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Such details and love the look on the lions face. The lion almost looks human and it would be one I would recommend for the lovers of L...

Amazing detail of the forest by the stream and the girl thinking by said stream. I also love the detail in the leaves and the reflectio...

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A poem from the Gypsy chronicle starring Sam Black
Said by my character Samuel Black at the beginning of the carnival.
The Gypsies Traveling carnival of Storm Spire 10/24/16
The Carnival is today in Storm Spire.
You'll have a ball, watching them on the High wire.
Ladies and gentlemen watch the beautiful women dance.
It is not chance, that brought them to Storm Spire; They desire to entertain
& they come to you today with much fame.
You'll have a ball watching the carnival, It is magical the traveling carnival.
They bring a great fame & your laughter won't be tame at the traveling carnival of Storm Spire.
They bring a great desire to be entertaining, and they live up to it.
At night the carnival is lit up bright.
They will bring a light to your soul.
There will be laughter filling up a hole of sorrow.
You'll never be the same, after the gypsies carnival of Storm Spire.
Their fame will make your soul burn with desire for much more entertainment.
A puppet show with much humor. They were here in the past &
they will be here in
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One Feather and Me
July 25, 2016 · 
By J. P. P. Leutz
One Feather and Me
Chapter 1 The meeting
It all started with an argument with my mom, which in a way was fortuitous because it was about the time for my appointment with my Peer Support at Life-ways. I charged out the door. I was singing loudly and trying to come up with lyrics for a song to a beat one of my friends wrote on his bass. As I got to Francis St. near St. John's Roman Catholic church, I saw an older Native American man. I felt safe talking to him. We seemed to be the only ones on the street. 
I introduced my self to him. “Hello I am John Leutz.”
He said
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Tales of Gamma World Song of SnowBreaker the bard
Tales of Gamma World Song of the Mutant Tribe and Snowbreaker the Yeti Bard
Song of the Blood Birds
Battling Blood Birds during a Quest,
This is the greatest test to be the best.
Our Leader was hurt by their bite.
We did all we could to show our might.
The dappled light through the leaves,
Snow Beserker shot many arrows and heaved,
her Ax and the Blade made snacks of the Blood Birds.
They heard of the tribe, defeated them with grace, drugs weren't imbibed.
Leeson had them gone, before you knew and it became lore.
In four shots the lots of birds were down and their feathers will be used to keep us warm;
also our fathers will be proud of us and it will be no loss.
In an unexpected meeting, we met a falcon, it was forgone that we met her
and the teens that she taught. Also that they helped us to have fought the enemy.
The future, the simian did see. Harry a learned student, bent to help us in the end near a swamp
that was guarded by many a foe. Low we will win.
Four monsters guarde
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Adventures of Franklin Stargazer and Friends
Adventures of Franklin Stargazer and the Gene Children 1/14/17
Noel and Franklin Stargazer and Alexander woke up in a grass field and birds are chirping and we are naked. It is a bright and Sunshiny day. We don't know much about ourselves except our names. We introduce ourselves to each other. Alexander has tan, yellowish colored fur. We all seem to look alike. We also notice we all seem to have a tail. There seems to be a fourth being like us in the forest. Alexander says, “Wait you look like us.” Then the fourth one climbs a tree with his tail. We question why we are here. The fourth one answers, “To Survive it is the Law of Nature.” He decides to stay with us and stays away at arms length.
The Fourth one dismounts spectacularly as he flips and lands on the ground. He begins to play with the end of his tail. He then tells us his name is Maximus.
Maximus tries to pull a tree down and he starts to hurt. He succeeds and starts running and stumbles and he i
