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Hello members of stopBSL ... We would like to "welcome" you to check out our APBT / Pit Bull & bully breed supporters, advocates & enthusiasts, owners & breeders, lovers, etc, blog on Tumblr @ ... this blog has been up and running since May of 2015, but only within the last several months or so we've been picking up speed so I am just now mentioning it here. Hope you enjoy. Thank you  – @sassawj / @pokeywhippets
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Contact StopBSL's Administrators

If for any reason at all you feel the need to contact the administrative team here at stopBSL due to theft/plagiarism, harassment, etc within this group & among its members, anything else that goes against stopsl or DeviantART policy or just to say hello to everyone, please send us a message via note! All reports will remain anonymous, and we will try our best to handle such offenses accordingly with dA staff.

StopBSL Administrative Team

:iconsassawj: :icont3hsilentone: :iconmiss-whoa-back-off:

o More About Us Here

#stopBSL Rules, the FAQ & Gallery Folder Info

It is very important for all members to become familiar with the Info, Rules & Guidelines and stopBSL FAQ upon joining the group and before sending in artwork submissions to the gallery. Understand that this area is a brief introduction to stopBSL's rules, submission guidelines, frequently asked questions and the overview of gallery folders, this is not a complete list of the group's literature!

:groups: Information,
Rules & Guidelines

For the complete list of rules and submission guidelines, please see stopBSL's Info, Rules & Guidelines!

• Only members are permitted to submit artwork to our gallery
• The global submission limit to the group's gallery is three per day, but please keep in mind that some folders may have different limits per week/month
• Submissions sent to the wrong gallery folders are automatically declined & administrators are not necessarily obligated to give reason behind declining artwork should that be the case, that is why you are expected to read our rules
• Members are not allowed to remove deviations from the group's gallery only to re-submit them for any reason
• We allow all types of artwork
• We only allow completed pieces of art; we do not allow "works in progress"
• We do not allow DeviantID images, anything in the scraps category or personal blog / journal entries
• This group is strictly for domesticated dog artwork only; we do not allow artwork containing any wild canines or wild x domestic hybrids
• We do not allow artwork that others may find offensive or artwork that has been made with the intent of causing offense
• We do not allow artwork showing blood, gore or violence; we do not allow pornographic imagery
• Bad behavior, harassment, spamming, name calling, insulting, threatening will not be tolerated, all those that behave in such a manner will be removed from the group and blocked without warning
• Irresponsible, careless dog owners and backyard breeders are not welcome at stopBSL
• Members are only permitted to submit artwork that is 100% their own work; we do not tolerate art theft & we automatically report any stolen material
:pointr: FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?
:pointr: FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
:pointr: FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
:pointr: FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?

:note: Questions?
Just Note Us Here!

:groups: Frequently

For the complete list of questions & their answers, please see stopBSL's very own FAQ!

Can I join & how do I?
Of course you can join, everyone is welcome to join even if you do not own a dog or create canine artwork. To join stopBSL, click where it says "Join Our Group" at the top of the page and wait patiently for your join request to be accepted by an administrator.

Why was my submission declined?
It is most likely that you have submitted your artwork to the wrong gallery folder, it is important for all members to pay attention to what gallery folders they submit to. Administrators are not required to provide an explanation for members when their artwork is declined for this particular reason, instead we will link you to our Info, Rules & Guidelines. If you have submitted your artwork to the wrong gallery folder, understand that you are welcome re-submit to the correct gallery folder.

What gallery folder does my artwork belong in?
If you are uncertain about which gallery folder your artwork belongs in, then take a look at the Overview of Gallery Folders which provides a summary of what each gallery folder is used for; on the left hand side in specific gallery folders is a description and a set of rules for that particular folder which must be followed exactly in order for artwork to be accepted there.

How many artworks can I submit to the group's gallery each day?
As of June 30, 2013 members are now allowed a maximum of only three submissions to the gallery each day which is the global submission limit; understand that some folders have their own submission limits per week or per month, which is listed on the left hand side of the gallery folder along with that particular folder’s own set of rules, these submission limits can also be found listed on the Overview of Gallery Folders under each folder title.

What is BSL?
BSL, which is the acronym for breed-specific legislation, refers to laws that regulate and restrict what breeds of dog citizens residing within certain municipalities can and cannot own, breed-specific laws are proposed and adopted in failing effort to reduce bites and attacks inflicted by dogs and to increase public safety.

