feet, and tail were acherry redWith whitecovering most of his body and human-like headThe family wasterrified, but mostly thechildrenSoafraid, thatsiblings started to scream in unisonTheparentsquickly armedthemselves withobjects aroundAnd told him to leave orelse he値l be knockoutThe man waved his hands in the airSay that he is a good spirit ofChristmas, luck, and cheerThe parents relaxed somewhat as he spoke inrhymeBut thechildren deniedThe parents windwe whyBut thechildrencouldn'tclarifyThepeppermint man did saying that the story wasfabricatedTo make him seemdegradedButdespite all of that, he came here to stayUntil the night ofChristmasDayHecontinued,during thehours of lightWe can play games foreveryone alikeThe parentsthrilled, but thechildren were notThetthought it was ahorrible plotTheparentsthought thechildren wererambling aboutnonsenseSomuchso that it was immenseThe parents reassured themandtold them togo tobedEveryoneelse did too,except for the Peppermint Man who stayed up insteadNext day cameAnd thePeppermint Manboughtout a boardgameThe father joined in,but the mother and siblingsonlywatchedFor thechildren wanted to seeIf the gamewasn't aschemeAs the game played outThechildrenstarted todoubtMaybe thePeppermintManwasn't so badHe might be the best guest they ever hadAs thegamecontinued,everyone laughed andgiggledSomemighteven say theirhappiness wasrekindledButlike allgood things, it came to anendTheloser wasannounced and thewinner commendThePeppermint Man had won and father lostThe father was upset, he hadaccostedThecreature forcheating at agame heshould have wonThe peppermint mandidn't say a word, but the mothertried toreasonBut the father left house feelingangry and beatenAfter the defeat, the siblings and the beastPlayed outside where the snow has peakedThey were friends now it seemedThis made the Peppermint Man rather pleasedIt was the early morning of Christmas Day and the Peppermint Man pulled out an card game to playHowever, he asked for the mother participate only for todayIt was a card game, but the mother was concernedHer husband was gone and he hasn't shown up or been heardInstead of playing the Peppermint Man痴 game, she left to find her missing better halfThe Peppermint Man was almost seething with wrathThe children insisted on playing with himBut he just disappeared on a whimThe children had played with all of their new toysBut they were so bored out of their minds that didn't even enjoyedSo they went to their roomsFilled with gloomUntil they heard a knock at the doorwayThe children opened the door to find the Peppermint Man standing in the hallwayHe told the children to come downstairs quicklyAnd they did, swiftlyThey saw the Christmas tree in all of its delightBut upon closer inspection something wasn't rightThe tree was decorated in strange ornamentsThe ornaments were remnantsThe remants are bones the Peppermint Man declaredThe siblings started to get sacredThe Peppermint Man痴 smile took up half of his faceShowing his large cherry red teeth and his crystal blue eyes swirl in crazeThe siblings backed away from the treeTerrified at what the Peppermint Man came to beThe creature laughed like a maniacAnd everything else went black覧覧覧覧覧覧覧In the middle of the night, the police got a callOf a fire on the street of a WillWorth HallWhen they arrived at the sceneNothing was left at the house but a fiery gleamThe firefighters searched the houseThe Peppermint Man was afar, watching the falloutThe firefighters found nothing except for a radio untouched by the fire or its lightThe radio mysteriously turned on and said:溺erry Christmas to all and to all a good night


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Should you listen to your heart, or follow your pre-determined path? What is really worth fighting for? And who will be the last ones standing in a world on fire?
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