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Love at the beginning and the Future October 25th
She filled my heart with love.
I felt like a dove, she made me feel like I could fly.
It was Destiny, it was meant to be.
My heart seemed like it was overflowing.
I felt like I could sing of the great love she gave me.
It was Destiny, it was meant to be.
It grew, larger and larger and I knew she was my future.
I lured her to my den and she made me a happy man.
It was Destiny it was meant to be.
I could sing of the lore of love, she gave me and I could see
it was meant to be it was Destiny.
I hope we have many more years together and our love grows
more and more everyday. We will never have to say good bye.
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The Character's Tale
An Adventurer through planes and times
He could go to the future or the past
Without rhyme or reason;
He might leave at night, and travel through a portal
and be in the bright light of the sun shining down on
his skin, and he will try hard not to sin,
or he might be at a dinner party and attend a ball.
Later he would perform many dances in hopes to find a fair maiden.
In the future he has become a shape shifter.
He is a time lord and he hopes to be a Hero.
He is never bored, and never feels low.
How long will his adventures last.
He might be in the past wearing Chain Mail.
In the Middle Ages he will talk to many sages
to figure out how to control his powers. Then in the future,
he may have to live like a mole, and escape before his life sours.
He might be a Hero in the Civil War and is torn between the idea that this war
is about brother versus brother and know that it was to give freedom to slaves.
Or he might be a bell ringer with a hunched back in the steeple of Notre Dame.
He might
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Rifts California 9-17-16
Characters are named after pop culture Icons
Lady Voldemort-quick flex city rat uses mostly ranged attacks uses a Tomahawk with the spirit of her mentor Zek inside of it. She has no patience for people and she is driving the Great Wrenches Camaro that looks like a Gremlin and it has a couch in the back of it. It has Redneck Swamp lights as Headlights. It is heading north. She also is protecting the gnome.
The group ran into a tribe of Native Americans & fought them Lady Voldemort used her Tomahawk to kill some of them. They were heading to Reno, Nevada; North along the mountains of California.
Indiana Gnome- He is like Macgyver and he is in a fireman suit and is wearing a helmet. Also known as Darth Helmet, he is a legacy scout that is depressed about the generator getting blown up by a space laser. He uses a fire ax and is Friend of the Brownies and can speak to any fairy folk. His uncle is Mechanis and lives in Oil Dale.
Radish-great warrior, and a Simven. He found the Bug Talk B
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For the 25th year reunion of my class
Friends 9-4-16 For the Class of Jackson High School 1991
To old ones & new ones
Love and friendship are so alike & it is hard to find real
ones like you all.
Some are short others are tall, but they all are great.
Some come early others come late.
They all mean a lot to me.
I am glad to be reunited with you &
I found true love ten years ago
on the floor & apartment below me with Marsha K. Dewolfe.
I love all of our talents & when we were younger we danced &
played sports on a team & I beam with a smile & hope for us all.
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For Mom on her birthday.
For Beatrice Leutz on her birthday 9-5-16
Aletha the Indian Princess
The Speedy Beady
who fed me & clothed me
& raised me.
I love her so much, one of the first
women I loved & taught me manners
& gave me Vernors
when I was sick.
For her birthday this year.
I see her as a deer woman & faun.
Like her mother who was more at home
in the forest & country than the city.
She woke me up at Dawn for school &
taught me the rules.
I will love her for all of eternity.
She is always there for me &
supports me.
When I fell in love she earned another
daughter that loves her so much.
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2016 Anniversary poem to Angel Garland
For Marsha my Angel Princess on our 10th anniversary 8-8-16
I missed you at the fair,
but I bought you Harley Quinn