Please see our very own article "An Introduction to Breed-Specific Legislation" for more information!

What breeds are targeted by BSL?
The American Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, German Shepherd Dog and Doberman Pinscher are not the only breeds of dog affected by breed-specific legislation; in fact, the Great Dane, English Mastiff, Chow Chow, Siberian Husky, Fila Brasileiro and Anatolian Shepherd are just a few among the many other breeds of dog often subject to breed-specific laws and other forms of discrimination!
For the most accurate list available on the web of dog breeds commonly targeted by breed restrictions and bans worldwide, please see our List of Targeted Breeds, the breeds are listed in alphabetical order and categorized by country.

Why is their cat and other pet photography in the group's gallery?
While our group is strictly for domestic canine art, we also collect photography of other domesticated animals as well but only pets which are currently available for adoption through legitimate rescue organizations and animal shelters, these are submitted to our Pet Adoption Promotional Artwork folder only.

:note: Questions?
Just Note Us Here!

:groups: Gallery Folder Info

For the complete list of gallery folders, their individual submission limits, what they are used for and their rules, please see stopBSL's Overview of Gallery Folders

Remember to always read the entire list of rules located on the left hand side of each folder, all folders have their very own set of rules and criteria that must be followed and met in order for submissions to be accepted! Any submissions sent to the wrong gallery folders or that do not meet the criteria required for that folder are declined!

Breed-Specific Legislation Related Artwork
Submission Limit: 1 Weekly
For artwork speaking out against breed-specific legislation and canine discrimination

Educational + Raising Awareness Artwork
For Administrator Use Only!
For artwork with the purpose of educating and raising awareness

Pet Adoption Promotional Artwork
Submission Limit: 2 Daily
Photo Limit: 1 per Animal

For artwork and photography featuring pets of all types that are currently available for adoption

Photography - Targeted Breeds
Submission Limit: 2 Daily
For photography of breeds included on The List of Targeted Breeds

Photography - Other Breeds
Submission Limit: 2 Daily
For photography of breeds not included on The List of Targeted Breeds

Digital + Traditional Art - Targeted Breeds
Submission Limit: 3 Daily
For digital and traditional artwork of breeds included on The List of Targeted Breeds

Digital + Traditional Art - Other Breeds
Submission Limit: 3 Daily
For digital and traditional artwork of breeds not included on The List of Targeted Breeds

Resources + Stock Images
Submission Limit: 3 Daily
For stock images and resources free for public use

Literature + Miscellaneous Art
Submission Limit: 3 Monthly
For literature and miscellaneous artwork that does not quite fit anywhere else

The Rescue Dogs of StopBSL
Submission Limit: 2 Monthly
Photo Limit: 1 per Dog

For photography of dogs adopted into new homes and their rescue stories

The Champions of StopBSL
Submission Limit: 2 Monthly
Photo Limit: 1 per Dog

For photography of excellent purebred specimens

In Memory - Rainbow Bridge
Submission Limit: 2 Monthly
Photo Limit: 1 per Dog

For artwork and photography made in memory and honor of our late canine companions

StopBSL's Team Members' Folder
For Administrator Use Only!
This folder is set aside for stopBSL administrators to use to showcase their own artwork

:note: Questions?
Just Note Us Here!

