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R.E.M., Radiohead, Neutral Milk Hotel, No Doubt, M83, Scott Berry and many others
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dancing, film making, villains

Billy Kaplan

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At first I was thinking Final Fantasy or Mass Effect cosplay, but this... this is my next project. I am fanboying out.  ~fanboyingplz (  Just nothing but love.  I'm already testing out techniques for the body suit. Though, I started reading the new Young Avengers and admit to hating it (or at least hating Billy and Teddy in it).  WTF?  It's like an awkward alternate reality fanfic or something.  I mean, kudos to the creators.  Creating art (especially for a gigantic audience) is difficult and their work is wonderful.  I just...  Billy and Teddy were perfect the way they were.  Why the horrendous haircuts and the whiney overly dramatic mo
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Holy crap.  I never played Mass Effect because of the whole exclusion of a m/m romance (which I was mildly insulted by).  I finally played Mass Effect 3 and just... omfg...  mind blown away.  It was so DEEPLY sad without having played the first two but so AMAZINGLY wonderful to play that I had to start from the beginning (modding my save to romance Alenko from the start of course).  ;) So... now that I played ME 3, 1, 2, and then 3 again...  I'm kind of overwhelmed.  I don't know if I should make a fanvid, or make a Kaidan cosplay, or just keep replaying the game... !!!!! Anyway, just had to vent that.  Damn mShenko consumed a month+ of my
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hey I know that your Ganondorf cosplay is like 3 years old but on the off chance you get this: I am currently working on one for a friend and I was wondering how the craft foam held up after wearing it all day? I was going to use EVA foam for the more solid pieces but was wondering if the craft foam would do the job well enough. I made a steampunk cyborg last year and pieces of the craft foam were ripping or wearing through by the end of the day, so I was nervous about using it again. your cosplay is great by the way- very crisp and professional looking
your ganondorf cosplay is freakin epic
Thanks :) It kinda drained my cosplay momentum but I'm not out of the game!
Loving your Dark Lord Ganondorf cosplay!
Thank you again for all the favs :D
you're so welcome! :D hope to see you at a con again soon!