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Okay! In China Mieville's totally awesome book Iron Council there is brief mention of a race of creatures called striders, or borinatch, who are described as having several limbs that flicker in and out of existence and faces like a cross between tribal masks and baboons. I tried to portray the former by giving this guy an odd number of limbs and having them at wierd angles.

You know these guys are badass. When my brother saw the line art for this piece he said he'd totally get a tattoo of one done. Also, I think I may be the first person to ever draw one of these critters. Seriously, Mieville's Bas-Lag books don't get enough love.

Iron Council, borinatch, and Bas-Lag are all intellectual property of China Mieville.
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Mar 20, 2011, 4:56:50 PM
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Finding pants must be a major pain in the ass for that one:P
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I got the impression that the borinatch were primitive tribesmen, and in such societies as theirs pants are optional. Indeed, by the scarcity of time and space transending pants they'd be downright impractical. I'm glad you like it, by the way. :D
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I like societies with pants-optional rules.
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holy shit i wouldn't want to see that thing coming at me!
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Agreed. Baboons are vicious. Sapient time-and-space transcending baboon monsters with spectral maces are much worse. Glad you like it. :bow:
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That's what my brother said. I mentioned in some thread that my brother thought this guy was cool enough that he might like a tattoo of one. Thanks for the comment. :D
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that would make an interesting tattoo!
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I'm sure! Thanks again. :)
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