Eurack part 8

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Eurack is now thirty years old, tall and muscular with wavy dark-brown hair worn shaven at the sides and back, mid-length and brushed back at the crown. He is square-jawed, has pale blue eyes and a nose which has been broken many times. His countenance is frightful, always hard, always cruel, at times empty and insensible to his surroundings. He is more fully Oeridian than his father because his mother was originally from Furyondy, whose people are generally of undiluted Oeridian ancestry; only his wavy hair hints at his Flan bloodline. Eurack wears full plate armor in battle, rust-red and spiked at shoulders, elbows, knees and gorget with a crimson cloak thrown over all. He wears a bucket style helmet with a crest like a rhinoceros horn at the forehead and spikes upon the crown. He always carries an assortment of weapons on his person, and keeps a black iron shield worked into the image of a protuberate dragon's head strapped to his back. he wears a black, obsidian-studded scabbard under the shield in which rides Blackrazor, an accursed double-edged greatsword, black-bladed and scintillant with stars, like a slice of night-time sky.
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