the cat for a win.
Our love has always been in the air.
Our first cat Angel is a Harlequin
too & with you I'll never be blue.
I am glad you like the stuffed animal
& when we met we had a ball.
Our next date at the movies will be
great you'll see.
Cats real & fake one you can
hug at night, the other you can love for all It's
life & they will never war.
I am a humble man.
I will love you all of eternity.
This necklace has turquoise
the color of your eyes.
You will never hear lies
from these lips. It will
increase your beauty & bring
out your eyes. In this poem
I sing of your beauty & our love.
Your sweety pie for all of life & beyond
Your Soul Mate
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The Adventures of the Disavowed, Ghosts rifts
The Adventures of the Disavowed, Ghosts and Head Hunters, Rifts Earth
Chapter 1 Disavowed
The group of 4 adventurers named Christine, Marcus, Harper and Jerry Lengston are working for the Disavowed in Chi town using aliases. They get called into the offices of the head of Coalition J2, Brigadier General Thadious Lybock who is loyal to Emperor Carl Prozac father to Prince Joe Prozac. The General was disgraced during the Juicer uprising but tracked down refugees from the Tokien war and got a lot of gear for the Black Vault and became very instrumental to the Minion War, because Demons didn't get in the walls of Chi town. J group works for generals and Lybock is good friends with Bradford and those scientist that made our group. They worked together to create Juicers and specially modified agents or shadow agents called the Disavowed. Bradford and Prozac got cloned to see if they were gods and we protecte
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Stirla Ragnar Quest in Western Olendiak
Stirla Ragnar, an Ax Header, left his home and was traveling the Never Ending Sea and got lost, when he and pieces of his ship ended up as wreckage on the shore of a beach on the Western Side of Olendiak, because while he was sailing he ran into a storm and he thought he saw a sea serpent. Stirla was met by a village council member named Leaf and was accepted as a member of Leaf's village. Leaf is on the town council because he learned magic from his grandmother and therefore he has rank on the council.
While they were exploring a Xilagian Pirate Ship, Leaf finds a gray liger with a gem Collar and the green gem with a rune on it lights up. We release the three chains on it and while looking closer at it, we notice it had a wound on it's eye but that it was regenerating slowly. This ship was the one that made me go off course. Most of the Xilagians are dead and we entered through a hole made by a rock. We find a chest with onyx shards mixed with rubies. We also find a riding lizard with
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Olendiak: The search for the Sentinals
Warp World Science Fiction and Fantasy Adventure
Adventures of Hajile Najarad & Seth Copperton & Ragnar Warbeard & Emeraldmine
Ragnar and Emeraldmine live with Seth Copperton’s house near the palace of the capital of Jeserin, Spyrindale.
The story started when the three friends came together and Emeraldmine the slave of Ragnar decided to visit the Druids Emporium, a shop, guarded by Morgad and we are here to buy Octillian Wood Seeds and sell them to the Assassin’s Guild. When Octillian trees are strong as any wood used for oars on boats. They are classified as Guardian Reed Plants.
Later we visit the Golden Fireball and Hajile Najarad wants to join the Wizard’s Guild found here.
Later the group joins up with the Hyumites and the Ax-Headers, Dwarven Pirates to fight the Sargonians. The year is 1452 Jeserin Reckoning and we are on the way to Ax Head Isle to visit the 3rd and 8th Allegiance. On the way to the island we run into an invisible island and hit a r
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Rifts Executive Outcome Sep and Oct byJay
Marious a bio-wizard and a regent of Dyval and a shadowy figure start to talk. Marious talks to the figure about his report on the activities of Earth. They are at a cathedral building and we find out he is talking to Lichtolon. He tells the god about the Council of 9 that are cloning Arategenda & trying to put them into Iron Juggernauts. We are going to get the Gene Slicer that has the tube technology that is used in making the clones.
