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Under the Mask

I've done it again! More high quality Finntress fluff. This time just exploring a minor headcanon. I sort of implied this in my fanfiction: HW wears that mask to avoid being recognized by people she used to know, and also to look cool. Mainly the latter.

Heavens, look at the effort I put into this. When will I learn to do something half-way? I guess unemployment will do that for you.
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Just ADORABLE!!! ARGGG my heart!!!

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I know, right? That's what I love to hear. Thank you.

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Honestly this is really cute! I definitely ship them!
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I did not know the meaning of shipping until Finntress came along! Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
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Well it's definitely a great ship! and no prob!
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Thank you. Adventure Time fan, are you?
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Well, I am, but I haven't watched many episodes. 
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these two are a cute couple,wished they had more screen time together
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Preaching to the choir, there, buddy! Thank you.
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yeah,I'm just glad that the show managed to get at least get a decent ending,however someone has been trying to spread rumors about what went behind the show(and behind the entire field of animation)
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Rumors? What rumors are these? That is, if you don't mind spreading them to me, as well.
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its minor however this youtuber EZ PZ claimed to have interviewed a former animator who got blacklisted from the animation guild the guy claimed that there is a much more sinister side that has been going behind shows like adventure time,steven universe,gravity falls,star v.s the forces of evil,rick and morty etc.

its not that big of a controversy and his video doesn't have to many views however I've seen some people reference his 
video as fact and that just concerned me

here are two video debunking his claims and revealing the identity of the blacklisted animator(as well as the real reason why he was blacklisted)
 My Response to EZ PZ's "I Interviewed someone who was blacklisted from the animation industry..."
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Just another YouTube angry man, I guess. I haven't heard these rumors before, and if he's already been debunked, I don't care to find out. Thanks for sharing, though.
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your welcome,I just wanted to inform people thats all its always good to have information 
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it.
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"Okay, now you take off your hat." Huntress Wizard said.

"I suppose, only fair." Finn said as he removed his hat, revealing beautiful hair.

"Now, uh, let's go to a more private section of the forest." Huntress Wizard said getting the two of them to stand up.


"Because I want us both to remove something one after the other, all the way down." Huntress Wizard as Finn blushed a bright red.
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Oh yeah. This is the best one, yet.
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This looks amazing! Maybe I should watch AT someday
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Thank you! And yes, you absolutely should watch AT. It's only the crowning artistic achievement of the human race. I hear the whole series is on Hulu, now.
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I'm totally gonna use this line whenever someone asks if they should watch AT
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Please do. AT surely deserves it.

(And thanks for what you said about my fan fiction, by the way. :D )
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