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How to block AI art and NFT tags + list

For people who wish to block/avoid most AI art (and NFTs) in their feed and main page, here's the process. With your cursor go over your avatar, on the top right corner of DA page, and then: Account settings > Browsing > AI Content > Check "Suppress AI" (it is also directly accessible by clicking "AI Content Settings" in the scrolling menu) And here's a list of the tags that you can add to your blocking

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My Bio

If Core ever expires:

Welcome to the Stop-Ai-replace page, where I serve to resist, teach, about the abundance of AI images!

Feel free to click on the links

Tools and software to resist or detect AI:

I do also post about news in the Post section.

I make announcements, news, deviations, and more, harvested from the outside of the DA (with credit). You can watch if you want journals about AI from me. I guarantee to watch back.

No to AI generated images! No to theft! F2U Stamp

I pop up frequently in the comment section of deviations to be a simple indicator of the piece being an AI-generated image. Some users aren't willing to read tags (or know the machines featured in this case), descriptions of tools they're using, or etc. A lot of AI images won't tag or say in descriptions that their stuff AI nor the specific generators they're using.

Feel free to expand my bio for solutions and entire paragraph how the AI machine work and argument against it. You can also check DA's forums in '...' button how users talk about plague of AI-generated images spread and praised for it.

Let's stop this contagious AI phase once for all and protect artistic property.

Before you submit the ticket, please take expand and look into paragraph down below and gather information.

Our voice can be heard if we submit ticket/contact to support. Spreading this word with other people (via deviations, chats, forums, etc) will make the deal.

Product Feedback and Feature Requests - DeviantArt Help Center (


Thanks to Inafoxy for wonderful information!


Here is public model proof that unlicensed content is being used in the training model:

Diffusion-style AI models don't "learn" they use signal-noise aberrations to mix photo content, the composition IS the images. The semantical processing just creates contextually-learned placement on a diffuse grid which is only as many rearrangements as the text prompt gives. Everything else is composition from the diffusely stored images, wherein it is "similar" distance lookup (hence how loose-drawing prompts are possible). These AI imagen gen models are just glorified similar-reverse image searches, which is nothing like a real artist learning to understand or learning art, especially since the semantical composition processing is higher order and algorithmic. AIs are limited to their algorithm and the pre-trained images, remove that and it doesn't work. Copyright images don't belong in the AI without permission, at both the fore-training level and the compressive analogous-encryption level. Unfortunately people who don't understand how an AI works might not even realise this when using it.

Just as with anything compressed or channelised just as in WiFi transmissions, AIs actively storing data in an effectively classically superpositioned state is theft. If this is acceptable why not scramble the nuclear launch codes over a diffusion based AI while we're at it? The AI is literally storing the essence of the hard work of the artist, this is merit/credit abuse and "similarises" images in a similar way to the process more primitive methods like MPEG-4 IPB interframe compression uses. The AI can literally reproduce the original content as it was in respect to its intellectual properly, if an artist tells a specific message through their art and an AI can reconstruct that then we must start perceiving these AIs as a form of encryption rather than as if the AI itself is an artist. A real human artist can't reconstruct the semantics of an image without tracing from its crucial components, yet AI frequently does this wholly or partially. This is an encryption nightmare as much as a copyright one. You wouldn't visually based private messages in an AI diffusion model, it's not a true scrambler and is just slightly lossy. It's enabling IP, aesthetical and textural labour theft for the purposes of monopolism and consumerism.

Share these concerns on your artworks and anywhere else you communicate with others.


Favourite Visual Artist
Any kind of artists. Given the fact there is no such a thing as AI "artists".
AI-generated content has been flusteredly risen up and dominated the art spaces with their mindless AI-generated Frankenstein slop. How to stop this from appearing to your feed or tiringly blocking/showing less each account? This is how it's done: Go to your Browsing Settings Look to the Muted tags Add the AI-oriented tags or just by copying and pasting this: ai, aiart, ai_art aigenerated, ai_generated aigeneration, artificialintelligence, midjourney, midjourneyart, stablediffusion, inktober2022ai, inktoberai, dalle, dalle2, midjourneyai, dreamup novelaI, novelaiart, aigeneratedart, nft, nftcommunity, aiadoptable, aiadopt, ai_adopt, aiadoptablecommunity, aiadoptcommunity Done. Other way to decrease amount of AI submissions is: Go to Discover AI Art on DeviantArt Look to "Show more like this in Home / Show allocated amount" and click on that "..." right to the text Toggle "Show less like this in Home". Done! Note: I also have made an AI account blocklist. Check here.
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Late than ever, Meta turn the plugs to scrap the unsolicited posts of any account on Instagram after June 26, 2024. Anyone who has been active there probably received a notification for a note. Even worse, there is no button to turn it off, but go through the 10 pages to find a support to opt-off by writing a paragraph to not use your posts for training. With this in mind, a half of million artists but not all have been left the platform to pursue others - most particularly is getting a good flock for their anti-AI policies, as well as being a juxtaposition of ArtStation successor, with some qualities of Instagram and Twitter functionality wise. You might experience a breath of a fresh air of a homepage who were actually made by real people.
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I am slightly drifting away from my account for my dedicated path. This is not much but at least there's a some optimism like what happened to NFTs.
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AI "art" was an inevitability when this technology came out. It is merely automating the capabilities the model was trained on. That is why you see the same styles. These are people who are simply downloading a pretrained opensource model from, for example. Others shamelessly prompt the cloud models (openai, microsoft). If you know anything about this, you know that most of the models on civitai are variations of themselves and are not all that different from each other. The only way to get a truly unique image from all the other AI slop you see is to train AI models yourself with your own pictures. This requires you to install other software and actually think about which parameters and how many images, etc.

No one does this. Instead, they lazily use a site like civitai to get some pose or style they could never create themselves.

AI image generation is what it is. It's not going anywhere. If you are an artist, do not be afraid. People are going to like what they like, crappy ai "art" or not.

Finally someone combating the AI "art" bs on this website lol...

WHATS WRONG WITH AI? Some people can be insecure of their own art like I am, some make it more convenient, and some just like doing it.

Go and read every of my journal imaginable for its wrongdoings.

And listen, don't be insecure about your art and accept that it's twice more organic and humanitarian than crappy AI images. I would compliment for your artistic endeavor and work instead of giving up for a machine making soulless images from existing artwork.

Thank you for everything you do

YES, WE HATE AI! Thanks for watching me bud!:D