Johnny Normal & Q are trying to get the reactor to work in an underground base in a bunker in Kansas. Then they are Bamfed to Lazlo's underground base. Marious tells us about our mission that can get us our nuclear reactor for the Kansas Base and how we have to find out about the Tubes in exchange for it. We are sent to see the gene splicer in Germany, near the evil Millennium Tree.
2 hours later we are on a ley line nexus at Germany. The Tree looks like a woman screaming & it is covered with Dyvals and it has nodules where the mouth is that
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Adventures of the Assistant Doctor Frank West Solo
Frank West Solo is a tall man about 6' tall with sandy blond hair, 30 years old and weighs about 200 pounds. He has emerald green eyes. When he started out as a corporal, Enlisted 4, he is average aid to the head doctor, a Stom (giant stout strong alien, known to have a base on Olendiak); he knows his biology, anatomy and how to treat a lot of diseases and viruses. He also can pilot small crafts and is a soldier; goes on away missions to collect food & healing herbs with his associates. He is average at communications, so when the patient list is small, he helps out doing other jobs.
There is a Large Iron Dragon, a space ship owned by the Stom. Frank works for the Stom Federation. Some of his fellow associates are called Cyren, a group of amphibious biped aliens. Where he works he has 4 bosses, they are officers in the Medical Department on ship. His main boss is named Rocky. The Lieutenant is a Cyren and he is human resources in the department, also the executive officer. Frank ha
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Chronicles of Christopher 'Jonah' Lakesword part 1
In the past of America some people have relatives from Olendiak when the portals started opening up during the middle of the Revolutionary War, like in Christopher 'Jonah' Lakesword who wears a cloak with a knife at his side and is fit; has a relative Lord Gregory Lakesword, that is a magic user/paladin that has a flaming sword and befriends the Fey.  Jonah was a carpenter before the war and studied the stars and the old gods/myths.  He also keeps a journal of his life and what he learns through divination.  He has a bag containing his Journal, flint and steel and tinder to start a fire.  Jonah has a belt buckle that is enchanted by the Fey that allows astral plane travel between worlds.  He has a friend named Lance and they live in Canida near Maine, while in fear of attack the buckle activates and brings them to a strange forested part of Olendiak, he is on his back and his friend is with him.  It is deciduous and some of the trees carnivorous.  The
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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Critique by akreon The Hitchhiker's Guide to Critique :iconakreon:akreon 15,435 1,510 Baylia in the Barren World by Talentha Baylia in the Barren World :icontalentha:Talentha 5 2 Rapunzel and pascal by wingofchange123 Rapunzel and pascal :iconwingofchange123:wingofchange123 7 1 Beast by wingofchange123 Beast :iconwingofchange123:wingofchange123 15 2 Malefica by Adriana-Madrid Malefica :iconadriana-madrid:Adriana-Madrid 12 12 Drawing of an owl made with the mouse of the pc by Adriana-Madrid Drawing of an owl made with the mouse of the pc :iconadriana-madrid:Adriana-Madrid 39 26 Tea Time With Fluttershy And Twilight by TomFraggle Tea Time With Fluttershy And Twilight :icontomfraggle:TomFraggle 66 6 SW:MLP 4th Edition Fillable Character Sheet by Giftkrieg23 SW:MLP 4th Edition Fillable Character Sheet :icongiftkrieg23:Giftkrieg23 6 4 Gotta Dash by SnowKuki Gotta Dash :iconsnowkuki:SnowKuki 11 8 Dr. Whoves Pose by somekindahatebreeder Dr. Whoves Pose :iconsomekindahatebreeder:somekindahatebreeder 11 5 B-B-B-B-Bad by Domnics B-B-B-B-Bad :icondomnics:Domnics 211 52 Tale As Old As Time by Domnics Tale As Old As Time :icondomnics:Domnics 376 46 The Wise by GiovanniChis The Wise :icongiovannichis:GiovanniChis 327 79 Quick Dragon drawing by Ariade Quick Dragon drawing :iconariade:Ariade 20 4 Dragon 24 by Naseilen Dragon 24 :iconnaseilen:Naseilen 46 9 Owl Hanting by GiovanniChis Owl Hanting :icongiovannichis:GiovanniChis 600 113