Gallery Folders

Neither God nor Devil by sulfide
ALL myths are harmful by DogHeartsKoala
No B.S.L. by ZackLoup
BSL by ScarsAndStories
Breed-Specific Legislation Related Artwork
Becauce all of it hurts! by JackRussellVenom
Euthanize Mickey by DogHeartsKoala
ALL myths are harmful by DogHeartsKoala
Stop BSL banner by t3hsilentone
Educational + Raising Awareness Artwork
Neither God nor Devil by sulfide
Fit by MNArtPhotography
Fit Dogs by MNArtPhotography
ALL myths are harmful by DogHeartsKoala
Pet Adoption Promotional Artwork
Animal Rescue Donated Art: Misty by thesilvermist
Donation: Vita by t3hsilentone
Handsome II by Deliquesce-Flux
My face may be white,... by VelocidadBump
Photography - Targeted Breeds
Can We Buy One Please? by superpower-pnut
Mutley Capone by superpower-pnut
Angel by superpower-pnut
Angelica by superpower-pnut
Photography - Other Breeds
Azor Posture by silentmemoria
Muff Muff by superpower-pnut
Mini Muffins by superpower-pnut
Shamus by superpower-pnut
Digital + Traditional Art - Targeted Breeds
Stop and Stare by xBlankiez
Lucio portrait by xBlankiez
Freshly by I-z-u-m
GSDsketch by Caninsector
Digital + Traditional Art - Other Breeds
Rick by Leonca
Cooper by luna212
Bono - commission by Kristelok
Jussi - commission by Kristelok
Resources + Stock Images
Chart No. 2 by MNArtPhotography
Dog Colors for Artists- part 3 by nekonotaishou
American Pit Bull Terrier Lineart by ZombiezEatFlesh
Artisan Crafts
Kuzco Karicature by Leonca
Literature + Miscellaneous Art
Stamp: A dog is dog is BULLSHIT by Azrael-Legna
The Rescue Dogs of StopBSL
Puppy Eyes by NabiKat
The Champions of StopBSL
Lakeside Shot 1 by sassawj
In Memory - Rainbow Bridge
Handsome Jude by Bafa
StopBSL's Team Members' Folder
Sam by t3hsilentone
Contest 1 - My Dog, My Friend : 10.1 - 11.19
Puppylove by SaNNaS

Please Always Advocate Responsibly!

Neither God nor Devil by sulfide

ALL Myths are Harmful by DogHeartsKoala

These educational works of art shine some very needed light on the fact that all myths, no matter the nature, are harmful to the American Pit Bull Terrier & other bully breeds. Remember to always advocate responsibly!

Helpeful Dog-Related Resources!

This list is still very much a work-in-progress with many more websites and resources to be added soon and over time. Thank you for your patience!

Breed-Specific Legislation:

o What is BSL? An Overview
o Alternatives to BSL
o Dog Breed Legislative Alerts
o About BSL by Pit Bull Rescue Central
o Map of Breed-Specific Legislation
o Pit Bulletin Legal News

The APBT / Pit Bull Breed:

o History of the American Pit Bull Terrier
o What is a Pit Bull?: The APBT
o The Working Pit Bull Website
o American Pit Bull Terrier Historical Society
o Game Dog History
o The APBT – Not a Breed for Everyone
o Is the APBT Right for You?
o 10 Signs You May NOT Be Ready for a Pit Bull
o A Brief History of Dog Fighting
o The "Nanny Dog" Myth by BadRap
o Pit Bulls & Types of Aggression by
o Dog Aggression in Pit Bulls by HappyPitBull
o Pit Bulls & Dog Aggression by PitBullLovers
o Understanding Dog Tolerance in Dogs
o The APBT's Drive to Fight
o Managing Multi-Dog Households with Pit Bulls
o Break Sticks: All You Need to Know
o Pit Bulls & Dog Parks by BadRap
o Why Dog Parks Are a Bad Idea
o Chains Don't Abuse Dogs, People Do
o The "Pit Bull" Today & Dangers of Mislabeling
o Complete List of Articles by PitBullTruth

Dog Training:

o Positive Reinforcement Dog Training
o Canine Behavior Myths Busted
o Food Rewards in Dog Training
o 10 Life Threatening Dog Behavior Myths
o "It's All in How They're Raised" Misconception
o Nature vs. Nurture

Cesar Millan & Dominance Theory:

o Dominance & Dog Training
o Debunking the Dominance Theory
o Cesar, Dominance Theory & Modern Training
o Beyond Cesar Millan
o The Damage of "Dog Whispering"
o The Dog Whisperer Controversy
o Dog Whisperer FAQ & Answers
o Cesar's Way vs. Modern Dog Training
o Wolf Pack Theory Used for Domestic Dogs
o JUsing Dominance Theory is Outdated

