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Albook extended sepia 710 png

710 albook Sepia png!

Update 1:
-Fixed Winamp icon's name (which was previously named Winrar, Thanks to Otisbee [link] for having signaled me this error!)
-23 new icons: Access, Character Map, Debian, Gmail, Gnome, Grabit, iTunes alt, Litestep, Lotus notes, Open office (generic, Base, Calc, Draw, Impress, Math, Writer), Publisher, Soulseek, Tux, Ubuntu, WinASO registry optimizer, Windows movie maker, Winrar.

Update 2:
- Slight smoothing of Bitcomet, Daemon tools, Picasa and Samurize icons (other ones will be smoothed in next updates)
- 13 new icons: AutoCAD, Close, Games alt (Nintendo NES pad), Next, Office 2007, Pause, Play back, Prev, Reduce, Stop, Switcher, Vista)

Update 3:
- Slight smoothing of IcoFX (other ones will be smoothed in next updates)
- Darkened, this icon was too clear if compared to the others
- 24 new icons: Briefcase, Crypted file, Digsby, Drive A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, Embed, Firefox link, Google chrome, Hint, Ico, Internet Explorer link, Music drive, Ornis, Ornis 2 (A deviant pal's avatars), Photo drive, User file, Video drive, World map.

Update 4:
- 21 New icons: Air, circle dock, corel draw, downtheory, gdata, goldfrapp, gom player, gorillaz, joomla, mcafee, napster, nitro, portishead, printer alt, radiohead, super mario, trillian, vmware, winzip, zonealarm.
Most of those icons are highly inspired by my pal Ornis ([link]) and his Powder Blue icon set ([link]), super mario and downtheory's ideas are coming from my pal Downtheory ([link]).

Update 5:
- Drive colors modified intogreyscales (colored drives are remaining unchanged), it looks better with the rest of the set
- Slightly smoothed poweroff and reboot icons
- 10 New icons: Angel, Carbide ui, dds, generic audio file, organize, ra, rm, teamspeak, warning, xfire

Update 6:
- 13 new icons: 7Z, A perfect circle, Artrage2, copy, disk monitoring, fallout3, last fm, logon studio, NIN, one note, paste, PE explorer and sacred 2
- Restaured Winamp icon which disappeared during the last updates (I don't know why!)

Update 7:
- 20 new icons: Assassin's creed, audacity, battery alt, call log, cdex, close alt, cuteFTP, digital frame, down alt, fm radio, media album, media monkey, nokia PC suite, photo slides, podcast, round, smart reader and TV out.
Battery alt, call log, digital frame, fm radio, media album, photo slides, podcast, smart reader and TV out are the work from my mate kereight007 ([link]), used for his "Albook Extended - Omnia Menu" skin made for the Samsung Omnia SGH-900i ([link])

Suit very well with wooden VS like ZaifO6 ([link])'s Innocence ([link])

Format: 256x256 True colors + Canal Alpha 32bits

The original Albook concept is from Laurent Baumann ([link] or [link]).
He is the creator of 357 icons included into this set and the UNIQUE owner of the albook icon project.
Please not that his work is under a Creative Common Licence 2.5 ([link]).
It means that you are free:
- to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work
- to Remix — to adapt the work
Under the following conditions:
- Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author, Laurent Baumann (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).
All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Special thanks:
- Laurent Baumann, for having allowed me to release this work, and for all what he's doing with graphic design. To my mind, he's the best icon maker I've ever seen.
- benjamino ([link]), a german gentleman who has created a lot of albook style skins for windows apps, if you've enjoyed this work, you should take a look here: [link]
- cosmicmatrox ([link]). I don't know him, but he has released a nice set of 62 albook system icons ([link]), which has helped me a lot.
- brumie ([link]) for his albook CS3 pack 1 ([link]).
- zaif06 ([link]) and downtheory ([link]), my indian and american pals, for their support!

Comments and requests for new icons are welcome, maybe there'll be updates!

Enjoy :-)
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how to install for rocketdock


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really good, im looking for icons to represents and manual mode and automatic mode :/

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Very nice pack!,
I have however made a few more icons that look as if they were part of the pack and are available for anyone else who would like them:

These contain both .PNG and .ICO files of Icons that include;
Origin, Steam, Uplay, Battlefield 3 and 4, Windows 8 metro Controll panel, media player, file explorer and sticky notes, Wacom Tablet, Tor Project, Dayz Battlecommander, VirtualDub and last but not least, Dropbox

Hope they are useful and you guys enjoy them,
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look so beautiful!
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beautiful. its tough finding ubuntu icons sometimes.
great work, but rather than creating icons of logos of companies, you could have created web application icons...
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OMG! Amazing!
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Hey, nice work! I'd like to keep using this set, but it doesn't have a World of Warcraft icon like the dark and regular ones do. Could you possibly make one?
runyi's avatar
i am sorry to my ugly reply

i was not men to it ,relly sorry
StopDreaming's avatar
No problem :-)
If you need more icons, don't hesitate to ask, and they'll be included in the next update (if I can, of course!)
POOPLERcom's avatar
very nice!!

ps: i just me or there's no recycle bin??
StopDreaming's avatar
Just search in the set "empty trash" & "full trash" ;-)
Thx a lot for the comment :-) (bis repetita!)
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Great, man! :thumbsup:
Another request: Don't know if you know the application.
It's ACDSee. An image viewer software.
Keep up the good work. You can reach the 1000! :D
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Thanks a lot :-)
You're right, it should be in the pack, it's a very used software. I'll think about it for the next update!
Although, "preview" icon can be a good alternative, as it's representing an eye too :-)
barberioX's avatar
Yes! Absolutely right.
I haven't seen this one yet. ;-)
There are soooo many.... :D
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lol too much for me sometimes.
I'm working on an albook shell32.dll with albook icons for replacement of the system files (in completion of a VS), and it's terrible to seach icons into this mess lol :-)
Love the icons, and I'm sure it's hard to keep up with all the newest stuff, but a Google Chrome icon would be much appreciated.
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lol I've finished it this morning, and it has been a real hell to make it!
Somebody has sent me a request for some icons too. So, everything will be included in the next update :-)
Thanks for the constructive remark, I really appreciate the interest people are giving to this icon set! :-)
I can see how that one would be a pain, it doesn't really match the aesthetic. Thanks for the quick reply, and for making these awesome icons!
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lol in fact, the hardest points (for me) are all there with google chrome:
-converting 3D into something in 2D
-making the curves correctly
-smoothing the edges for avoiding pixelization effect
Anyways, it's behind now! (Ouf!)
Don't hesitate to make new demands :-)
Thanks again!
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