John P. Leutz
United States
I am in love with a wonderful woman. Her name is Marsha (a.k.a. ~angelgarland) and my name is John. I played White Wolf RPG's. I love to read and just got back into poetry. I love most of the art work here. I look forward to seeing professional and amateurs. I just love being here making friends. One of you might call me a male cheer leader because I love to try to remark on my favorites and leave cheerful remarks.
I hope to start writing more stories and getting critiqued on them to improve them. My main problem in story writing is it is so hard to figure out how to end a short story.

Favourite genre of music: classic Rock and anything with a good story.
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck and Sylvester the cat

Marius and Thoric a goblin that can change into a raven, traveled to the different dimensions or RIFTS to gather the team for the adventure. I and 3 other soldiers, Waz, Mike, and Bones were hired from a military group. The return of Jurgen, the wolfen scout. Aratagendia, played by Tim, and Baliyia a dragon played by Tina, and Cassius the grackletooth a lizard man. Achillies a judge and follower of Apollo. Sifth a shifter that helped us get to some of the Rifts. We end up getting to Hell and find Jax, the Atlantinian and Hermes talking about how he worked in a surf shop and lost his powers, also how he doesn't want the god killing sword returned to Earth or Lomax the Harbringer. Cerberus and Chiron are holding Jax prisioner. Later we feel the ground shaking and we sense undead coming up from the ground. Also a dimensional barrier comes up. We see hands pulling an Essence of a being crawling up out of the ground, he is an intelligent undead and is wearing a black cloak. He gives us a gold coin used in mass barial of soldiers, that allows them passage on Chiron's boat. We see the spirits of the dead that honer the greek panthion. The Panthion are a group of aliens that call themselves gods and steal the followers magical energy; they were created by their followers. We come to a dock and see Chiron's giant boat, it looks like a multilevel viking boat, and see a man wearing a Grim Reaper cloak that is at the helm of the boat.

Achillies hands Chiron the coin and we are allowed passage on the boat of the dead souls. We are on the ship for about an hour or two then come to the other side of the lake or river and the docks on the other side. We walk into the darkness and then a prairie lights up and we see a tall being called Bone Crusher with a big sword. And we help him fight Big Red who has a lot of guns. Baliyia cast a spell to mess with Big Red's mind and he becomes forgetful, like who he is and seems to be knocked senseless. When we help Bone Crusher finish his tasks, a new scene appears.

We are in a giant city near Green Land, we find out the city is called Slam Tech city. We are bothered by the police because Bones a mercenary turns into electricity because he has no armor because he died and was raised from the dead in the battle with Big Red. Then he changes back into a human and is given another set of armor. We are friends of Newport and he needs to get out of the city because of a coming danger. So he wants us to take him to the impound yard for the space ships. Our invisible jet is attacked by more security ships and Baliyia and Atategenidia help to distract the security ships from attacking us. Baliyia slams the ships against the side of the buildings and they make quick work of most of the ships and a few excape. We come to a magically protected impound yard and see the pyramid where the ship Newport needs is inside. Jax picks the electronic lock. We see a hovership and a magical barrier and Achillies tries to pick a lock and almost sets off a virus. On the other side where most of the group are two robots that start to attack the group. They shoot a lot of mini missiles at us and Shifth cast a carpet of adhesion on the missiles and stops them. I notice a ball joint and hit it and then they are pointing at the ground. Out of the hover ship are Kitani drop ships coming out of it. Achillies gets the barrier down and flames are coming at him from the missiles and he gets the door open and Newport goes up from the tip of the pyramid in a gold football shaped ship.

We help Newport finish his memory and then are in a forest and meet Ram Horn a robotic goat. Arad is negotiating with Ram Horn for a way to get across this bubble to get to the next scene and Ram Horn wants to escape Hades. Marius comes up with a spell to put him in a ring with the help of Balyia and Silfth. Once he is in the ring a large door covered with runes and wards and circles appear in front of us. Balyia is able to get rid of the rune that would teleport us to the sun, then Marius cast death protection on her and she gets rid of the death rune and opens the door or barrier to the next scene where Lomax, the wolfen and original bearer of the god killing sword, and Zenoside, a glitter boy are fighting each other. When they realise we are here and try to stop them from fighting, they explaine that they are cursed to fight until the end of eternity by Hades. So Balyia Prays to Kim Nachmar her dragon grandfather god for a miricle. She succeeds and a dimensional disturbance, the sky seems to be set on fire, and out flies a 800 foot long dragon with a 100 foot wing span comes down. Then in a tornado appears Hades. Later Athena, Aollo and Zeus, Triton, Hercules appear to help out Hades. Then a gold dragon smaller than the Elder dragon appears wearing rune armor, also a blue, red and white dragon that is 600 feet long. In a cloud of black mist appears a black dragon wearing a necklace of skulls. As Kim Nachmar and Hades are fighting, the dragon decides to use Jax and the god killing sword and makes them into a flaming sword theatning Hades to release the two warriors. Hades releases them but warns us we might have to fight the panthion of light and it's allies. Then we are released from Hades and Marius has two small coffins with the souls of the two warriors, and he is looking for three bodies for the souls he has.

Journal History



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