Dog Breeders & Breeding

o Backyard Breeder vs. Responsible Breeder
o What is a Backyard Breeder?
o Responsible Dog Breeding
o How to Find a Responsible Breeder
o Finding a Responsible Breeder by PBRC
o Responsible vs. Backyard Breeder Chart
o Guidelines for Ethical Breeding Practices
o Becoming a Responsible, Ethical Breeder
o Line Breeding, Inbreeding & More
o Puppy Mills & Backyard Breeds
O Prisoners of Greed - Puppy Mills
o Show Quality vs. Pet Quality
o The Facts of Dog Breeding
o Successful Dog Breeding
o Breeding, Whelping & Rearing Pups
o Dog Breeding Expenses
o Your Dogs Could End Up at a Shelter
o Interested in Breeding Dogs?
o So You Want to Use your Dog as a Stud?
o So You Want to Breed Your Bitch?
o So You Want to Breed Your Dogs?
o Why Responsibly-bred Dogs Cost More
o Things to Think About Before Breeding
o Top 10 Reasons NOT to Breed
o About Dog Registries & Kennel Clubs
o An Open Letter to Prospective Breeders
o Mutts, Purebreds & Designer Dogs
o Poo Mutts & Designer Dogs
o Designer Dogs = Expensive Mutts
o Health Issues in Designer Mutts</b
o Designer Dogs = Just Expensive Mutts
o Mutt or Purebred: Which is Healthier?
o The Truth About "Teacup" Pups

Animal / Canine Genetics:

o Dog Breeding, Genetics & More
o Coat Color Inheritance in Dogs
o Inheritance of Temperament in Dogs
o Soundess, Structure & Breed Type
o FAQs & Myths About Canine Genetics
o The Myth of Hybrid Vigor in Dogs
o Health Issues in Dogs
o Canine Inherited Disorders Database

Canine Nutrition & Diet:

o Raw Fed Pets @ Tumblr
o Best Raw Foods for Dogs
o Home Prepared Dog Diets

Spaying & Neutering:

o Spay/Neuter FAQs
o More Spay/Neuter FAQs
o The Benefits of Spay/Neuter
o Spay/Neuter & Other Options
o Top 10 Reasons to Spay/Neuter
o Spay/Neuter Benefits by
o Spaying/Neutering Linked to Cancer
o Health Issues Linked to Spay/Neuter
o Risks & Benefits to Spay/Neuter
o Adverse Effects of Spay/Neuter
o Spay/Neuter Risks & Benefits
o The Long Term Health Effects of Spay/Neuter

Adoption & Rescue:

o AKC Breed-Specific Rescue Organizations
o The No Kill Advocacy Center
o The No Kill Nation
o Alley Cat Allies
o The Feral Cat Coalition

Bully Breed Organizations:

o Pit Bull Rescue Central
o Bad Rap Pit Bull / Bully Breed Rescue
o Pit Bull Advocates of the United States
o PinUps for Pit Bulls
o Pit Bull Advocates of the United States

Animal Rights Organizations:

o The Truth About PETA
o The Truth About the ASPCA
o The Truth About the HSUS
o The Truth About "Best Friends" Org.

Causes & Justice for Dogs

o Ontario Pit Bull CoOp FaceBook
o Dogs Shot/Killed by Police
o Justice for Cisco
o Justice for Ronin
o Justice for Chloe
o Support for Shiner Bock

APBT & Bully Breed Tumblr Blogs

o Responsible Pit Bull Advocates
o Bully Breed Appreciation Blog
o Fuck Yeah APBTs Blog
o Got Bulldog
o Not a Pit Bull
o Pull Dogs
o Them Bulldawgs

APBT & Bully Breed Blogs

o The Real APBT

:note: Have any suggestions? Send us a note!



:groups: | Hello Fellow dA Groups! | :groups:

Here at stopBSL we will happily affiliate with most other groups regardless of theme / topic, so please feel free to send in a request to affiliate with our group!

stopBSL does not automatically accept affiliate requests; our administrators carefully look over each & every individual group that sends us an affiliate request before approving it. Should we decide to decline a group's incoming affiliate request, that group will be notified with an explanation for our decision within the comments section of the correspondence item.

Please understand that we are not necessarily obligated to accept affiliate requests if we feel as though the group in question sends a bad / negative message or if it in any way promotes / encourages what we wish to discourage here at stopBSL, such as pro-BSL groups or anti-dog groups, as well as any dog / animal groups that provide their members with inaccurate or false or misleading information, so we may decline any affiliate request should these circumstances arise; this also most definitely includes the majority of fellow anti breed-specific legislation groups & pit bull support groups, because we see several of these groups sharing false / inaccurate information & spreading /promoting misconceptions about pit bulls, other targeted breeds and breed-specific legislation, which is very irresponsible advocacy, which we do not tolerate here.

And so we kindly ask all to please understand why we just cannot affiliate or associate stopBSL with such groups unless those groups are willing to change their information, and in that case we would be happy to help out with; but if not, then we will simply have to decline the affiliate request.



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