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Love your Urban items.

I just came across a review that included one of your products, used as an example of Daz Studio 4.12 Beta used with an RTX GPU.

Could you please explain the setting that need to be used to get this combo to render Iray with GPU?
Even basic test images drop to CPU.
I have a Quadro RTX 5000 installed [laptop], with - according to nVidia chat - the latest driver.
As far as I can tell, nVidia control panel is set to use all CUDA, but Win 10 Task Manager only shows average of 28% CPU whilst rendering.
Considering the hype i would expect this to fly.....
Thanks in advance.
I just picked up your Venezia set.  I'm releaved that you've made a smaller set.  I loved the bigger scenes but never found a reason to use them and so stopped buying them.  This set, especially being an interior set, is much more usable to me.
You should include a text file inside the distribution explaining a few things.  What is the 'headlamp blocker'?  I have an idea but would like it spelled out as there's no information anywhere.  What is going on with the light bulbs in the lamps?  The filament is too small to provide any effective illumination...isn't it?  I looked closely at it with the shades off and see that there's 'something' there that has no surface.  What is this?  After screwing around trying to brighten up the light from the laps/bulbs, I just resorted to making the shade interiors emmisive which worked well.
I hope you make more smaller interiors.  I'd love to see a quaint wedding chapel along the lines of a Vegas chapel. 
Thanks again,
PS: I'm posting here as I can't use the Daz forums.  I block all tracking cookies including the Google super cookie (Google analytics) and the Daz forum will not work because of this.  It's funny that of the several dozen forums I use, Daz's is the only one that doesn't work.
Are you the same person who does the 3D stuff in Daz? If so whao!!! amazing 3D architectural models. I love what you. do brilliant work.
Hi Stefan...bout time you showed up here. Thanks for the faves, as you can see I'm a great fan of your stuff, hope you keep 'em coming. Love your art to.